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Chapter I

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Duration: 51:21
“If you keep your mouth shut, you’ll be surprised what you can learn.”
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“If you keep your mouth shut, you’ll be surprised what you can learn.”
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much. So tell me what? That's one of the things you all have. The capability of doing is finding much. All I've managed to find out is that Dylan Nichols went to school down here at West, blocked in high school. Basically, I've got these kids out here digging a hole between the house and the yard in the summer, and we're going to plant some cast iron plant that's as pedestrian Later. In case you don't know, I don't know what either of the things you just said are. But I think that cast iron plate, you know how these kids talking on cell phones all day long. You can't do. You can't get them to do nothing because you're on a cell phone and they're tweeting and their YouTube and they're always on Facebook. I'm out there on the back porch. If you keep your mouth shut, you'd be surprised what you can learn because, you know, kids around here have grown up so destitute they don't have enough sense to be ashamed of anything. They'll just tell everything. One album, yak in a way that, uh, that Dylan Nichols is in such and such hospital. He's a quadriplegic. Now he just got into a fight with K. Bromberg, and he's not expected to live through the night. Well, buddy, when I heard the last name Bert, you know my attention just picked. I decided I'd stick my nose in and ask. This isn't by any chance related to the famous Bert family down there that runs the K three lumber store in Green Pond and the, you know, KKK, lumber mill and fans, is it? Oh, yes, that's Kendall's son took him a day or so to do their work out here, and they chatted and chatted about it. And over the course of the next few days of them tweeting the girlfriends and tweeting to other friends, it come to pass. And indeed, Dylan Nichols had died deader than hell and cable. Um, Burt's whereabouts was unknown. Well, later on, I have the Goodson's working out here. Two boys Just so happens one of them, Jake Goodson. Apparently, he knew the cable boy and right at the darned little Caesars pizza and Woodstock just happened to run into him, hadn't seen him for a year, asked him where he'd been. Well, I've been in drug rehab you know, I've spent, you know, such in such months in rehab. Well, what happened? Well, that's when the K. Brumbaugh just got out there and spill the Dern beans. And the story that I was told is that they were at some party and the Nichols boys k Abram and his buddy had gained up on him and was calling a bitch boy and a bitch boy or a bitch boy and all that. And the boy eventually smacked one of them and they jumped on him. Well, the boy they jumped on, that's Dylan. Nichols pulled out a little knife and cut the throat of ca Promes friends. Well, Cabral pulled his belt off and wrapped it around the neck of the friends whose throat got cut and got the nickels ball down the ground somehow and kicked him in the head repeatedly and kept kicking him in the head until it was basically unconscious. Of course, you know the rest of the story from the first part that I told you, you know, the boy paraplegic died in a few days. Jacobs knows that. He asked him how to just get by so easy. And you know, Burt Boy came from, Birdie told them. They just claimed it was self defense and the other guy kept his damn mouth shut. Of course, Kay Abrams family has got plenty of money, so naturally it wasn't murdered now. So just to clarify. So what? So you're hearing this from a guy named Jake Goodson? He ran into K. Abram and and K. Abram told him that we told the other guy to keep his mouth shut. And we claim self defense. That's what he told him. There you go. Now, at some time I was up there at that hardware store and Kendall, that's K Abram's father. It's back there on the phone, yakking that big mouth. He's one of these big mouth Rush Limbaugh types loves Glenn Beck, running that mouth running that mouth. And what I heard coming out of that office was, he's my son. I love him, but he's guilty as hell, and I know it. He finally realized that someone was standing out there waiting to be waited on and pulled up, slam the hell out of that damn door and then got a lot quieter with that conversation. Really, we've obviously got too much little dipstick gossip going around for something not to have happened. We've got the kid out bragging about it in front of Little Caesars Pizza Hut. And we've got a teeny little snippet of conversation inconveniently audited over at the store one afternoon. So this crap happened. And as far as you know, is K. Bromberg just a living in town now. He's working up there at the dam K three lumberyard. He's covered up with tattoos. He's almost skin and bones. He looks like a crackhead. Hello. I follow him this week. You know, I contacted you for a while and I quit contacted you. And you know, I go through these stages of depression when you live in an area like this, it's like the Darfur region of Sudan. You realize you're in one of these areas where stuff happens and you can't help it. And after this dude got arrested, you know that recent email I sent you about that Irving, we heard that have been, you know, basically falsely imprisoning women and using them for sex slaves. No one talks about urban. Lee Heard is the name of the Bibb County police officer who had been sexually abusing women. He pulled over, I decided. You know what? I need to contact him again. I need to get out of my depression. I need to get over this attitude problem. I've got that. You know nothing can be done and tell someone some of the crap that goes on down here, Because what do you get depressed about? Oh, my God. I am 49 years older than 48. 1 closer to 49. I should have. You know your boy. If you use this in the future, you'll sure have to have a coo coo bird bleeping. I should have got out of this goddamn fucking shit town in my twenties. I should have done something.
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