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Author Chad Burmeister on the Power of AI for Sales & Management: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 54

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The ROI Online Podcast
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What if you could do 100+ hours of work each week—without spending a single evening or weekend in the office? On this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, author and CEO Chad Burmeister explains how leaders can use AI technology to reach more customers, grow their business, and reduce their stress and
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What if you could do 100+ hours of work each week—without spending a single evening or weekend in the office? On this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, author and CEO Chad Burmeister explains how leaders can use AI technology to reach more customers, grow their business, and reduce their stress and anxiety.Chad is a busy guy. As the CEO of several companies and host of the AI for Sales Podcast, his days are full of interviews, sales calls, meetings, writing, and more. But he still manages to make time for his family and what matters most. How? He uses AI to manage his businesses and ensure all of his projects stay on track.AI allows Chad to have 60+ sales meetings, meet with nine advisors, host and/or attend 15 podcasts minimum, and attend a class every month—all without working on the weekends. This he credits to the power of AI. Using scheduling tools, reminder apps, drip campaigns, and more, you’re able to automate yourself so you do more and save more time. AI has allowed him to reach a scale he never could have imagined if he were doing everything by hand. And that’s exactly why he wrote his book AI for Sales to help business owners utilize technology to scale their organizations.In this podcast, Chad and Steve discussed:The ethics of AI (and how it can be applied to sales, marketing, and more)How businesses can scale using a social outreach programHow leaders can learn to sell better—even during quarantineYou can learn more about Chad here:chadburmeister.comEmail chad at chad@scalex.aiFollow Chad on LinkedInFollow Chad on TwitterRead Chad’s books:AI for Sales: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing SalesSales HackRead the books mentioned in this podcast:Gap Selling: Getting the Customer to Say Yes by KeenanThe Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExuperyConversations that Win the Complex Sale by Eric Peterson and Tim ResterGet your copy of Steve Brown’s book, The Golden Toilet. Also available on Audible for free when you sign up for a 30-Day Trial Membership! Thinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and WordPress plugins. Get started using this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card and to help support our show!Support the show ($stevemfbrown)
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Mhm. So there's a book you made me. I think one of the best books I ever read has like the worst title. But it's a great sales book. It's called conversations that win the complex sale by Peterson. And it's a great by eric Peterson and tim restaurant. Okay. And it's an excellent book on how to start to hang out in the areas of that emotional part of the conversation where you figure those things out. How is scale x dot ai going to resolve my insecurities about this new world. We're walking into where it's a lot of remote selling, lot of linked in a lot of other where am I going to find these people other than just cold calling? Well, rob would had that question. And we, I I met with them early in 2020 when I could still get on an airplane meet live. So I was in Arizona we went to lunch and and he had the same question getting into the relationship with Scale X. Right. Hey, what is this A. I. And and then he thought, you know, if I hired to be DRS to go do the work and make calls, send emails. Well the challenges I have to go first find them. And this was a very tight market in Arizona, I have to train them up on my product. And then if in 2-3 months like he's a good family man, he doesn't want to fire people. And so he was like this is just not good, like why I don't like that equation, right? And he's been doing that for 25, 30 years of his life. So he said when chad when you came to me and through a referral um and you said ai for sales, I don't know if it's gonna work or not, but what risk do I have? Well, His original sign up with scale X. was for a $500 a month product that does a lot of linked in outreach. And he said I don't have to fire a person. It's just the contracts over. And so he just kind of looked at it like I'm using ai when I buy a book on amazon, it recommends me some other book to buy on top of it. I am served up a I when I go to facebook uh amazon Alexa has a I built into it. So I'm using it in my personal life, why would I not at least dip my toe into the proverbial water and try it and that. And then I and they said at worst case scenario he goes chad honestly look me in the eyes, he goes I could I could have fired you and not felt bad about it because you're just a product technology company. You're not You know, and you have 150 other customers. So it's not like hiring these two people. Um So I think to me that's That's the uniqueness about Ai for sales. You don't have to go and spend $100,000 on something. You can dip your toe in the water. Use a $500 product to help you close a couple deals that are $30,000 deals. Then use some of that investment and put it back into the larger Ai rollout right? We look at it in 33 vectors kind of data digital and dials right? You you got to buy the best gas in the tank. So that's your data. Then you've got to do digital outreach. That could be through email, social. Um Phone Converse. Sorry, phones the last one. It could be paid ads. It could be a video message through Vidyard or loom could be a message to an influencer in your social network and asking them for a meeting for you an introduction and then doing the standard dial. So there's data to dials and then all the digital outreach in between. A lot of customers say look we need all the pipeline we can get, let's start with everything. And then after a month or two let's peel off the channels that aren't getting us the results that we're looking for. Uh there's other customers who say no, no, I want to start with one small piece of the equation and add from there. So don't think ai for sales is a boil the ocean approach. It doesn't have to be at all.
who would have ever thought you couldn't go to someone's office and shake their hand and sit down in the conference room and and have a conversation or meeting them at your warehouse and walk through the warehouse together. All of a sudden we've been thrust into this environment where we need to meet virtually like we are now, we need to be able to read body language. We need to do all the things we need naturally do in person. But but it's like, what can you do to up your competency level in this new environment that you could feel really out of water? And I really thought about it. I think what I land and what I like about the word human on your shirt is that when we think about in my book, I talk about our world has really changed, but our brains remain the same. Okay. And that brain was designed to help us survive and thrive and flourish before we even had written text even before we had really languages. And but yet we were able to compete against dinosaurs and saber toothed tigers and all those, those things. Right. And we weren't necessarily weaponize with fingernails or something. But that brain is designed to tell us when we're safe and when we're understood without even processing language. And so in a sales process like you and I are talking about remotely to be able to discern what that person's vocabulary is. What is it that they're wanting to do? What are they struggling with and what's the transformation they're wanting to do? That's a story based concept. Stories always been impactful and so to be able to go all right, I think I understand what you're trying to do. You hear chad you're wanting to get all these sales people that are a little out of water, fish out of water and really adapt to this and excel. So the processes of training that you have imagine doing it this way. Well your brain is designing that story and the imagine part sure. You're giving them a glimpse but your brain is filling in all the details so therefore they feel safe. But more importantly they feel understood because you communicated that you get them. Yeah. So I just read this book that it's funny. I don't think I'd ever heard of it. The Little Prince. Have you heard of this book? Yeah, I've heard of that book. I got socks of that little Prince. Oh that's hilarious. So it's apparently a very famous story by this this guy who flew an airplane when he was 12 and then went into the military. He was from France I believe. And then he crashed in the desert one time, he crashed in new york and they ended up crashing the plane off the coast of the Mediterranean somewhere. And then his plane was never found until it was um the person I know the person who lives in Arizona and her uncle is the one who found the plane. Oh and so she's like, yeah, you've never heard of this book because I'm looking at writing my next book, the fifth, but much more of a human spirit, human condition, kind of a story. And it might even be fiction. I haven't decided yet. And so this this book talks about the little prince comes and it's a little kid that's in the desert with the guy who just crashes playing right this um antoine's Day, Saint Exupery, right? Super. I think that's easy for you to say easy. And so the little prince says, hey, I want you to draw me a sheep. I heard you can draw, can you draw me a sheep? And he's like, what? This is weird, okay? And he draws a sheep, there's no, no, that's, that's not very good. And it's like, wait, I've only drawn one thing in my life and it was this snake eating an elephant and it's like, That's the only thing ever true. So he goes, shoot, dropped again, she draws it again. Then he draws it again 33 times a charm. Still not. Finally, he draws this little picture at the bottom of a box with some holes in it and he goes, the little kid, the prince is like, yeah, that's awesome because he goes, what do you see inside of the box? Right, The sheep's inside. So it's, it's your sheep. You own the view. Exactly. And so that's what, that's what sales is really about. It's not, I'm gonna sell you this real meaty sheep or this middle looking kind of cruddy looking sheep or this pump features and functions. It's telling about the vision that you have. What does that sheep look like? Why does it look that way and truly understand a good one of the best sellers out there right now is keenan who wrote the book gap selling and he talks about, Okay, if you don't have the sheep, that's that particular way, then what's the gap? What's the impact if you solve the gap? What's the impact if you don't solve the gap? And it's so simple and 99 of sellers miss it a lot of the time if yeah, because they're waiting to pounce on the the stated obvious problem, but they're not waiting to explore and reveal what the real problem is that we're trying to solve here. And that real problem is going to involve some emotional insecurity about this decision. It's an illogical component of this whole thing. So yeah, I've had sales or everything made sense. It's going to save your money and you all this and they still didn't decide. It was like, what was illogical that I didn't realized that I needed to address. It could have been that there's too much at risk of my personal stock price here. If I make this decision to get off of the process we're doing And do a new one and it could go sound, it could crash and then I'm going to lose all my stock value and look bad. That's right. Mhm.
there are humans on the other end of these sales calls, There are humans visiting your sales assets. They have, they have brains, they have families, they have names. More importantly, they have dreams, they have kids, they have hoax. And we're in an environment now that's a virtual environment that we have to take care of and exploit data in digital. But I think the trap is most people fall into thinking of a consumer on the other end of Nameless Faceless Thing that has a credit card that we're trying to use technology to manipulate to get more sales. And what you're talking about, the competency part really addresses that cliche and sales I hate is like, well it's just a numbers game. No, that's a component. You can't sit and do nothing, but it's a human game. Yes. Well, and so I did a podcast here very recently with someone who's a coach that has worked with a company called Code Breaker Technologies for the last five years. It started as a card, right? You're either card, yellow, red, green or blue. And so that was the early days. Well now this way I can go in and read your linkedin profile or take this audio file converted into text and tell you beyond a reasonable doubt what is your bank code? And there are four, you know, four cards, but there's different ordering, right? It could be B A N K, K N B etcetera etcetera. Bank code of us explain that for those of us like me that I couldn't explain it if you ask me. So the bank code is are you an action person as the A right? Um Do you take actions The K. And I'm because I don't necessarily know all the B in the end, I remember they in the K. Right now Knowledge and that's probably because my to our action and knowledge, knowledge is another one. So the K. Stands for Knowledge and so I think mine was action the Knowledge, right? Actions supported with knowledge and then the other the other two and I'm surfing through to figure out if I can tell you what they are right now, I'm guessing what bank is right now. I mean the B the B would be buoyancy or or right well and these are some super people. Les Brown, world renowned motivational speaker Is behind this and I remember hearing Les Brown speak at motivational talks 20 years ago. Um so this is someone who's been around the block a few times and understands the game of being able to communicate with people, think about you know, spanish Russian greek french, all the different languages, the world, but at the core we all have a code of how we buy and how we communicate, Imagine being able to know that code on the fly Exactly. And, and when you talk to someone, you start, it starts to reveal itself in their, their vocabulary. That the words that they're using and I interrupted you, got your office, you think, but go ahead and go where you were going with that. The red, yellow bank code thing. Yeah. Well, so where I'm thinking about this in the future Is that it's difficult to teach someone to learn all the 24 different codes. Hey, I'm talking to you in one way now I need to talk to someone else in another way. A short term solution would be, Hey, if we're getting leads that come into our website and we're getting thousands or tens of thousands zoom video, for example, in these times, why route to a geography? If you could route to someone who speaks the same language of the person of the buyer precise skill based routing. So that's kind of the short term would be real easy. Let's put a bank of people that no pun intended. Uh, lets put a bank of people that match these certain profiles in the future. If I go to send an email, think about google mail, you send a mail and it completes the sentence before you've even thought of what you're doing exactly in the future. Why not? I write it in my tonality and for me, I'm a bullet guy. But if I'm sending something to someone who's not a bullet guy or gal, then what if it could convert the language and round out the words to that buyer precisely wow. To me that's the power of a. I write. It helps you with the frequency, but it also helps you with the competency and then take it a step further. We're in a dialogue and conversation and I know you're a certain personality type because the Ai tells me well instead of me having to figure all that out, what does this mean? There's so many things I could say and ask. It just gives you the questions right? There's a tool called Balto software that can listen to the conversation and right there on the side car It can pop up and and say, Oh, that's a really good question that you ask about by appointment only. Yeah. They've been around for 20 years. They were amazing 20 years ago and even 10 years ago. But the world has changed. And so from my understanding they're not using, you know, it could tell me based on you saying the word B. A. O. Which happens to be a competitor. Then I can start, then I can teach my sellers how to respond in real time. Right? And now now imagine doing that based on who the buyer personality or buyer persona is, It's about to get really interesting.
from the scale the sales well, sales classes, teaching, but your scale X dot ai tell us a little bit how our technology nowadays is really supporting the sales process. Yeah, Well there's a there's a great author named skip miller and he's been an author, a trainer for many, many years. And I went to one of his early classes when I first got into sales. In fact, my second job out of college and I had the luxury of meeting him very early. And one thing that always stuck in my brain was revenue equals frequency, times competency. Right? The more frequency, if you're early in your south career, you don't have a high c your low C. I mean there's a few natural is out there. But generally speaking, we as sellers start out early and we don't know what it is we're doing. So you have to focus on the frequency and then over time the competency comes up through repetition, right? Just like riding a bike. If you ride a bike the first time you skin your knee, the second time you get a little better By the 10th, 70th time, you can jump off of off of a ramp and land right and do all kinds of fun things. So what A. I. Is allowing people to do is I think what a lot of people think of as the frequency side. Let me just email, blast my audience, Let me spam everybody. And sure some people are inadvertently doing that and being very impersonal. What what's most exciting to me is bringing the personality and bringing better communications so that you're not just getting frequency up, but you're doing at a better competency level. So, you know, I'm actually going to an event this week, I'm gonna have 18 ceos at an offsite location in Winter Park and I'm talking to them and I've got a revenue equals frequency times competency, a little nap back of the napkin drawn And it says on one side, here's a T. Chart hears you hears me and I'm going to say, okay, how many data records do you pull every month of people that meet your ideal customer profile? Right? You personally as a founder ceo, whatever then how many emails do you do? How many social touches do you do? How many dials do you do? How many personal video message is? How many voice mails? How many paid ads? So all these different layers and channels And when you add it all up, the number that I'm doing personally per month is 60,000 sales touches and one would think holy cow, that's what, that's what companies, that's what entire companies do. So when you're an army of one and guess what to get to that level, You might, I ran the math. If you did it on the cheap, you could probably do 60,000 touches for about $3500 a month. So who can't afford $3500 a month to go from 1000 touches a month up to 60,000. Right? That to me is the power. So, so then I go through and I say, OK now let's look at the competency side. What are you doing to enhance your competency? So I read two books a month. I attend at least 10 webinars where I listen to other people's content. I like to do the on demand because then I can fast forward to the tale of the tape. I have hired multiple coaches. So I have not just 123 I have nine advisors on the board of directors on the board of advisors. And so I talked to them at least once a month. Some of them I talked to once a week. I'm on 60 or more sales calls sometimes on a big month. I might do 100 I host a podcast and then I joined a podcast. So about 15 between hosting and joining. And then I try to try to take one class per month. So it sounds like a lot when you can get efficient at building this out into your day in life. I don't, I don't really work hard on weekends anymore because I've gotten good at delivering all of this in a five day work week. I used to work eight hour days on both weekend days. So to me the power of A I is that you can now automate yourself into how you would normally send an email, how you would respond to an email, how you would reach out on social with your kinds of emojis, with your with your format and authenticity. But you can do it at scale to a level that you've never been able to do before.
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