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Baby Ariel on Overcoming Stuckness and Learning to Say No

From Audio: Baby Ariel
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Last Played: December 16, 2021
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Baby Ariel started making content when she was 14, but she didn't learn how to say "No" until much later. According to Baby Ariel, this led to a long period of "stuckness" that she couldn't seem to shake. It wasn't until she learned to start trusting herself and her own musical instincts that she overcame her creative blocks and learned to say "No" to things she didn't want to do. Listen in for the full story.
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to do. Is there a time where you did, I guess just feel stuck. And then finally that, that was released, would you say with this music video or you still in a place of feeling that that's stuck? Um, a lot of my starkness and we're making up words like hold a box, but I get what you're saying. A lot of my stuck this came from like, really if I'm being like, just totally transparent, like just work and business, because I and this video helped a lot with that because for this video, I was able to tell the story that I wanted to tell that I needed to tell. Um, so it's helped me find myself, but A lot of my stuffiness came from just the business world. Like I started this when I was 14 years old and 14 I was people like the way I was doing my videos and so I was going to keep doing my videos that way. And then you get with like management and agents who are phenomenal, but they're much older people. And it's like, okay, now we have to post something like this, which I understand, you know, and you get into meetings with people who are like, okay, you're going to post this for this. Okay, got it. Okay, wait, You can't curse. You can't do this. We have to stay friendly. Okay. Got it. I understand. Um, and so I felt like I was just not, not only was I not myself, but I didn't have any time to figure myself out. How could you be? Yeah, who that is yet. Like I kind of just kept going on this wave and I was like, up here and I was like, okay, like it's all cool. Like I'm just doing my thing. And then when reality set in and I was older and I was like, wait, I don't know anything about me, you know, for sure. And it sucked. I feel like we're finally at a time where we can talk about this, thank God, because so needed, especially those are transformative, yours, your brain is still developing. There's so many things that someone's been like, no, cut your hair this way, now, you need, you know, you have green eyes, you need blue. I just, it's so much noise, you know, like my head is what was your defining moment that you were like, all these voices in your head, you know, up down left, right, that you're finally just like, stop, everyone, just stop. Oh my gosh, when was it? I think it was about six months ago, it was after my super like dark, sad period of hating me sometimes and I was at home and I've been like crying every day and I didn't know why and I remember one day like I just started bawling my eyes out and I must have had like a panic attack or something, so I was like I had to sit on my floor and like my hands on the carpet um and my parents sat on the floor with me, it was in the their closet of their bedroom actually and they're like what what is it to me? And I was like, I don't know, I just want everything. I said, I was like I just want everything to stop, I want my phone to go away, I want people to stop telling me what to do, I want to do what I want to do. Um And I just need I need it all, I need everything to stop and they're like okay we're gonna we're gonna figure it out like and it was a slow process. And just recently, actually, like a month ago is when I was six months ago and a month ago, I think I actually got my strength or two months ago ish to actually follow through with everything. So I felt I spent a lot of time just with myself, like writing, reflecting, journaling a ton. Um and two months ago, a month ago I started saying no to things and saying like no, I'm not going to do this, I'm not going to do my hair the way you want me to do my hair. I am going to put out the music that I want to do, I want to do the music, but I want to do, I'm going to direct the music, but I'm gonna write it. Uh so it was really a long, no, I'm my full attention, but I think I heard this quote wants to it. When you say no to something, you're actually saying yes to something else. And if you can look at it that way, it's very free, very it's the most frame. Um, it's a powerful, awarded baby and it's universal. So everyone understands that no is universal. Everyone everybody knows even your dog knows what, No, no.
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