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Baseball Standings and Predictions for 2021

Last Played: April 28, 2021
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Starting 9 hosts discuss standings and predictions from the NL West and forecast what the show will look like as baseball season unfolds.
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like I feel like like can you do me a favor right now, Dallas, can you pull up the MLB standings for every team right now? I want you to be looking at what I'm looking at. I want to be looking at what I'm looking at when I go over this right now. Let me let me know when you're ready. Ready? Okay, Start at the bottom, go down to the N. L. West. That's pretty much what it's going to be, right uh Dodgers, Padres, Giants, D'backs rockies. Yes, maybe not in that precise order, but yes, the bottom three teams will be the Giants, the D backs of the rockies. I think it's gonna be that exact order Just one week into the season were set. Their Nl central. I love that the reds are coming in red hot right now. I love that their offense has just been fucking bludgeoning teams to death. They've already got a plus 20 run differential which is right up there with the Dodgers plus 23 they've lost their last two games. But the reds being in first place in the N. L. Central, you've got the brewers who I pick to win, The cardinals who Dallas picked to win. Uh The cubs kind of just met, which I feel like we talked about. And then the Pirates being last place, I I think it's gonna be a nice little three team race here and people not talking about the Cincinnati reds is maybe being a contender for not just the postseason, but for the nl Central. Is that a knee jerk reaction or you think this team could actually hang around? They could very well hang around. They're gonna need to be consistent on the mound because the offence looks like it's gonna stay, the offense looks like it could play. And if that's going to be the case, you got to score more runs than the other team, that's where the office comes in. How do you do that? You keep the other team off the board. How do you do that? You throw the ball well, you gotta pitch. So that's what the reds are gonna have to do that. So that's what we knew the reds were going to have to do. Coming into this right, losing the guys, you're losing free agency and yeah, you've got to be able to stand your ground on the mound. If the reds can do that within this division, the offense has told you right now, hey, we can bang, we can get this done in this division. Just give us an opportunity to make the five runs stand up, right? That's what they're asking for. So if they get that support from the staff and honestly it usually goes the other way around. If the offense can score runs, we're going to keep you there. Well, can you keep us there because the offense is gonna score runs. That's the question. So I think, I think we're gonna do this every monday for every monday, we're gonna call the monday standings minute, it's gonna be longer than a minute. Just like Kevin's minuteman is longer than a minute and one bite pizza is more than one bite, it's gonna be the monday standings minute, we're just gonna take a look at the standings, we're gonna run through every single fucking team. Just like say a little something about everybody. Just that when you if you're listening to starting nine, your team falls out of it early. Guess what? We're still gonna at least hit on it a little bit. Just a little tiny bit. Yeah, if you're a Pirates fan, we can talk about Brubaker slicing and dicing folks have no idea who he was and he shows up knocks at the dish as well. But we'll talk about that. We talked about that too. Yeah, Pirates Pirates are sleep on. The Pirates promises. Pirates are hanging in there. There's only three games back in first place right now. We could be a strong fourth place team. A lot of people aren't giving us credit for that. I feel like we could be a very strong, surprising fourth place team. You know what, the most interesting division of major League Baseball, that'll be the Nl east because you have and we'll get into this as a whole different segment. Um, there's a lot going on in the N. L East right now. The National is off to a slow start. The Miami marlins, I mean, come on, What do you, what do you want from the marlins? Jazz Chisholm Junior? Yeah, shout out to uh can I get a short hands of guys who have Jazz Chisholm on their fantasy team as a as a preseason draft pick? Uh No, Okay. All right, so put that fucking hand down right now. Well, he's still on my team. I got a lot of people probably have picked him up since, I mean, he's he's got every two days, two days into the season I picked him up. Yeah, okay, that's fair. But Jazz Chisholm Junior uh with his quote this past week, talking about how he went up to Derek Jeter and was like, how do you become a Hall of Famer? Like that's that's the goal. I want to know. All I want to know is how to become all of Famer that the right like, just picture yourself as a player, like wearing a uniform and you see your GM slash owner slash baseball God come walking down, come walking down the tunnel is like, hey kid, how's it going? And your your reaction is That's that's cool. Uh Look bro, all I need to know is how to become a hall of Fame. That's all I need to hear out of you. All right, save your pleasantries, Save you. I like your swing. You look good to save all that shit. Tell me how to get to the hall goat. Uh get conversation. That must have been there's a couple different I don't know if you want to do this in this segment or not, but the mets and luis Rojas being like, hey, guess what? We've got some we've got some secret weather guys telling us like I know that every forecast on planet Earth is telling you right now, uh that we've got torrential downpours coming, but we've got a secret underground weather guy who's telling us we're gonna get this fucking game in so stroke, get your ass out there and uh you you find your stride out there in this fucking this torrential downpour and he you know what starts down point, He throws nine pitches, then he gets burned, he goes to twitter, he's pissed off, understandably. So are you?
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