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Aleya Harris speaks with David Strausser on how to be yourself as an entrepreneur
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especially as you start getting older, I think you always have to keep the drive, that's where you've got to turn it up. You know, make safe moves. But uh you know, take some risk and try to learn new things and for me that as what I've seen with our clients and the reason why we like working with whom you'd like to work with, the biggest risk is actually being more and more of your authentic self. That seems to be harder than I know I'm gonna acquire this new company or I'm gonna buy this apartment building to diversify my income stream or whatever. Those things are pretty black and white decisions. But as you get older, the older people that I really respect are the ones who have owned it. They're like, yeah, I'm 40 this is me, I'm so tired of trying to be your version of me. And they finally have grasped what they've been put here on this earth to do. They have aligned their energy, They've combined it with some business strategy and then that's when you start to see people take off. Like I have this one client who has a corporate HR and she's a lawyer and one day she goes, I don't like this, I'm in a toxic work environment, I'm out. And she actually figured out how to get them to pay her to leave a toxic work environment. She moved to Mexico now she has multiple businesses, one of them consulting people on how to do the same thing that she just did and she has this freedom because she she said, I don't remember what the age mark was, 40s, she's like this is not me, I don't like this now, she's making more money living on a beach, loving life and that for me is the greatest feeling of that evolution, right? And teaching other people how to do that, that's how you prevent yourself from becoming obsolete. But she would have never been able to do that if she didn't step into who she was. That's great, that's great. And he reminds me of another guest that we had, I think He was an episode 1994, last season Deborah drink. Remember the episode? Well I take my I take my guests very seriously uh she uh Deborah drink, she's a former playboy playmate and she basically was like I go into life in every situation that I go into is I think well what would the best version of me do because now that she's older in life, there's there's been there's been many versions of her throughout her life because people change, you know, kind of like the decades change, you know, the seventies eighties, nineties two thousands, you know, people change like that too. So when she gets into a situation it's like what would the best version of me do and I kind of found that mind blowing. I mean I heard things like hey what would jesus do, but the best version of Me too, Me too and I love that, not that I don't love jesus, I love jesus and buddha and christian over here. But my my love with that statement comes because it has that evolutionary element and that alignment element already baked in. So what I do bio energetic business coaching with our, with my clients, the very first thing that I focus on with them is how are we gonna align your energy and then take a look and seeing where that misalignment has caused you to stray off of your path from your goals. And those are the first thing that we go after. So when you're saying when she is saying this great quote like how do I show up as the best version of me? Sometimes you don't even know who that person is, right. And so then you have to figure that out first and then you're like okay this is the L. A. I I want to be in and that means that I need to change this behavior, this mindset, this relationship, this might even have to move like what what do you need to change and shake up so that you can actually have the freedom to do that because it's easy to say and I love that you said it, but then you sit down and like okay great I'll give you the best version of me and as soon as you sit down and say that and you're like and she is have we met her yet? And is there an invitation I need to send out like since the work begins? Okay. Yeah. That makes me remind, What was that movie like? Multiplicity or something like that? Oh, with uh, oh, David, No, the guy that played Zoolander played Multiplicity or No, I, I forget. But that two movie where there's like kenya. Right, right. Some of them goofy. Some of uh, you know, like, uh, some of them would be, you know, with all the different personalities. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's kind of, that's kind of how it's like. And in that shower there, so I want to ask you, I know one of the big things that you're, you're big on is email list and future proofing your business, but