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We all know the same children's games, the ones we played all the time. Louis describes some of his favorite games that he played, including Tag, Hide'n'Seek, and Hopscotch. Some of the games are for rainy days, others are for whenever, and Louis also goes over what games he still plays even as an adult.
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favorites was Tag. Um Tag is one of the most um classic childhood games of all basically you have to run after people touch them and then there it they have to run after you. It's just super basic, super simple. Everybody can play really fun. Um I also really love playing Hopscotch. Uh That's a weird worried a lot of you might not know about it, but hopscotch is a game in which you um draw a stairwell on the floor, Um counting from 1 to 10. Then you throw a rock and you have to step on the right places to get to heaven. That's how we do it here in brazil, we call it the little yellow, you know and that's what I'm talking about. Um another one is hide and seek. Uh So the name says it all you have to hide and then another person has to seek, they have to look for you. Um I remember I was the kind of person that would hide in a really strange place and nobody would find me. Um but then the game would never end because I was too scared to get out of there. Um but it was fun, it was a lot of fun. Okay, probably one of my favorite childhood games ever was dodgeball. So the name dodgeball comes from, if you separated, you have the words dodge and ball, so ball ball of course, and then dodge kids a six Kiva just via uh and we're talking about something we call Qimonda here in brazil. I mean growing up, I wasn't the type of kid that like to play soccer, dodge boat was my jam and I was the guy that was always like that, I would always survive until the end. I wasn't very good at throwing the ball and hitting other people, but I was very good at surviving and dodging the ball, which is the name of the game. So, um we also have Hangman, so Hangman is the type of game that we always play when it's raining and we can go out into the sports court. Um So Hangman is the game where someone chooses a secret word. We have to spell out some letters to see if they're correct, if they fit the word and then try to guess what the word is. So very easy, very simple to play, loved it a lot of fun. Another one is cops and robbers. I remember playing that um when I was in like 2nd 3rd grade, there was like a big area where we could play. Um and as I said, I was always the kind of guy that would hide and escape from things. Um So I was usually the robber, I would usually hide and run from the police because I was scared to go after people and I think the last one uh probably the hardest is the double dutch. Yeah I loved jumping ropes when I was a kid. Um Usually it was the girls who enjoy doing that and I was always there with them. Um And I loved like the double dutch because it was harder, it was like two ropes at the same time and the girls got really angry at me because um I would beat them in the double dutch and I was a boy. So sorry about that. Oh and and now that I remember another one that I could not have forgotten was category which we call stop. Um So we have to choose all the categories. You draw a letter and we have to write as many words with that letter as we possibly can. Another rainy day game. Everybody loves playing category. Like until today I still love playing it like now that we are um at home with the pandemic. That's something I've played with my friends like many many times. Also like um The one with the pictures with the drawings. What do you get pictionary? Yes, we played that a lot too. So all these childhood games they're so good. Um I mean you know cards, all of that. I mean I guess I don't know if I just don't want to grow up, but I really enjoy playing all of those until today childhood games are the best, the best. So that's it.