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Bob Lazar and the Joe Rogan Interview

From Audio: E20 Bob Lazar
Last Played: June 29, 2021
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Bob Lazar was reluctant to be on Joe Rogan's podcast, but his appearance gained him some support.
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we're going to explaining in a later podcast after the fact how hard it was to convince bob Lazar to even begin to consider being on his podcast. You know, So if the guy was hard to convince to to come on the podcast to begin with, wouldn't you think like a free plane ticket might be uh, you know, reasonable to present towards him? You know, like if he, if he is needed convincing to begin with, then then I would think if if I would, if I need need to be convinced to go on any podcast and if someone threw a free plane ticket on me, especially if I had nothing to hide. Well, all right, then, yeah, I'll take that free plane ticket. Even even that sounds like like a part of some kind of constructed narrative trying to convince you that, that he this guy is really just a genuine dude. He's not in it for the money. He's just telling his story because he had to be convinced he Oh, but dude, let's wrap your head around this dude. If Joe Rogan asks anybody to come on the show, how many people do you think are going to turn that down? All right. What do you ask number? What do you think that number is going to be? Oh, I ain't gonna know any kind of exact number, but very few. It's gonna be close to zero. I mean, well, myself, like, I mean, maybe this is very biased, but if I was asked to go on that podcast for whatever reason, I couldn't imagine a reason really, but I would say yes, abso freaking lutely. I mean, why not? I mean, I don't even know what I'm going to talk about, but yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah. I think that, um, so Joe Rogan on his show, I haven't listened to all of his episodes in sequential order because he has a lot of episodes, but I have it's overwhelming. I've heard him say many, many times on his show that he doesn't believe in any of this stuff. He doesn't believe in aliens. He doesn't believe in ghosts and all. He's very like, he did a show before. I don't know, I feel what is called. He had a show where he looked at paranormal stuff and he said that that show made him not believe this stuff. He thinks it's all bs it's um it was joe Bergin questions, everything or something like that. It was like uh yeah, I remember that. Yeah, yeah, that's it. Yeah, I haven't seen the show, but he said that that show made him not believe this stuff because he encountered so many charlatans basically that. And also, I think one of the main things that he cites as well as paranormal is um like Bigfoot investigators, because I remember him saying like basically they are putting so much effort into convincing themselves, like they're not really self aware, you know what I mean? It's basically like kind of what I got out of it, Joe Rogan is pretty much a skeptic. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, out of nowhere, joe Rogan has bobbles are on his show and he's a believer. He says, oh yeah, I believe bob Lazar, I believe the whole story, Joe Rogan said, I'm paraphrasing right, this is not a direct quote, but he's like a regular old dan Ackroyd. Yeah, out of nowhere, All of a sudden after saying many times on the show that he doesn't believe this stuff, he, all of a sudden out of nowhere, he has bob Lazar come on and bob Lazar's the not is not the most believable of guys. In fact, what happens, we kind of hinted at it earlier, but bob Lazar's story was a big thing. It was pretty much debunked, even amongst the Ufo community, it became a dead story, not because of time, not because people lost interest, but because it was debunked, bob Lazar was debunked and then out of nowhere he's on the joe Rogan show and now joe Rogan is saying, so I suspect that behind the scenes, there's something going on, like for example, maybe somebody in government said to joe Rogan, hey, we gotta, we gotta do this soft disclosure stuff. This is an example, this might not be what happened, but this is what I imagine might have happened is that they said to joe Rogan that we gotta acclimated people, soft disclosure, the stuff we talked about earlier, etcetera. And joe Rogan being, I think he's a good dude. He's thinking, alright dude, I'll go along with this, I'll tell a lie because it will be better for people, it'll help people. The joe Rogan bob lazar thing is soft disclosure because he came out of nowhere, out of left field joe Rogan all of a sudden, now he's a Ufo believer, it doesn't make any goddamn sense. Some God bless it since uh, you know, it seems to me like, um and this actually kind of supports like the notion that joe Rogan just, he's just a regular guy, just like you are just like your eye, you know, um he kind of goes back and forth, you know, I mean, depending on what evidence is presented to him throughout the, throughout the years, he's really flip flopped on a lot of different um opinions, but I don't, I don't look at that and see it as necessarily a bad thing. All it really means is he's he's been presented with different conflicting information and he has accepted different things. Uh, you know, obviously, like I said earlier, I'm speaking in generalities here, but I think that actually is evidence to the possibility he's just a regular guy. That's that's maybe even caught up in more influence than he originally, uh, suspected. You know, like the guy has so much influence now, you know, if a government entity did want to use him for some soft disclosure or some he would be a very good avenue to use, you know, because the amount of views that get that guy gets on any video, whether it be on his main channel or on on a JR Eclipse isn't a substantial. It is insane, substantial. I just, I just want to say, this is not a dig at joe Rogan, I'm not trying to say, I'm not trying to say bad joe Rogan, but what I'm saying is that the about face he did doesn't seem to make sense because the evidence he's presented with is the bob Lazar's story and that is not very good evidence at all. So, so maybe maybe I should I should finish up my last thoughts here, basically, my my opinion is a bit reluctant, but also, you know, a bit deserving. I feel um reluctant because of the influence that this story has had on my opinion of, like, Ufo, I don't know what to quite call it, Ufo, um culture, whatever you wanna call it, you know? Um there's a lot, there's a lot of things within Ufo culture where things like to be sensationalized or I like to sensationalize certain things because it's very entertaining, right? But there's also, you know, the part of me that wants to be factual right that wants to wants to really find out what the the right of the situation is, I guess, you'd say.
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