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Cinco de Mayo Is An Excuse For Americans To Get Drink

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Podcasts About Cinco de Mayo Learn about the historical origins of the Mexican holiday celebrated all over America. Participate in festivities without appropriating Mexican culture. Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexican heritage and the Battle of Puebla. Celebrate the occasion thoughtfully and respectfully. Vurbl Audio for the Holidays
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There’s misinformation on the holiday and Mexican culture. It’s also used for immigrants to promote their foods. Mexican food is full of bold, unique flavors. What often happens is American’s use the day as an excuse to drink and enjoy their version of Mexican food.
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realistically I don't consider cinco de Mayo spanish holiday. I really don't, It's in America, let's be real guys. Cinco de Mayo is an excuse for everyone to go out in America and get drunk and hammered and eat tacos that they think are mexican. And realistically tonight, I'm sorry, I'm going into a bit of a tirade, but it's just, there's a lot of misinformation on single and my, and there's a lot of that, you know, taking something that's not really, there's and turning it so I don't want to get political or to cultural with this whole thing. But I just got to put that out there. I don't know how you feel about that pessimistic point of view because what I just described in the history lesson that I got today was that the United States was trying to just immerse if I more mexican culture because as an immigrant people who come to the United States have a hard time either starting their business or making their food feel comfortable around other people who don't understand that culture. So that's one way food is that one thing that always unifies people. So that's the optimistic point of view. No, you're right. You're absolutely right. You know, it's funny, you hear different cultures make fun of each other's food or you know, talk crap, be really rude about it. But then when it comes down to it Almost basically, 100% of the time other cultures try other cultures. Foods after talking so much crap and being disrespectful to those cultures, they end up loving their food and they always do end up uniting over a meal. Mexican food is full of so much flavor, you know, and I kind of feel like fits into a lot of latin cuisine, I can't speak too much for european because I haven't had too, too much of it. But a lot of latin cuisine is always like very bold and full of flavor in different unique ways. So my favorite thing about mexican food is that is so spicy or it can be spicy. So let's clarify that because here's the thing, a lot of people, when you tell them oh I got there's latin food, spanish food, they're like, oh it must be mexican food, it's going to be spicy, it's going to be spicy. No, just because the dishes heavily spiced or it's from another culture, Hispanic culture doesn't mean that dish is meant to be spicy, it's just mexican culture loves to use their spices. They grow up, they have, they have amazing soil and the soil is very fertile and very prone to perfect for growing peppers. So that's just part of their culture is what it is, but that doesn't mean guys when you, when you hear someone say hello, I got some spanish food, it doesn't mean that it's spiced spicy, it's just spices, garlic paprika. Salt, pepper, which is apparently a lot of cultures don't know what Celtics or heavy on the garlic. I feel like for spanish calls, I feel like when you eat spanish food, whether it's mexican, Puerto, Rican and Colombian. When you go home tomorrow, you will still sweat garlic. We put a lot of garlic, garlic and adobo, you're sweating the next day you wake up, you're sweating, you're like, man, why is my pillow so orange? Oh my God, stop. Someone is leaking out of my system. For those of you who don't know assassin, it's this little cheap packet powder packet that is like, what would I say? It's the equivalent to for american culture, the stuff in like gourmet food that they use for that color. Because indian saffron saffron is very expensive. So that's like the spanish version of. Yeah, right, that's color. But it also adds a lot of flavor and complexity to the dish. It's a quick cheap way to add flavor to dishes. So if you ever wanted to do a spanish dish, a little sass alone in your dishes will definitely help