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Bimini Bon Boulash on London Trying to Implement Undercover Police in Bars and Clubs

Last Played: April 28, 2021
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Fan favorite and Miss Congeniality from Drag Race UK Season 2 Bimini Bon Boulash chats with The Polyester Podcast about the London club scene and the city's reactionary measures to the murder of Sarah Everard by a cop.
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the Glory or nights that my friends have started, I've always performed that will come up with is that I would still love to go to them and I'd still love to perform at them. But I feel like I'd want to do under kind of maybe another guy's or something. I wouldn't really want to promote bimini to go because it might bring an influx of people that don't go to the glory, which is great for glory, but it might be a different crowd and it might be people that you just never know what's gonna happen with that, if you know what I mean. And I feel like obviously I want everyone to see the glory, but I also know that the Glory has such a core kind of fan base that go to it that are so regular and you don't want to disrupt that because it is magic. That's the thing. Like I feel like so many of these conversations feed into each other in a way, like a the commercialization of drag or whatever and these huge platforms be the fact nightlife has been decimated, free Covid. See the fact we're now talking about like safe spaces in terms of like everything that's been going on with the police the last week. The fact they're talking about sending undercover police into clubs. Like, what do you think nightlife will look like after this? And like what what are the ways we can keep it radical? Like when it seems that there are so many pressures pushing against it, It's gonna go back underground. If that happens, it's gonna go, it's gonna become it's going to go back to how it was in the 90s when people were putting on raves and parties illegally. More that they can try and get away with because no one wants the police to be turning up to these nights. And obviously I understand that there's like a level of safety, but the police have proven that they're not obviously one safety at hand. So who do you trust when it comes to that? And like you find yourself in a club, I've spent so many nights and figure out who I am and meeting with people and they shouldn't be pleased like there's a level of safety but like they shouldn't be getting involved in that because it's, it's detrimental and I would be who I am today if it wasn't for that and I don't know how it would have been a police were turning up left, right and center all the time. I do. I I just feel like it's gonna go back underground then it's so ridiculous as well if you think of like nights like pussy Palace or babes or whatever where they have like implemented safety record, like not precautions but you know like having all of these things in place whether it's like they get home safe fund or like having like wardens is probably the wrong word. But you know like buddy badges, is that what's called the big and that we've had to police police, not police obviously, but we've had to care for ourselves in our own communities for so long and now suddenly they're like actually we can come in and do it better. Like what? Yeah. What's your take on it? I think it's really difficult because yeah, I think as someone that's thrown a lot of parties as well, I would not want police presence there like day dark. I think obviously if we're looking to like make nightlife safer, there's stuff that can be done in terms of staff training. Like for example if I put on a polyester night at a straight place, like not naming names, but there have been issues like security guards and it's always security guards. It's always the security guards treating people like treating the people that come like shit or like being transphobic or like whatever. So it's like there needs to be training and sensitivity training and whatever and also like safeguarding in who we hire systems in place that you can report things if they go wrong. All of these things, none of that comes from like the state because they don't protect us and they never have and they never will. Yeah, I feel like they've shown that there's a level of bias and the police are the police aren't on the side of everyone. So I think why would we trust it? Yeah. Yeah, I can. I agree totally. I've been thinking about nightlife and I can just totally see it going. I just even think about queer culture in general that like thinking about like how I've accessed my queerness is sometimes like getting dressed up even just to stay in the house or I think the UK drag race has been as created like amongst my career community to feel like a big resurgence in that, like it's def oh, more than the first one and more than the american one. It's like encourage people to like re engage, even just like the UK drag race was the first thing that got me back onto zooms because we were like doing like feedback parties or whatever, so that's nice. Right? And so then I was thinking about it and I was like, I even think that people who have created these spaces that have been like, like they've been co opted by straight people, I feel like they're going to be even more like precious about them. And so yeah, the only thing to do about that is I think make it more, it just, it will end up being more secret. I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing and like, I don't as well, I think it's important because a lot of times people don't know how to act in those venues and like, these bases have been created for queer people to get away from not just straight people, but I'm saying like, get away from the day to day experience and be with people that are like minded and accept them. And then when people are coming into the space that don't know the right words to say or the ways to act and like, it's not good for those people, people, especially those that are kind of maybe a bit self conscious or a bit kind of in their shell. They don't want to be having those conversations with people that don't get them. And why should they, they shouldn't, they should be having them with people that their like minded. So I do think, yeah, I think you're right there as well. Yeah. It's so hard to even imagine clubs at the moment that like every time I kind of got like I got asked the other day like, oh, why do you like, why do you like London? I think it's been so easy to dismiss it over the past year. Like London shit. It's really hard to live here. Nothing funny's happening. And like trying to remember actually like, oh wait, I did actually find my whole entire community here and start a publication and everything. Um, but I know we only have two more minutes with you. So maybe we should ask what is next for bimini? Or just like you, as you just said, you might want to diverge into different characters. Or like, what do you want to do? Well, yeah, I think I've got so much that I want to do. I want to keep like, my message has been very strong from the start. It's like I've got a strong belief that you can be.
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