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you know, some Korans a bit Teoh. You know, I think it was She almost got too much hype too quickly and had e I think she might have gone done things differently. But you're right. I think she was an excellent, excellent character. And bachelor nation should feel nothing but appreciation for her for having come on my season. I agree. Watching the show back because you watched the episode as you did, the recaps did. Was there anything that you had, like, totally blocked out of your memory? I didn't appreciate how awkward it would be for me to watch it back. I thought it was fine watching it back, you know, when was actually airing. But three years removed, it was like being like the bouncy castle stuff. And it was it was all very awkward. I feel like you've said before the stuff about how like you were the bachelor who had sex like no other bachelor has ever had sex before. And that was like your narrative. And then so watching it three years later, you mentioned one of the episodes that it was like, kind of cringe e for you. Even though they acknowledge that before. Totally, it was It's It's it's weird thing, right, because, uh, very sex positive. And you knew me on my podcast and for men and women are just I think we just we make too big of a deal about it and shame people for all the wrong reasons when it comes to sex, but at the same time, like, yeah, it gets a little frustrating being sexualized for For it all I saw in one of the ever heard of one of the episodes you said that Britney was the best kisser. But you sent her home so early, and I would like to know why. It's a great question. She really waas that really? That was like the revelation that threw me off. I was like, Who is Britney? Yeah, I barely I told I think I said, Why? I think night one. She just I don't know if I even talked to her night one, and I specifically remember seeing her at the Rose ceremony, and she just didn't have a positive look at her face. Her her resting gays wasn't super pleasant, and I think I kind of had written her off already and She really surprised me on that date. And she also was someone who kind of struggled, kind of, you know, settling into that world and a combination of being super into Rachel. Vanessa having this kind of, like, weird look at her face Night one, but a time she like, I made out whether I kind of just decided. Yeah, and I think again she was I think she was struggling early on. I think she was one of those people that needed a lot of attention early on or she was going to check out, right. And I think that's pretty natural for some people. I mean, you could have said that about me. I mean, I had not give me the first impression, Rose and I'm not gonna early date by week, for I might have been like, This is stupid. I'm going back to work. My wife would be very different now, but I think, yeah, it's just a combination of all those things. But she was a It's hard to make an impression when it comes to making out in that world. And she certainly did that. I mean, I'll give her props for that. That's That's probably great to hear. Would you ever do this with something like Andy Season or Caitlin Season or your Paradise season? Perhaps? Well, I think I'm gonna do Ah, some sort of version of all of them, in a sense, and starting with paradise. And it started with because I've already recorded the episode with Jen Saviano and that Z That's kind of the Vanessa episode of that. And so I'm gonna drop it in October. I don't know if it's gonna be the first, but if I end up saying maybe reporting episode with Amanda and maybe the twins and you know, obviously Ashley and Jared are a big part of that season, But at the same time, like we've done each other's podcast so often, I don't know if it's like a juicy or his premium content is others, but yes, in some form, I will kind of recap my seat of the bachelor for some behind the scenes. And certainly Jen and I, I think a lot of people would be interested in hearing that we haven't spoken either. And I reached out to her and she had some questions for me, and yeah, that's a good tease. I'm very excited. Listen to that. Because there was so many rumors at the time that you, you know, ditched her to be the Bachelor, which we can't blame you. But as excited as you know, from my patryan, I asked all the women to start each episode by saying their name, saying when I sent them home and what it was like to date me and I gave Jen the same opportunity to do that and she she said Nick broke up with me to be the Bachelor. Was her opening statement and the discussion, Uh, from their from their Wow, That's good. I'm excited. Just that one. Who were you more nervous to talk to Vanessa again? Probably. Vanessa. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Vanessa Don Esa has always been a little bit more unpredictable for me and and Jen, but Vanessa was very gracious and and I was really glad that we and in both cases I thought it went as well as it possibly could have. And, you know, under the lens of honestly, I think there's more tea in the gen episode in terms of behind the scenes of of when we actually met and and things like that. I'm very much looking forward to listening to that. I feel like that's a must. Listen, I also have to say I mean in general bachelor podcast. There's a million bachelor alums have podcasts of like, there's a bunch of you guys. I mean, you know, I think it's safe to say that you probably get the most t out of on the bio files. Do you agree? What? What do you mean by that? I just You've had a different level of guests. We've gone, you know, with the Rachel Bilson of it all. And then you have your Now you have your ex girlfriends on the show. I feel like you kind of stepped it up. Yeah, I mean, I thanks. I take a lot of pride in the vial files, and I think I think the most thing I'm flattered about is getting the national recognition that it has. Like whether it's the Associated Press Top 10 podcast of 2019 and actually being recognized, you know, for things that they're not bachelor related, being picked is, you know, various articles is, ah, one of the top relationship podcast. Listen to so I'm really proud of that. And then from a guest standpoint, you know, I really worked on being a host and trying toe have just listen. I love being vulnerable and honest, and I think, you know, it's quite honestly, something I've learned. Being a fan of Howard Stern is Thio. The more you're willing to share about yourself, the more other people were willing to share about themselves. And I think that's just played well to my show and and having a variety of guest, whether it's people who are fans of the show who are part of the show. And, you know, obviously we have branched off toe, you know, just other personalities have nothing to do with vaccination. Now that I've grown the show tow basically be three different shows a week. It's allowed me to kind of diversify toe, you know, have a bachelor focused show, but then talk about things outside of Bachelor World. And that's been a lot of fun. Do you have a dream guest? I have a lot of dream guests, but Christie tickets always when I throw out there, which which would be accurate, is a dream guest. I think obviously with my audience. I think it would be an ideal guest, and I think she's really interesting, and I think I would have a fun conversation with her. But there's there's so many other people I I hope to get and and want to get and in some cases might get, and we'll just have to see how what happens. Love it. So with Vanessa also, did you guys have a messy split? I don't even remember? I feel like it was clean, but then did it get messy Over time? I think you're just gonna have to listen since episode all of the above. Okay. And the her engagement happening right after was interesting timing. Yeah, and I think just coincidental because way communicated briefly. I don't think she was expecting it. I don't want to speak for her, and I don't know what she said about it, but it sounds like it was kind of a romantic kind of surprise in a good way. But all the more reason. I'm glad that we were able to connect because it made me feel comfortable reaching out personally to wish her congratulations. And so that was nice. But I think with the Is faras their break up again. We cover it in great detail on my patron tell all, which is out today. For those of you listening in the interest of self preservation for both of us, we tried to keep it as clean as possible in the public. And in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't really anything like really messy. But like I said, I was not indifferent about it, and I had a lot of strong feelings and and she did, too, about the relationship. Do you feel indifferent now, or is that just something that doesn't go away? Because it's someone who you felt compelled to get engaged to? That's obviously real feelings. I feel I feel more indifferent now in in the best possible way where that conversation allowed me to let some things go happy for her engagement, I assume I loved the Instagram comment perfect amount of heart, heart and sarcasm. What you do best. I try my best and I take a lot of pride, and it's just I can't I'm just not the over the top kind of like cheesy like, You know, I I tease because I love with people. I love snark. If I'm joking with you, it's usually because I like you in some way, shape or form. And that's just my personality. And so I appreciate you, but yeah, I mean, like, I always wanna be respectful of everyone. I don't you know, even when I am snarky and tease. I'm not. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm a sensitive person, too. So it always. It always makes me sad when I find out my snarkiness hurts people's feelings. And so I try to be tried. Thio. It's hard to walk that tightrope, man. You know, it's an anxiety e think you do it one of the best in the Bachelor just because if you can't take it too seriously, but at the same time they take every bachelor nation