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Bee Natural Radio Audio Snippet: Keto Diet Breakdown

From Audio: The Keto Diet
Last Played: January 18, 2021
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Audio Snippet from the Bee Natural Podcast. In this clip, Doctors Renee Rosenfield and Amy Bader offer their two cents on the ketogenic diet and what it takes to make it work for you.
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So the first thing we want to say about the Keto diet is that it is what we would consider a therapeutic diet. Underline bold, italicized therapeutic diet as opposed to a lifestyle diet, which is something that you would do on an ongoing basis. Right? So when we look at something as a therapy, a therapeutic diet, we're looking at using it for a certain length of time to accomplish a certain shift in someone's health. Correct. And so I think where people get confused is they think that all they're gonna eat for the rest of their lives is just fat. And like, I don't know, little kale or something. Yeah, that's not that's not really how we as practitioners use it or kind of see it. Um, so let me just talk Renee first about how I use it, because I do use it often. So when I used the Keto diet, it is typically with people who, for starters, maybe they wanna lose weight and they're on a plateau, and we need to budge them off that plateau. Right? I have seen it be very helpful for people to do it for a couple weeks. Yes, budge them off their plateau. And then when I have them, bring the carbohydrates back in. I keep them kind of low. And we do very smart things, like blueberries and sweet potatoes and maybe more of those paleo style carbohydrate. Yes, exactly. Making sure you're getting a lot of vitamins and minerals along with fiber in those carbohydrate sources. Right? So that's probably the probably the most common reason I use it. But it can be helpful for certain other health issues. Right? So what is your favorite health issues to use this with, So the first one would obviously be obesity. That is a great way to shift the metabolism to start burning fat is fuel. Um, so obesity would be number one. Number two would be also like metabolic syndrome. So people that have, like, high triglycerides and high blood pressure and high fasting blood glucose um, Thio to make a shift within the biochemistry of the body so that they can start, you know, re learning about their appetite and about their hunger hormones and starting to shift their metabolism toe where their body can create health and balance. And I feel like that's really, really good. Also, Keto was really developed to help treat serious neurological disorders. So it's kind of how it started. Yeah, yeah, that's how it started. That's my understanding. And, you know, neurological disorders like seizures and Alzheimer's and dementia and Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis like those are the really important neurological diseases that can be really helped with the Keto diet, because the brain loves fat and neurological disorders. Usually. So when someone calls you a fat head, you could take it as a compliment, your being nourished by all that fat. Yeah, but I mean those lipids air super important for the brain, and it helps the brain communicate with itself with the neurons you know, with each other. So those and then diabetes often can be. If you're trying to shift into not a diabetic state, Keto can be helpful. I also see autism being treated with Keto quite a bit, and then traumatic brain injury. So TB, ice and oh yeah, non alcoholic fatty liver disease that's like another one be greatly treated by Keto. But so e feel so bad. And I we are practices. They're super similar, and she does. I do weight loss. She does a ton of weight loss, and I do a lot of disordered eating law. Treatment was she does to a disordered eating and healing your relationship to food. So if you have disordered eating, E don't necessarily recommend the Keto diet for you because your adrenals have probably been deeply taxed in the past with, you know, yo yoing or disordered eating or the stress around food. And so you know, that wouldn't be something I would recommend for that. But all the other conditions we talked about if you have a lot of weight to lose, um, if you're trying to, you know, shift a plateau, totally trying it, doing it for a couple weeks, just like Amy said and then going back. And I also do a lot of carb cycling. Or you can do low carb days and then, like super low carbs and then eat carbs because your body needs them and then you're cycling through that. So there is a time to place. But it's not a forever keep going forever and ever, never stopping thing I used. It's very individual. How I do a lot of us, honestly, folks, is gut instinct on my part of this point after sitting with patients for many, many years now. But when someone has an insulin issue, you wanna either rest the pancreas or you want to kind of re sensitized insulin receptors. PCOS putting a polycystic ovary syndrome, even cystic acne like some of those kind of blood sugar dis regulation type problems can really, I think, if anything, just get a rest with the body around the insulin response. Remember, insulin? Insulin is a hormone that surges when we eat carbohydrates, and some of us surge more insulin than others because we're sensitive and insulin is super inflammatory. So it's a hormone or that can inflame you. And it tells your body to store basically sugar and fat, right? So it's like store, store, store and inflame and flame and flame and so terrible, the same eso to break that cycle. Sometimes I'll just have someone do keto for, like, two weeks. Oh, totally, just like rest everything. And then we're gonna be very deliberate about when we bring the carbs back in and how it sometimes. Yes, I think it's brilliant to cycle those kind of carve days for people. It is so helpful could be so helpful. And I have a lot of my patients doing that and playing around with that, and it just it makes sure that the body knows it's not starving, Bond. So that could be really, really, really, really great. It is. I mean, you talk about like, body builders who have these diets to lose all their body fat, which isn't, in my opinion, the super smart thing to do. But nonetheless, it's their sport. And I can respect that. They all have a chief day. Yeah, that cheap day to make sure that is really important. Part of why that works for them, right? And so, Well, maybe we'll do another podcast at some point on the cheap day And what that can look like. People treat day. Okay. Yeah. Fistfuls of blueberries all day long. My carbs e no. Um, but in general, though, they do tend to eat more of a carbo type keto type style of eating my understandings and a cheat day like you're saying they can cycle through some carbs and increase that. So, anyhoo, so that that we just want to share a quick thoughts on Kyoto because it's so timely. It's a little bit of fat at the moment. E personally, I'm not a fan of fads. Neither, Um, I think that this is honestly, this harkens back to the Atkins diet, which people just ate burgers and cheese and stuff and bacon. And that's not that's not necessarily the way you want to do it. But nonetheless, I do think it's smart to kind of step back when you see a fad like this and just kind of take, you know, does this make sense? And physiologically, this could be a really helpful little therapeutic diets due for a little while with a lot of people. And with this diet, we both really recommend working with a practitioner who can guide you through this because it's not something you want to toy with on your own. So work with one of us work with someone else that's really well versed in the Keto world and the Kyoto conversation so they can guide you on what to eat and how you might feel and how to kind of navigate your day through this because it can make people feel all sorts of different ways and initially speaking like there's a thing called the flu. I've had that before. It's not enjoyable, Um, but it's definitely you can totally get through it with the right council and the right people on your health care team. I really like the book Keto Terrian by Dr Will Cole. He gives some really great nutrient dense, veggie heavy recipes for Keto Keto. You can eat really good quality food. Keto. It's not just 200%. It needs to be a very healthy version of Keto. Like I said, like the Atkins diet, he was on to something when he developed that he had really he'd really picked apart the physiology and made some keen observations. The problem was, a translation was literally in the high fat protein sources. And that's not how you want to do this. I mean, honestly, you should be. We're talking like avocados at this point, not cheeseburgers. And so I love the idea of sharing that book, Renee, because I think that that might help people to be able thio gain a lot of nutrition from a Keto diet versus Miss a lot of nutrition. I think that fiber could be a problem, too, for posting absolutely So making sure there's something in your world that's potentially compensate a little bit for the lack of fiber that you're gonna see coming in with the Keto diet, I agree.
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