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Battlefield 2042 is Joining the Fight

From Audio: #154: All's Not Quiet
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This year at E3, EA unveiled the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 2042. Listen as the hosts of Sacred Symbols discuss the game's trailer—which includes a special shoutout to a particularly talented player who managed to blow up jet with a rocket in Battlefield 3—and its impact on the gaming ecosystem.
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need for speed studio criterion which also recently provided sports support on 2017 Battlefront two and 2018, battlefield five and recently renamed Gothenburg. Once known as ghost games, also known for need for speed. The most important thing about Battlefield 2042 however, is that it's multiplayer only. That's right, Battlefield is a shoeing is issuing. I'm sorry, single player functionality completely. Instead going all in on massive multiplayer maps. The PS four version will be able to support up to 64 players, but if you play on Playstation five, each map can support up to 128 players. It's a bit of a disappointment for a single player fans who grew accustomed to battlefields. Single player campaigns, but necessary to accommodate the scope of the multiplayer. Sweet. Apparently the entire game does have background though. It takes place in the world in 2042 that's starting to suffer from the effects of global warming and resource shortages. The area has been quick to note to some consternation that their game is in no way social or political commentary. So we'll talk about that in a moment. But chris I mean let's start right here, steve Hamilton wrote into us on Patreon. He says hello boys, can we get christmas initial thoughts on battlefield 2042. I haven't been much in the multiplayer games in recent years, but that has me really hyped and excited for more gameplay footage. So what did you think chris of battlefield? I'm excited. I'm looking forward to it. I like, I I didn't like a lot of the changes that battlefield five may I think they kind of um under because that game, the foundation that game is actually good. It's just like really minor surface level things that just like really screwed the flow of the experience and if they can learn from that in a 20 like a future ish kind of battle, which exactly exactly what I wanted by the way. Like I was literally like okay, futuristic battlefield, not exactly 21 like not crazy future, but I think it's this weird kind of compromise between Dustin, Dustin and me where it's like we'll go into the future but not so much that it doesn't feel like modern combat, you know, there's no laser guns. Yeah, there's no like laser guns or anything. But I'm happy about that. I I don't really care personally that there is no single player because the last single player campaign that I cared about in battlefield was probably the and battlefield ones was okay. And and like I like the Bad company games kind of, but it's never really been a single player thing for me. It's always been about like that big, the promise of that really large scale hectic warfare, that that kind of leans into the realism a little bit more than your standard Call of Duty Fair or you know, any other mps that were, you know, popular around the time that those games were uh we're big. I I like this emphasis on multi player, I love that in the trailer. They paid homage to that amazing viral clip from battlefield three of the dude diving out of the jet and like that because I was showing that to my roommates remember, was like, that's ridiculous. And I was like, no, that happened, that's like a real thing. And I just love that they're getting in touch with like they're the multiplayer roots of that. Of that serious. I I don't mind at all that there's no campaign. I'm curious if it's a battle. I'm curious if this is a Black Ops four situation where they were making a campaign and then they just decided to scrap it or if this is actually genuinely just, well we'll use those resources authentically on on the multiplayer instead. Yeah, that's an interesting thing to me. I'm curious how planned a lack of a campaign was. I'm excited for it. I'm looking forward to it. I think it looks cool. We haven't seen gameplay yet. Obviously we've just seen the trailer, the cinematic trailer as of yet, as of the day they were recording this one thing that I will say, and this is just a point of concern. How are you going to compete with a do we know if it's $70? I don't
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