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Clip: Hannah Ann Sluss Discusses What She's Learned About Herself from 'The Bachelor' Experience (Audio)

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Listen to Hannah Ann Sluss discus what she's learned about herself from 'The Bachelor' experience.
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She also spoke to us about what she learned about herself throughout this whole process. And here's what she said about that, you know, growing up in the South like my parents got married young like grand parents, you know, all my family and friends that, like I grew up with, everyone gets married young and so that's really been like in field at me, like those family values and marriage and like I've had, like the best people, though like model after in a marriage. And so that's always kind of been my mindset going into my twenties is that you know, get married. And now I've learned that 24 I'm taking like this un being path that I've been grazed in, you know, like not the cookie cutter like style. Like I'm doing something completely different than, like my family and brand ever thought that I would dio and so you know, being 24 like I realized just how independent I can be and just how important it is. Thio. Make sure you are happy and at peace with yourself, because if you aren't then you can't give that to other people. And really, that's just something that I'm working on is just making sure that, like happiness, is on me like no one else can make me happy. No other opportunity to make me happy other than myself and just making sure that that's at the forefront of my mind. You know, like, I'm kind of place and I was like, I don't need someone. Like if someone comes along my path, I just because I'm gonna be wanting them, you know, not because I need them, you know, to be emotionally, physically, financially independent. And there's, like, a lot of, like, confidence that comes with that. But I'm building, like, you know, just a inner confidence. So we're like, I'm gonna be better for my future partner.