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Biomutant Review

Last Played: June 01, 2021
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Listen to a review of Biomutant's story and game mechanics. Spoiler alert: the mechanics are great, the story is...less so? The main complaint is that the story is well-worn. If you've played Legend of Zelda, or Raya and the Last Dragon, you've played Biomutant. But the game overall isn't bad, a lot of the features and mechanics are really fun. The game isn't really missing anything, it jut has too much.
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kind of funny, a similar question from the chat uh Madeline was asking about how the story is an interesting, I'll start off if we wanna move over here is just that while I think the world is really like, unique and interesting. Um I think the actual plot and story is very breath of the Wild ray in the Last dragon kind of set up in a plot that we've seen kind of over and over again. Um and I don't know if you all agree on that or what? Yeah, it's not, it isn't driving me to keep playing. I wanted to keep playing just because of the combat and I had fun playing it. There goes mike his internet me if he was my fucking calling Now another call, it's Mike Mike may have whatever mike exits a war zone match, sometimes internet cuts out maybe this is a new thing. Maybe things that he's playing award. You guys realize this Mike's been frozen for a while. I've been staring at him. He just had this is the same expression and I was like, he seems like he's had the same reaction to a lot of these statements that I really got to. Um yeah, I don't know, but I think it's I I don't think it's anything awful. All right. I think it's a decent story that is good enough for this world, right? It doesn't need to be anything wild. It's a tree of life and these world eaters are trying to get to it and you got to do the thing, do thing. It's nothing like super, I wouldn't say it straight up bad, but it's nothing like super inspired and like other similar stories that have like similar plots set up and uh, just a narrative. I think I've done it a little better. And so yeah, it's again, I just wish they implemented the narrative better. I wish they found a better way to tell this story as opposed to this narrator, which I I want the I wish the game was a bit more obtuse in a way. Um have you all heard of this game called Hyper light drifter? Oh my God, hyper light drifter has it? I mean it's just it's just a special feeling world and you don't get a whole lot of hints as to what's happening, but you might talk to people and they may tell you stuff. I wish it was more along that vibe as opposed to take five steps. And this is the world of blah blah blah, he's not gonna want to see that and actually it's an english guy. This is the way of the blah blah blah, do that voice, Greg boy Governor Governor, this is the word of blah blah, That's exactly what it is. Anyway, kind of disappointing. Yeah. Doesn't sound like a good game. It's not a bad game though that it's like, it's it's one of those things where you are frustrated that it could be great, you can see what you can see. Sure. Yeah, the game is, the game is gorgeous. I think exploring is fun. You find a lot of sort of broken down ruined neighborhoods or landscapes that you go and you find cool loot and that loot. Um, you can then, you know, you might find a cool helmet or whatever, but then you have that add on that makes that helmet more powerful because it gives you more armor and you see all these little add ons happening in real time and you see these modifications happening and it's dope, like customizing guns is really, really cool. You might have like a blade that is electric and you can add a better handle to it if you found maybe the handle to a katana, but maybe that katana handle isn't as powerful as that one, you know, hammer handle that you found earlier. So you add that on and it all just adds up and I think the modifications of is super deep and really good honestly, but it's, I think it's just the, the story and the characters and a lot of things like that are just kind of holding me back. I don't, I don't want to be writing in this machine and then fighting bosses in the, in that machine. I want to traverse is myself fast travels great. They let you find a lot of fast travel spots, you find posts and you piss on it, you take a little pee, pee and you actually PSP, you do see a splash of yellow urine fall on the ground, and that's like you're parsing that. And you can then fast travel to all these spots and it's great and it's convenient and we love when games make stuff convenient like that. But yeah, it's just it's just missing. Well, no, it's not missing anything. It just has too much. It's missing executing on many other things.
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