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What Is Going On With Gabbie Hanna?

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A quick runthrough of Gabbie Hanna and what went down on the fourth season of Escape the Night with Joey Graceffa.
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Panama, joe Sophia and you know, a bunch of other people and Gabby Hanna was also part of the season. So Gabby was upset that Joey had one time said on a podcast episode with Tricia that season four was his least favorite because somebody was a nightmare to work with. He didn't name Gabby, but everybody kind of guessed that it was her because of her reputation. And then Daniel had directly called her out, called out her aunt Sophia and he said that Gabby was difficult to work with and so she was saying, you know, I apologize to them for what happened on escape the night, they accepted my apology. She couldn't believe that they were talking about her in this way and she wanted to kind of say why she acted the way she did and I think this was like a giant mistake. I think she really just should I let this one go because when Joey and Daniel decided to come and give their side of the story, they did not come to play, they literally dragged her to filth. Honestly, they brought the receipts, they had everything to make sure that they could prove that she was lying about the situation and the circumstance on set, the way that Gabby described working on escaped the night was like it was torture. She said the hours were long and it was a lot of waiting around, uncomfortable costumes. She broke out into hives because of a necklace that she was wearing and she said that the food was unhealthy and it was very upsetting to her and because she didn't have the correct food that she had specifically asked for, apparently she was getting very upset and she was going to be in a bad mood and she was going to be a nightmare to work with. She literally admitted she was a nightmare to work with, but she blamed it on the working conditions and all the things that you know, we're the little details basically Joey indiana were like listen all those things could have been prevented and nobody else was complaining. Like the cast was provided amazing accommodations. They had the best trailers I have ever seen seriously for any sort of type of production crew or anything like that. They had these amazingly beautiful trailers and obviously the hours are going to be wonky. This show is freaking called Escape the Night, not escape the daylight. So you're gonna be filming at night and what are the hours of night time? Probably between eight PM and I don't know, four a.m. That's the time of night time. So those are the times you're probably going to be filming because filming takes a very long time. And Gabby had already done season two, so she hated doing it so much. Why did she come back and do it again? She said she didn't want to, she said that they actually begged her to come back, which they denied. And it's just like listen, if you feel like you're not going to be fun to work with, then you're going to be really need to. People don't do it, don't say yes to working on the project. That's just ruining your reputation when you're rude and messing up friendships and just like I think up the whole production, making everything much more difficult than it needs to be. And the other thing is she was very upset with the food options that were made available on set. She said that things were unhealthy. She had requested particular food because she was intermittent fasting, She had to eat at certain times. She also said that she wasn't feeling good about herself, so she wanted to eat very healthy foods and this is just like a mess. She said that she was not provided the right meals, and it's just like, why don't you fucking pack?