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Bob Goes Public: His Claims

From Audio: ep 47 - Bob Lazar
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Inside Area 51: The Most Intense Bob Lazar Claims Listen to Bob Lazar describe working in Area 51, a remote location in Nevada, as a propulsion expert hired to study recovered alien spacecrafts. As the Area 51 whistleblower, Lazar sounded the alarm of suspicious alien spacecrafts in a famous local news interview back in 1989, but since then, Lazar has been even more outspoken about his time as an employee for The Naval department in Area 51. He openly explains the strange alien technology he encountered while on the job and the secrecy of Element 115 that defied all knowledge of physics. Listen to him on podcasts like the Joe Rogan experience and others. Vurbl Conspiracy Theories: Facts & Fiction
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Bob Lazar reveals his findings and his real name. No longer going by Dennis, he goes in-depth about what he saw at his job despite warnings.
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maybe he thought if he used a super lame name, people would take a more serious fucking Dennis. Oh my God that's hilarious. The man said that deep within an unconfirmed section of Area 51 called S. Four. He had once worked on recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft for the U. S. Government. Uh The local interview was then picked up internationally and thus introducing the world to Area 51. And subsequently a man named bob Lazar. A a a a a dentist. You probably he's still like man I had a good thing going with that dentist thing. It really did. They fucking blew up my spot. Now I gotta go bob fucking bob. He has glasses that make them look like bob too. That's how playing his real name was. And he went for Dennis. Anything with spice it up with Dennis. That's just like oh this Mayo has pepper in it like okay it's still may amazed months later. No longer concealing his identity. You gotta bring Manet's into this too. But that's never good shit you have. Mr policeman is is spicy and we know what jesse sign when he goes out what it is putting pepper in May days doesn't make it spicy mayonnaise. You're just lazy. Like my side. Like my fucking a lot of words really? I mean yeah I'm happy though. I'm happy though. It took my photo because I'd be like so fucking embarrassed at it. Like it's a sign that I'll end up on some kind of like ultra alt right website. This guy was lame. So obviously obviously he doesn't really care about the cons oh God so months later no longer concealing his identity, Lazar claimed the U. S. Government was now waging an all out covert war against him. He said it shout out of it, they shout out his tires erased all of his educational records from M. I. T. Lazar eventually claimed that wallet Area 51. His job was to reverse engineering alien uh material called Element 1 15. He claims it was used to power an alien spacecraft. Lazar has repeatedly hinted that he took a piece of the element uh from Area 51 that this element is of great interest to the federal government. Uh Here Element 1 15 is not even that science fiction. Yeah like yeah that's that's one of the little holes that kind of swing up in this little fucking boat. Uh We're up to like something uh Yeah we're up to, I'm looking at the Wikipedia were up to 1 18 right now. So if you're gonna lie live. Yeah. New elephant. You know like they were they were at like 1 12 already. Yeah like that it probably wasn't up that high because there's been a lot of progress in synthesizing new elements. Oh sure. The thing is that the thing is like when they can basically the, the atoms don't hold together very long when they're that big. So like they, most of these elements actually only exist for like half a second before they decay. Well, uh, most people have heard about Area 51 the top secret military research base in Nevada, that's been the heart of extraterrestrial lower for decades. But outside the community of Ufo enthusiasts, fewer people know about bob Lazar, the researcher and government whistleblower who literally put Area 51 on the map, uh, to believers and skeptics alike. One of those you literally right here, uh, a little alien with right here. Like I would have figured you put an X. You put a heart. What does that mean? The thing with those black sites is that like, I think there actually are. I think it's a little, I think, I think the map people actually are legally obligated to not put it on there, even though like everybody knows where it is. Like, yeah, believers and skeptics alike. Lazar is almost a mythical figure, a man who reluctantly spoke up out of fear for his safety because the public face of the search for alien, he became the public search for the search for aliens and high level government secrecy. Uh, then he retreated after details about his personal life and questions about his scientific credentials became became fodder for news coverage. Like a suit. Like he was almost immediately discredited. Um, but that doesn't mean people still don't believe it. Uh, so anyone who's a Ufo guy, um, bob Lazar is the reluctant less. I I think I'm reading this twice. Yeah. See that's what happens when you rushed Lazar, who in recent years have been living and working quietly in michigan re emerged after a filmmaker, Jeremy Kenyan lock here Korbel, what has got four games here? He is. So he goes from Area 51 and now he's just chilling in michigan. Oh yeah, yeah. Well that that's that's the thing, he he claims that he just got like unceremoniously fired. Well, the government can't look for people if you're giving away secrets, they can't find you in michigan this weird but like what everyone knows what's he doing in michigan though? Like what's he that's where he lives, man that there's no details about all of the details that that I'm gonna be giving you are are basically from him. And he fully admits that none of these you can actually prove. And that's that's the that's the thing. He'll say all of these things