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Best advice you'll hear on getting Sounds right.

From Audio: FMP 010 – Aphasia
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Have fun even as you go about getting that sound right. Get to learn the trick behind this, all wrapped in one word.
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being a drumbeat. You know, once you get the rhythm, how do you manipulate the sound? Or do you manipulate the sound even before put down the midi? Mm, Yeah, a little. Both. I mean, a little of both. I gotta get to a point where I don't hate it. I have to like it a little bit. It's not. Yeah, because I can't again. I'm trying to have fun making music. And if there's just I won't leave loops that hurt my either ears or my creative sensibilities. I just I can't I like I'm doing a lot of clean up as I go, just so I can so I can stay engaged. If I leave things a little too sloppy, I get that. Those vibes kind of go away because it's it's sloppy. I mean, that's something about so yeah, it has to be good enough, I guess, is my answer. And then it'll be on. And then maybe it'll be looping now and I can tune it some more, and it's all really depends. But the key is to make sure I still like. We're saying it has to be something I'm excited about, or it's probably gonna get deleted real quick, so it has to be exciting enough to get on the campus for sure. What are the main tools that you use on whatever it is? A snare drum would be obviously EQ. I don't do a ton of processing on my snare. Really? About finding a good same thing. I really don't want to over process those things. They're really key elements in the song they want. You want to really clean, kick and snare on, but definitely, like typical stuff, rescuing them and getting it right. But not I don't have a whole lot of like, Oh, I always use this excited on my snare. Some guys are like that. Um I think if you find a clean enough sample, you shouldn't have to do too much to make it sound right. If that's going to be better at the end, to start with the best sound. Um, what about tuning on this important? Getting them in key? You don't think to tune your drums? I think that's a big, big deal. Is there an instrument too? They're not a tunnel. It sounds like they are sometimes. But if you hear a difference of a song where the kick and sub are tuned to each other and a different song, whether or not it's like nine day like for me at least to hear that so tuning. And other than that, I don't go too crazy with those. But you do have to find the right sample or make the right sample. I'm glad you bring up the tuning of the digital instrument or the drum because I don't think not everybody focuses on that right like you might Yeah, sometimes you like. This kick just isn't hitting very good, and so you're turning it up in volume. Really, it's just hitting the wrong note. Sometimes you'd be surprised how much better the speaker reacts to a tune kick. So it's just science of like for kids getting into it. I can't figure out or people older. They can't figure out why things are sounding right. You've got to get to the basic science of sound study like mix engineering, why engineers decided to do what they do, not just learning what they do but learn the why about music engineering so much more. You have to learn, but then you're not stuck copying a technique for scenario. Now you know why you would use a certain technique and you can become an audio engineer. You just I'm not. I'm not going to come in and say I'm like a professional audio engineer. But by studying the why of audio engineering, you'll it's That's the key, because I'll see people watched tutorials, how to make a kick fat or how to, and you'll learn some of the why from a good tutorial. But just study. Why, like just study why they would eat? Why would you tuna cake like that, right? There is a Google rabbit hole that could take certain a whole night. Why tuna cake like that would just encourage new producers to Google. The why on all these different techniques and things, and then you'll become you'll understand the technique from the ground up. You won't just be able to say, Oh, this mixed engineer does this with his kicks, and it sounds good. You'll go well, he mix. Engineers do this with kicks because the speaker react a certain way because, I mean there's tons of because is in there. It's a very sounds very complicated, but that's the trick and it's getting to the science of it. Not just copying techniques is going to be like a long term strategy for a producer.
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