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How Building A Business Is Like Being On A Soccer Team

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Listen to Audra Gold, and how competitive sports shaped her approach to life, team building for business was indeed learnt from the soccer team.
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something in to win at the end of the day. And I see building a business very much like, like building a great soccer team. And I always say, I feel, you know, verbal, like I'm just the captain of a great team, right? And there, the way that you make a team great in business is very similar to how you make a team great on the field in a sport. Um obviously you're you're dealing with some different mechanisms, a lot more mental ones than physical ones in some cases in business versus sports, but they're very similar in the way that you encourage people and keep them motivated and how you move, you know, move people around the organization to get a better fit, the same way you would move them around a soccer field to make sure they're playing in the best spot for the team. So, you know, there's a lot of analogies and I, you know, really the underlying, you know, a framework of, of how I manage teams really came from my ears in soccer