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Cheri Brooks: What You Need to Know

From Audio: Episode 30- Vera Jo Reigle

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Killer Stories
Duration: 05:29
Dive into the background of Cheri Brooks, the leader and matriarch of the Brooks family.
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Dive into the background of Cheri Brooks, the leader and matriarch of the Brooks family. From her tragic childhood to her crimes as an adult, these details about ringleader Cheri are critical background concerning Vera's murder but are certainly not for the faint of heart.
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now we get to meet the lovely brooks family in Good night, Sugar Babe. The brooks are compared to the Manson family and the cult leader of this family is Sherie brooks, Zachary's mother, let's get a little background on Sherry. She too was sexually assaulted by her father as a baby. He's the one that called her Sugar Babe and for some reason she still wants people to call her that if my rapist father called me Sugar Babe, I don't think I would want those words uttered in my presence ever again knowing what I do about her, it's hard for me to say that I do feel bad but no child should ever have to experience that type of abuse and it obviously can cause lifelong issues. She Eventually went into foster care at the age of three and she returned back to her birth family at age 16. Sherry formed an obsession with babies, especially baby girls. Once they grew out of the baby stage, she lost interest so she would get close to a young woman and sometimes even let them live with her if they became pregnant and it was a girl, she would say weird things like how she wanted the baby to be hers share his first five Children, scotty, Joshua, Michael, Maria and Sherry were all taken from her. She lost custody of them because of physical and sexual abuse claims. Sherry's sister walked into her home, wants to find her giving her baby scotty a bath. She was holding the baby up in the air above the tub with his genitals in her mouth. Sherry molested her baby girls too. And the documentary gets a little graphic with that part. So I won't go there. The way I worded that she lost custody of her Children made it sound like there was one event that caused them all to be taken away at once. No, no, no, no. She would have a child taken by Cps, then have another baby eventually that one gets taken, she has another and so on. Over the course of six years, how on earth was this allowed to go on? The Children should have been taken from her at birth or better yet? This monster should be in prison. Sherry's mother said she was actually really good with Maria. She loved that little girl so much. She made it a whole year before she was taken a whole year. Guys. Uh huh. Sherry went on to have a total of nine Children. Her eldest scotty was to a man named Daniel Bixler. Daniel was actually Sheri's first cousin. She said he was more like a boyfriend to her and she smiled and said, people call them the kissing cousins. It's really strange to me to be that open about an ancestral relationship. Daniel Bixler was in and out of prison. Another one of his sons, Danny Bixler followed in his criminal footsteps. So that makes Danny Bixler Sherry's second cousin. He was around the house a lot and thought of her as a, I wouldn't say motherly figure, I guess a leader. Her younger Children were born to her new husband. Kevin brooks, kevin Jr who went by punky Zachary Garth. Yeah, you heard that right? Garth brooks and Chuckie. This group was loyal to Sherry and did whatever she asked of them. Garth started dating a girl named Gina, Lopez Sherry convinced Garth and Gina to get pregnant at 15. Once Gina got pregnant, she moved into the brooks family home, which is absolutely disgusting by the way, I think the sighting is actually white, but the exterior is so filthy, it's a solid dirty brown and the inside isn't any better. The photos and videos from within the home show pretty scary living conditions. Sherry instructed her youngest boys especially Chuckie to follow Gina and spy on her. He would follow her to and from work and make sure she would just come straight home. I hate saying that Gina is lucky she had a miscarriage because that's just completely awful and heartbreaking. But she dodged a bullet with the brooks family. After the miscarriage, she moved back in with her parents and broke things off with Garth and this is where vera came into play. Sherry instructed 13 year old Zachary to seek her out again. She was 19 years old at this time. Once they began dating vera lived in the brooks home for years and basically became sherry slave. Her main job and I'll try not to puke while describing it was to rub sherry's feet. Sherry is diabetic, she's obese and bound to a wheelchair due to her diabetes. She has a lot of issues with her feet. They're swollen and are kept wrapped in ace's bandages at all times. She was starting to get nerve damage and the one thing that helped was a daily foot rub. So vera would sit on the floor unwrap those nasty feet and massage them. If vera didn't do it to Sherry's liking, she would smack her across the face with a wooden stick, something like a long back scratcher.
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