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Can You Really Merge Modern Country and Coastal Design In Your Home?

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Last Played: November 26, 2021
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Lauren and Scott Keenan answer the impossible question: how should I design my home when I love so many different styles? Well, you may not have to pick just one! Lauren gives her advice on what styles mash up best together and why!
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welcome to the show. And thanks for listening. Now, how often do you think about your own personal style or the types of interiors and design that you like? Can you describe your favorite take on interiors? Is it scanned E. Mid century, modern coastal, modern country? Or maybe something else? And do you find it a bit of a challenge when you're scrolling online or walking through your favorite store? And you wonder, Is this going to clash, or will it work with what I've already got? This is sounding tricky. It is, but the world's not. I'm going to make it very easy. Being confident about your own style is really important whether you're creating a look for yourself or working with an interior professional like me, because you need to be able to describe what you like, and you need to know the terms to use when pulling together a cohesive look that's going to work in your home. But what do you do when you're like different interior styles? And can you make different styles work together in your home? Now that is the big question, and today Leanne has been in touch. She sent your message on the contact page at Lauren keenan dot com dot au and it says, Hi, Lauren. I'm currently doing some renovations. The problem for me is I like a few different themes. Coastal boho, California cool, modern country. I want to know, Is it okay to mix all these themes for the one space? So that is from Leanne. Thanks, Leanne. Great question, LeAnn And it is a common problem. I think sometimes people get into a bit of a Pinterest rabbit hole or vortex, where they just keep pinning pictures. And eventually they've got no idea what style they like because they found so much inspiration. And it can be a bit inspiration. Overwhelmed, yes, overstimulated with images, beautiful images of home. So So how do we deal with this? What is a good way to start to work out what it is that you actually like and whether or not you can put different styles together, I think you do need to be careful, because if you're looking at using a whole range of different styles, it may end up clashing, and it's maybe not going to feel considered. You might feel like you're walking into a different home each time you enter a different room, and that's not good, because you want your house to feel like it's together. It's got its stuff together, right? That's right. And it also makes buying the right furniture and making decisions on colors and textures really hard if you've just got an array of different styles that you're going for. But I think taking inspiration from styles that sit comfortably together to come up with your own take on the look that you love is always going to be the best approach. Sounds good. So do we have some examples of how some of that might work together? Yeah, look, I've picked three different combos, three sets of pairs, that you can merge styles like this. The first combination would be modern country and coastal, so two of my favorite styles very popular at the moment. So both of these styles are really light and bright. Both of them love timber and muted colors, quite often earthy colours. Modern country will add just that little bit of rustic nous, and the coastal provides the polish. So with this combination, it's all about balance, and it can be really harmonious they do work quite well together. These styles, and you'll often find when you're shopping accessories and furniture for both these styles might be in the same area and take your cues sometimes and what you see in store. You'll see that merging when you're shopping right? Actually know somebody who has created and built a coastal home in the country, and they've taken touches from both styles. It looks fantastic because they've done what you've suggested, which is bringing those elements of rustic nous from country. But there is some of that beautiful coastal polish through some of the color palette that they've got the muted colors of the timbers and stuff. It looks fantastic, I think, definitely with this combination needs to be a 50 50 balance. You can't have one outweighing the other because it'll just it'll veer off off scheme. It won't work. What else do you like? Okay, so my second merger is mid century modern, with boho now on paper. This should not work. Your disaster. Mid century modern is all about simplicity and lack of adornment, and boho is the complete opposite for those who aren't specialists. What's boho. I suppose it's short for Bohemian, but that terms kind of, um, morphed over time. So it's kind of like, really laid back. Kind of slightly hippie, lots of color, a little bit maximalist, still very relaxed. Okay, I'm really interested then, to know how these two go together. Is it a different? Is it like 70 30 or how are you doing this? Well, look. Color and texture are the best way to merge these two styles. So for mid century modern, you're looking for deep colors like burnt orange teal, even really deep pinks, which were very prominent. And those colors also lend themselves very well to boho. So I think if you add lots of plants and bring in texture through cushions and pots and vases and ceramics, that's the best way to get the boho into it. But you need to keep the furniture shapes simple, so the base should be mid century modern with your sofas and coffee table and things like that. But the boho is in the accessorizing, your saying so that really nice, simple mid century modern furniture, then layered with lots of color and texture and plants plants would look sensational with this merger. Yeah, I love the sound of that. All right, so that's mid century, modern and boho. What is your third style? Merge my third Merge his art Deco with industrial art Deco and industrial. Okay, yes. So these two styles are surprisingly quite easy to merge, and there are lots of readily available furniture and decor items that you can purchase to make this style come to life at home. So for the Art Deco side of things, look for soft furnishings that bring in some geometric patterns and maybe some velvet fabrics and color wise. You can either go classic black and white, which is very Art Deco. Or you can add in some jewel tones and emeralds and sapphires, blues and deep ruby pinks. And then how do you bring in the industrial Well? To get the industrial happening, you need to look for furniture with black metal legs or frames, which is everywhere at the moment, very easy to find. And then you could also add a statement pendant light, maybe featuring again some more black metal and some maybe glass shades. That's going to bring those two styles together again. It's probably a 50 50 merger on this one. You don't want it to look like it's from a museum with with Art Deco pieces, unless that's your unless you're into antiques. So you do need to keep that sort of 50 50 going to make it modern. I like the sound of this. Is this something that can work across a range of architecture, styles and property ages? Or is it something that sits a bit better with an older style property? No, I think if you've got even a new build really contemporary home, this style would work really well. Another term that people used to describe this would be soft industrial. So, um, you know, industrial listen to in the industrial style used to be very gritty and roar and loft apartments and things like that, and the Art Deco side of things with the furnished soft furnishings just softens it. I really like the sound of that. That does sound really good. So can you give us a couple of tips? When you are thinking about doing a style emerge like this? I think first and foremost try not to get overwhelmed. Like we said, don't. Sometimes there's such a thing as too much inspiration. So at some point you need to stop. Um, but what you need to do is really drill down into what it is that you like about these particular styles. And some of your preferred styles might have some things in common. So think about, you know, Do you like the furniture, style or shape? Is it the color palettes that you're drawn to? Is it the use of texture in that style? Can you work out if it's the looks or functionality that you're after? And try and find those common elements to work out what it is about that that you're actually drawn to, then set about researching the terms and the terminology, the jargon around the styles that you like? So this is where things like Pinterest and instagram are helpful. You can also just google Google the style that you think you like, even if you're not sure, sure, if that's the right term guaranteed, there'll be a blogger somewhere who's written, probably even me that's written a blog post about that particular style to try and give you a bit more information. We even did a mini podcast series about it. A couple of years ago on scanned E and style school on scanned E Hamptons modern country. There was quite a few that you go back and listen to those if you are interested and anything else. Well, I think once you've got the right language to describe your preferred style, you know you can jot down the five or six words to that you'd like to use when you go into shops. So the stuff they know what you're after, and it's going to make it a lot easier for you to find the things you're looking for and for them to suggest products that will work in your home. And that way. You know you're not wasting money on things that you don't like or that don't work into this scheme that you've devised for yourself so it can be done. And when it's done right, combining styles can create a very lovely sort of curated look like you've collected things over time, I think people who are able to merge different interior styles, it really shouts confidence, and it helps them show their personality through their interior space. Awesome will
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