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Cinco de Mayo: How to Celebrate Without Appropriation

Last Played: April 28, 2021
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Ensure the food you serve is authentic. Buy supplies places that benefit Mexican people and support the community. Try crafts like yarn painting and pinch pots. Finally, set the tone with music! Find a playlist of authentic Mexican songs.
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they're going to come across it. One of my favorite ways to celebrate anything is with food as I'm sure yours is too. When you're thinking about food for cinco de Mayo, just make sure that it is authentic. So if you're looking online at somebody's vlog or something, make sure that the person who's writing the recipe is actually mexican that way we can be sure that we are appreciating and not appropriating their culture. Cultural appropriation is when you take someone else's culture for your gain without giving them credit or compensating them. So another way to make sure you're appreciating and not appropriating when it comes to food is if you have to buy any new ingredients, be sure to get it from a place that is benefiting mexican people. So you might go to a market that you know is owned by a mexican family. Or maybe you go to the section in the grocery store that has like the hispanic food and when you're choosing which food to buy, make sure you look at the back of the label of whatever it is that you're purchasing and see that it's a small business that's run by a mexican family That way, we are all supporting the mexican community as we are enjoying their authentic recipes. Another thing that my friend Katrina told me that made me totally crack up is that in Mexico they don't put cheese or sour cream on their tacos and they don't put rice in their burritos. She said cheese and sour cream do not belong on tacos. So that made me laugh. So if you're planning on doing some tacos and burritos go ahead and leave out the cheese in this hour, cream and the rice and those burritos. If you're not planning to make the food yourself, just make sure that you're purchasing from a source that is supporting mexican people. I was on instagram just today and I saw somebody that I follow decided that they wanted to make Tamales for Cinco de Mayo but this person is not mexican. So that's actually pretty inappropriate for her to be benefiting financially from holiday that is not in her culture is considered cultural appropriation. So stay away from things like that. If you want to buy tamales, that's great. But just make sure that you find someone who is mexican who can make them for you and compensate them for sharing their talent and their culture with you. Another fun and respectful way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is through crafts. So on that same blog growing up bilingual, she has an entire post called the best Cinco de Mayo craft to teach your kids about mexican culture and traditions. So I'll put that in the show notes as well. There are so many fun crafts on her blog like yarn paintings and pinch pots. These mexican inspired and painted pinch pots. I think that's the one that we're going to do because my daughter's too and I feel like she would totally be into that. But they also have this Aztec sun dial that I'm dying to make maybe when she's older because it looks a little more complicated. But so many really cool crafts that you can also teach your Children the history behind Why are these craft so important to mexican culture? Where did they come from? When did they start? All of those things are important to talk about so that we can make sure that we are appreciating and not appropriating. The last idea that I have for you about how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo respectfully is music. I love to just hop on Spotify and find a playlist because I feel like music sets the tone in our home when I turned on something fun and upbeat, my daughter knows that we are in for a celebration and she loves to get in the spirit and learn alongside me when I get that music going.
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