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Cameron Diaz sparks the question, can you really have it all? Diaz discusses the challenges of balancing family and work, saying that she doesn’t have what it takes to give making a movie what it needs.
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all right, Cameron Diaz is igniting a new debate. Can you really have it all? It all started when Cameron admitted she doesn't have what it takes to make a movie anymore. It's been more than six years since her last film, and she tells Yahoo Finance Presents, it's because she is limited on how much she can give to her career and her family. Yeah, we have 100% right? So you've got to break up that 100% into you know what? How much are you going to give to your family? How much are you going to give to your career? And I feel like for me, I know what my ratio is or the balance in my life currently because I already gave 100% to my career as a film. You know, making films. This is the most fulfilling thing that I've ever done in my life is have a family, so I can't give. I know that I can't. I don't have what it takes to give making a movie what it needs to be made interesting. So she is like a all in person. I'm more of like a 50% here. 20% here, 30% here. My maths off. There may be No, no, I got it right. Okay. Anyways, the point is is, can anybody ever give 100% to everything you can't know? It's impossible. It's absolutely impossible. I feel like you. I give a little bit here a little bit there. But that's the problem. I know my son is gonna grow up and he's gonna write a book about me. I feel like I'm there for him, But I'm really not. And I understand when you go to do a movie, you are gone. And even if you're you take your kids with you. You're on set for 12 hours. When you come home, you have to learn your lines the next day. So you're really not giving that much? My son, he came down when I was doing Florida girls. I was shooting in Savannah and he came down and stayed with me for a week. He was ready to go, you know, I had a nanny with me. She was taking them all on the tourist and everything. But it's very difficult to work and be with your Children at the same time. I was just asking because I'm curious, because to me it almost sounds like the perfect kind of job, because you can take that 100%. But how long is a movie shoot? Six months. It could be three months. It could be. It could be three months. So I'm thinking, if that movie pays enough to satisfy you throughout the year, that's the difference, right? It has to be able to be something. But, like if you could work really hard for three months or six months and get a huge paycheck, someone things like Cameron Diaz would get. And then you get nine months to give 100% to your child. I agree. But then there's the press. Then you have to do the press. Then you have to do the 80 are when they start laying the movie out. Now you've got to come in and sink your lips and make changes. Now you have to. Then you have pressed that you got to get ready for press just for this one movie, so there's a lot of work involved, and I understand what she's saying, But you're right. If you can do one movie. If you're one of those people said, You know what? I'm just gonna do this one movie and then I can and spend this time. But you can never get that time back if you miss your child's, you know, graduation, first stories, those kind of