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Bright Sessions Episode One: Patience #12-D-10 (Sam), Session 1

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Dr. Bright has her first therapy session with a skittish young woman named Sam. Sam has got an unbelievable secret, but it's nothing new to Dr. Bright. It's all part of the job- another day in the life of a therapist for the supernatural.
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new patient session. One female mid twenties. No history of psychological counseling. She was skittish when making her appointment condition unknown. Come in. Mhm dr Bright. Yes. Hi I'm here for a session for therapy session that is two o'clock. I have a two o'clock appointment. It's my first time in therapy. I mean that's probably obvious. I'm Sam Samantha. My name is Samantha Barnes but you can call me Sam or Samantha. I don't want to find whatever you're comfortable with. It's your office. Which would you prefer? Uh Sam I suppose I had to pick. Well Sam why don't you come in? Right. Gosh sorry. Mhm. Please take a seat. I don't have to lie down do I? I never understood that Freud is so insistent about and it just always seemed so weird. No you're not required to lie down. What did you mean by that? By what that comment about Freud? Oh that um nothing. I didn't mean anything by it. I mean I don't know Freud personally or anything. I mean it's not a personal interest of mine. I probably just read something somewhere about Freud and his intense need for people to lie down while talking to him. I'm a researcher so I spend a lot of time on the computer and do you know the internet just full of information. So yes, I probably just read about Freud while I was doing my internet ang I mean I'm sure you know all about Freud being a psychiatrist and all. I've read his works. Yes. Right. Well so that's uh that's a relief but I don't have to lie down. That is just seems silly. So Sam how are you feeling today? Good. I'm good. Great. Yeah things are great. Is there anything in particular that's on your mind? No, no not really. I don't really need therapy or anything. I mean I'm not you know depressed or or suicidal. I mean I have a nice life a job I like and his apartment a very understanding cat things are good. I just um yeah I saw your eager listing in the paper and it looked intriguing. That's all. What about it intrigued you? Well therapy for the strange and unusual. I just it sounded well unusual. And do you like things that are unusual? No I would not I would not say that. Exactly. Then why did the listing attract you? What did you what did you mean by it? I mean why put a listing in the paper for therapy in the first place? It seems a little weird. I've learned that some people have problems that aren't exactly found in psychology textbooks and a lot of those people don't know where to turn for help. That's where I come in. What do you mean? What? All kinds of problems? I'm afraid. I can't discuss any of my past or present patients. Right. Right. Of course you can't. I'm sorry. It's just I think I might qualify for that for the the strange and unusual. Oh, why do you say that? Well, ever since I was a kid, Wait, you can't tell anyone about this. Right. I mean the same patient doctor confidentiality agreement still applies. Of course. I can't tell anyone what you tell me in this office and you can report me to any law enforcement or government agency or anything. Right. Well, if you've hurt someone or plan to, I would have no, no, no, no, no. God, it's it's nothing like that. It's just well, okay, you will probably think that I'm completely insane. I mean, I think I'm completely insane. I have thought for 15 years, well, here's the thing. Ever since I was a kid, I've been able to to do this this thing that for all intents and purposes should not be possible. I never had every book that I could get my hands on and I've scoured. It feels like the entire Internet and I've never come across any kind of explanation for it, and you probably will not believe me about, essentially, unbelievably I can time travel.