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Clip: Keeping Up with the Kardashians Ending (Audio)

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Listen to Us discuss Keeping Up with the Kardashians ending.
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that the dynasty, the American royal family the closest that we have all of the sisters in the momager keeping up with the Kardashians is ending its run on E. Please give me your thoughts. I know you have. Um I don't even know if I could talk about it without crying. Look, if you're a watcher of the show, Sarah, you actually, I didn't watch the show. I just follow them in the news every day because of our job. But I know you were at an actual watcher of the show. I have seen every episode of keeping up with Kardashians. I have seen every episode of Dash Dolls, one of the worst thing off of a show that he has ever put on. Um and listen, I'm pretty upset about it. I will walk. I would watch them do anything obviously. Um, and I think it's a bad decision because even though they're always gonna be famous and rich in the Kardashians and written about every day and us weekly, I think the show is their way of taking back the narrative and showing their side, keeping things that we wouldn't care about any more relevant again And I think that being on TV is the most relevant you could be. Even in this, you know, world where everyone doesn't have cable pretends they don't care about TV. I still think it is a way to, like, totally make yourself the most relevant possible you could bay. So I'm pretty sad about it. I'm gonna miss the salads. We still have a whole another year to watch. Um, but I think the second they have a big drama and they don't have the show. They're gonna regret this decision.