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Beyond the Rainbow Covers the Murder of Tawnee Baird

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Last Played: November 23, 2021
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Tawnee Baird was murdered by her girlfriend, Victoria Mendoza, on October 17, 2014. Listen as Beyond the Rainbow: True Crimes of the LGBT host C.J. pays tribute to the 21-year-old by covering the details of her death and Mendoza's subsequent trial.
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she then somehow got behind the will and guided the car to a church parking lot in West ogden, A church she attended as a child. She stopped the car, got out and proceeded to call her sister Cindy. She told Cindy she hurt Tani real bad. Cindi arrived at the church parking lot, saw Tani slumped over in the car and called 911. When emergency services arrived, Tani was pronounced dead on the scene, victoria was apprehended and taken to the police station. Victoria claimed Tani while driving, smacked her and pulled her hair and that's why victoria's snapped. Mind you Lacey Tony's friend never saw Tony ever get physically aggressive towards victoria, which of course makes me feel Victoria's lying the same way she lied about what happened to Thani's tooth. A medical examiner Said Tony was stabbed 46 times. Many of the wounds were superficial, but it was still an exorbitant amount. The proverbial overkill if you will, it was determined that Tawny died from shock and bleeding out. Which to me means if victoria had tended to Thani's wounds after inflicting them, she might have been able to keep Tony alive until E. M. T. Arrived and they could take over. I think victoria killed Tony twice, first by inflicting the wounds and second by just letting her bleed out. Victoria was charged with first degree murder. She was held without bail until her preliminary trial. A psych evaluation was ordered on victoria but the final ruling was that victoria was mentally fit to stand trial for the murder of her girlfriend In November of 2015 over a year after Victoria attacked and killed Tawny, her trial wrapped up during the trial process. She had several outbursts, including one where she threatened suicide because everyone was against her victoria pleaded guilty of murdering her girlfriend. Tani baird on the stand speaking to Tony's family and the judge victoria admitted I'm the monster here during the victim impact statements Tony's dad. Casey pleaded with the judge, give victoria life sentence with no possibility of parole. Thani's aunt said jealousy is the devil and it will kill it's Vicki's fault. She stabbed her and killed her. Why should she get one free day to be with the trees and the sky? When Tawny cannot, Victoria's sentence was 16 years to life. Her first parole hearing is scheduled 2039, which will have been 24 years served. Is this a fair sentence for taking another young life? If Tani were my daughter, I'd say, fuck no another question I have. Will victoria be reformed after she is considered for parole again. Mine a say herself believe she's not going to receive the anger management training or any skills that could help her not to snap again when she gets jealous or mad. Therefore she's still going to be a danger to society and to any future woman she might get with. If victoria were able to get that type of service in prison to help her with her anger and impulse control, then maybe just maybe parole would be okay, But not after 24 years, 24 years for taking the life of a beautiful young woman destined to do great things in life personally. I hope she doesn't get out. And yes, I'm not a crime junkie. I'm a crime judgy. Thanks for listening Rainbow Warriors. I love you guys. Remember. It's not a crime to be gay unless you're a murderer.
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