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Barcelona, Pandora and Premiership

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Vince Tracy Football Podcasts
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@RobDaniels joined @vincetracy to discuss the young #Spain team and their success in reaching the final of the nations cup. #Barcelona are in freefall with their own management telling us they would be filing for bankruptcy if Barcelona was a business. However, Rob explains why the club is run diffe
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@RobDaniels joined @vincetracy to discuss the young #Spain team and their success in reaching the final of the nations cup. #Barcelona are in freefall with their own management telling us they would be filing for bankruptcy if Barcelona was a business. However, Rob explains why the club is run differently to others. A referee has been attacked during a match in #Brazil and we looked at this incident before moving to #NewcastleUnited and their takeover bid. #PepGuardiola is mentioned in the #PandoraPapers for his account in #Andorra where #England play their next game. We discussed the leniency of the judgement for #Racism expressed against three #England players after the #Euro 2020 championship. We looked at #AndresTownsend's tribute to his hero #Ronaldo at #ManUnited where he scored for #Everton. Rob gave us his #LaLiga roundup and we finished with our #Premier review.
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Gibraltar would given FIFA recognition after they started and therefore allowed to join. So really, it's just another way of making money, really, isn't it? By the sound of things, it's just like another, it just goes on and on, I mean where does it stop exactly right on the head, That is exactly what it is. Um But also because it's in the lee where the teams are more even that if you like Jibril flux, you've won a match against Sambora, I think it was, but yeah, the teams that don't normally get to any european championships or anything, they will get more support if you like, because they're playing against teams, Morris says their own level. Um But yeah, it's just a another money making exercise, definitely. Okay, listen, just while it's in my mind, you know, it was eric's birthday yesterday, so we wish Erica very happy birthday because I'm pretty sure congratulations uh at his birthday there was a guy who came in, it was not at all guys about my size and basically he was introduced to me as a goalkeeper who played for Reykjavik at Anfield and we had quite a nice chat, you know, I mean, it was just an interesting guy with an interesting story, but there we are. Ok, look, we've started talking a bit about the spanish team uh one particular spanish team that have gone into free fall of course, Barcelona and uh they have recorded in the papers yesterday, €481 million loss. Um And I see that they've over spent on contracts, they over spent on salary razors, they over spent on what was called club management. Um and they over spent on buying the likes of Griezmann when they had no money to pay for him. And apparently La Porta, uh he was reported as saying that they'd had no financial planning and if it was a business, uh now is the funny that he should say if it was a business, I mean it's massive business, but they would have had to file for bankruptcy. Um I mean, when you actually look at the mess that spanish football has become, and in particular, Barcelona, um I said donkey's years ago, then it's going to take something cataclysmic before anything will change. You can't really see it changing even now With the likes of saleh demanding £500,000 per week. I don't know about you rob. I find a lot of this sort of stuff almost immoral, you know, to, to think that somebody can demand half a million pounds a week when people are still starving, can't get a decent meal. Um, you know, schools need things, hospitals need things, we're totally and utterly out of kilter. And when we talk about the great reset, which incidentally does appear on all the websites, all the government websites, you can go and find it at the spanish government website and see everything I'm telling you is absolutely true. The agenda 2020, 2050 is the one that you look at for now. Um It puts the likes of messi's money and Saleh's demands for the, that type of money into a really horrible bracket for me. Um Right, going back to Barcelona anything we need to look at even more than what I've said. Well thanks. Just mentioned the great reset. If any listener is interested, it is actually published. The there are lots of countries well saying good to it. Um, so it's not secret and anyone who's interested could read and find out what they intend for result, but that's about it. This is exactly the problem because you know, people are not going to read it. Um and if people had been going to look at the information, maybe they would see a little bit more about why we're suffering the way that the world seems to be changing. You know, it is planned and it's not as though the people who are making the plan are trying to hide it from anybody. So really, I think, I think, I think they think they're actually trying to win farmers of it. That's why the information is so freely available. Um and on the exam, official government website. Right. Um well we won't go into the details now, but if anybody wants to look at Canada's plum, it's quite frightening just as well. I always thought that kind of, it was like one of these countries where people were free to do what they wanted, but that's going to last very long. Did you think I was exaggerating? When I first tried to explain that this is all available and it's not something that's, I mean, you know, you've got this conspiracy theorists and all those things which are clouding the issue. Um so when I first sort of mentioned that this is available information to everybody, did you think I was exaggerating or you know, uh can you, can you see why I really, I feel it's so important to get this message into whatever we're talking about, you know? Oh of course, because you're going to affect everybody, isn't it? It will affect what we talk about football, it will affect all the rest of every basically everything that we do in our lives and everything that everybody does in their lives and yes, the information is freely available and it isn't conspiracy theory talk, there's actual government announcements at the, from different governments throughout the world About what they intend to do with the between 2020 and 25th, isn't it? When you see all this was going on in in one set of circumstances and then as everybody was heading towards the Lisbon treaty, um that was going to sort of give us a pan european army and basically at the moment it's worrying enough to know that china is really massing its military um in Taiwan where they have been doing exercises and flying into the Taiwanese territory Then of course you've got Russia's just said they've and issued a video of an intercontinental missile going at 7000 miles an hour or something. I mean, yeah, I mean, these are very, very worrying times. So when you then think about the messy situation and all the football, it's almost like a veil that's been brought across so that we're all involved in the wrong things, worrying about the wrong things, talking about the wrong things rather than seeing the world for what it is and the changes for what they are. That's really why I get into the state. Each time we talk about these things to try and urge people to go and read for themselves so that they realize that, you know, I'm not being alarmist. I'm certainly not a conspiracy theorist, but something is happening and we should inform at least be informed of what's going on. Um will Barcelona get through this? Or do you think that there's a chance that like any other business they could actually go bankrupt? Well, that's interesting that the younger father mentioned as if it if it were a business, because the load of football club isn't actually run as a business um if they haven't been, if it was A PLC, he actually stated the other day, if it was A PLC, say, Um, are an essay as they call it, in Spanish, which is the same thing as a public limited company. The club were being dissolved because there was no cash flow, they have difficulty to accelerate debt and future liabilities amounted to 1.35 billion And there was an urgent need for refinancing. But Barcelona is actually a members only club with over 144,000 members. So it is an unusual system, someone, a football club, but they they're not backed by any people from the arab countries or anything like that. They're basically run by themselves um that they've got themselves into all sorts of difficulties. Now Traveler party has been present. Uh Barcelona before That, he came back in in March 2021 and he puts all the blame, which he might be right, but he puts all the blame on the previous president who was called joseph bottom area, who basically left let the finances get completely out of control and they are in what is crossed the technical bankruptcy. Now, I can't see bathroom a football club disappearing altogether because quite a lot of the members are extremely wealthy people from the bus loading area. I mean, it's system is extremely wealthy people from the battle of the area, but there are also other members who are just like people like this season ticket holders basically. Um But I think they managed to dig themselves out, but they got themselves into a really, really massive hole. Um So we'll just have to wait and see on an ongoing basis how they get out of it, but, you know, figure out of it many times when we've been talking about these things. Um, you know, and I talk about football being part of society, not the other way around the society being part of football. I mean, it's almost like this is, um, some sort of an organization, which really, it sees itself as above and beyond any of the normal boundaries that everybody else has to put up with. And as uh, report actually said, you know, if it was, if it was an ordinary business, he said, it would have to file for bankruptcy. Well, you know, how long can they go on as they are just muddling along? Well, that's what they're trying to work out at the moment. Vince if it was run as a business. Um, as the part stated the other day himself, they would have had to file for bankruptcy. Um, as it is, it, things were going wrong for them before Covid, but Covid has hit every single business in the world. Um, everything to everybody in the world, doesn't it? Um, Barcelona used to get a lot of revenue during the week with, and when they were playing by giving people skills of the stadium, the camp. Now I went, um, I don't know, 15 years ago, maybe now I happen to be in buffalo at a trade show and had two or three hours to spare before I got the train back there until they can see. So I thought, I'll go and have a look and it was the minimum was 15 year olds in And there was a massive queue, you have to queue for about three quarters an hour to actually get in. Um, if you wanted a guided with somebody actually showing around up explaining things to you, you have to pay €25 and they had translators of all different, lots of japanese people went, if you notice that Barcelona matches, they have a special section with japanese tourists because it's one of the things when it comes to europe, one of the things they want to do is either go and see Barcelona, I'll go and see real Madrid or possibly Man United. There possibly Liverpool. Um, so they have a special section for the, for the sole tourists and they pay top dollar to go in and watch the matches and with the covid situation, all of that stopped. They didn't have really any revenue, did they? Apart from, um, internet sales for shirts and kicks and things like that, that people weren't buying them so much because everybody was under the code restrictions and a lot of people were very short of millions still are. So, they were, they did have problems already, but Kobe is just basically, uh, make these problems even bigger. Okay, well look Rail Madrid. They seem to run their club in a different way altogether. That seems to be a little bit more like a conventional business. Um So, well, yes, that's that's that's because of friends or perish is a businessman uh run the part isn't a businessman, He is a politician, which uhh well, I think what you like about politicians, but even that isn't an actual businessman, whereas florentino Perez is, and he's got an absolutely massive construction business worldwide. So he has a team of advisors and accountants and people like that who make sure that real Madrid keep their, keep their books as straight as possible because he does understand the world of business. Whereas Barcelona isn't technically isn't that there's a business and maybe it should be, I mean, they still Liverpool money for the sale of Philip Cuttino for example. So, uh I think when they haven't gone, Griezmann went back to Atletico Madrid, I think the Marussia went on a freely because they couldn't afford to pay his wages um like messi went to paris Sandringham messi was able to contract, but he was not free within the because eggs out of contracts, he would have got paid of course, but Barcelona basically, I just have to um offload as many, but the top players as they could in order to get in revenue in order to try and pay off their debt. I mean, it's a very complicated situation to explain, but they are in dire straits since, okay then the results are not good over the results at the moment, I'm not good either. Well, when we come to the Premier League round of what you do for us, we'll find out a bit more about that. Let me just also add in that if messi and others have gone to paris san german, it would appear to me from what.
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