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Bracing for Weather, River Taxis, and the King of Thailand

Last Played: July 16, 2021
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Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning share everything you need to know about Thailand's weather, public transport, and relationship with its king. According to Rhett and Link, the weather is hot and humid, the public transport is more reliant on water taxis than you might think, and the people's relationship with the king is both devoted and central to Thai culture.
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we had just spent a few days in north Carolina the week before, like filming some stuff. And it was, it was, it was more tortuous than that in terms of the humidity. I mean it was just, did you wear a tank top? And I was like, I wish I had a tank top. I, you should ask me, I would have told you to pack some and I don't know one as a policy. There's a time for a tank top and I think Thailand is the place. I could have gotten one there because let me tell you, they sell everything everywhere in Bangkok were walking around like the main, um, one of the main attractions, which is the Golden Palace was closed because it was the king's birthday. There's pictures of the king everywhere. Everybody loves the king, they love him or do they have to love him? Uh, it seems like they legitimately love this guy. It's effective propaganda when his dad died. Um, we had a tour guide for another thing that I'm going to tell you about, We got kind of the low down on how they felt about the king and at least from her perspective, she was like the king and the queen are like members of our family, we have pictures of them in the house. Everyone does. And it's not something that's required before. It's not something that's required. This is her talking. It's just how we feel about him. And when, when the previous king died for like there was like months of morning, he's been the king from like being a teenager until he was like almost 90. So like everybody lived their entire lives just knowing this guy's their king and he's like on billboards everywhere. How long is the new king been the king a couple of years. It was his birthday, as I said. But um, when the, when the previous king died, like all of the programming on television changed to be sattar or commemorative and everything was changed to be in black and white for over a month. Okay. All, all television shows, they just like put the black and white filter on it if you die. Uh, do you want me to continue on with GMM and black and white for a month because I'll do it six weeks. I do not think they worship the king. Like I didn't spend too much time digging into this, but okay, well they're 94% of the population is buddhist. Okay, so that's where they were, that's where their allegiance lies. Okay, But the king is in the mix. Let me tell you because his pictures are everywhere. Of course the buddha is, is lounging everywhere To everywhere you go, buddha is kicking it. I mean there's buddhist sitting covered in bronze, big ones, little ones laying down one's. I mean buddha buddha will recline, he will relax, he will and he doesn't have a lot of core strength either. Why are you, why are you going to be critical of? I'm not being critical. I'm just just saying that like he's not worried about that. You know, you like that. You talk about that belly. Yeah, I like it. It's very relaxing to sit like that you ever said like that Just just let it all hang man. I got to look at my notes because you threw me off man, y'all talking about course straight now, you know I've told you this story about last time my dad came into Los Angeles, we were driving down the street, I was taking him back to the airport and we passed a thai restaurant and the sign said thai food and he said out loud, five food. And uh so you may be wondering if you knew that story if that's the whole reason I went to Thailand and I've come to grips with the fact that I think the answer is subconsciously. Absolutely yes. Because my dad said five food, I was like I gotta go get me some of that five food. So we're walking around, it's blistering hot. The palaces closed One of the main things to see. It's like it's a mile just to walk past the outside of the palace. What do you have on? I have on breathable shorts. I got some walkable shoes. So not nice toe box. Open toed. No one, no one's doing open toed. Um Yeah, I think lily is just get some sandals on t shirt and other things which I'll get into later.
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