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Clip of Vortex Nation: Ep. 310

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In this clip, the speakers discuss the time difference for different animals after hunting it and how that affects the flavor of the meat. They also share what their favorite game meats are and how they make sure the meat doesn't go bad.
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just cut that bloodshot area off and really not deal with it, you know, usually have this gelatinous jelly that comes over that spot as well. If you Yeah, Yeah, I always thought that was a weird one, because people would open it up and they'd be like, Oh, that's that's bloodshot. I'm thinking myself. Well, of course there's blood. We just, you know, you shot it And isn't there blood throughout the whole animal? I mean, there's there's not just blood in that part of it, but that makes that that makes sense now. But I mean it, definitely. I mean, when you look at it, you kind of like, Oh, you know, you think Cut that out and then it looks fine. Yeah, but I just never understood like the science behind it, but makes sense. I think one thing to like you said, you got to kind of like that extreme. You know, bruising the meat is kind of almost that dark burgundy red with that blood in there. And you talk about, like, that clear, gelatinous kind of do that forms over there. But one thing that surprised me a couple times, and you're like, Oh, my gosh, this, You know, this entire area is just, like gone. We're gonna lose it. But as you may be, take some of that off and kind of work your way in. It might not be as bad as you think. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Especially if you punch it in the shoulder. You know, a lot of times, yeah. Maybe you'll lose either the outside or the inside of that scapula there. If sometimes it's the outside to get that jelly type. Whatever. Just, you know, maybe you lose a little there, but there's usually gonna be pieces amongst that. That's good. You know, getting that flay off the inside of the shoulder. Maybe you'll save that, but just trimming off whatever is good for sure. Usually it's not a total loss, but you do lose a significant amount, right? I do think just all this stuff is really important to keep in mind. One thing that I guess I've wondered sometimes is it seems like, and I don't know if this is one of those urban legend tall tale kind of things or if it really is true. But it seems like some people label different animals as having different rates of spoil, if you will. And so Mark mentioned Antelope earlier, and some people say, Oh, antelope, you gotta be immediate with those things because they'll go bad. Ah, lot quicker than deer, elk. Whatever. You know, you got folks around here in Wisconsin who shoot a deer in the fall, and they'll check the whole thing in the back of the truck, drive around with it for a while, and then they end up cutting it up later, and then it ends up being, You know, some people end up then complaining about gamey flavor, but that's a whole another thing. Is that Is that an actual thing that you found? Where Oh, boy, I shot this kind of animal. I got to get it out in game bags, dry, cool down quicker than others. Yeah, and yeah, you're right. The antelope thing has always been just that, right? You got to get that thing on Isis soon as possible. Um, now, I don't know where that comes from. You know, antelope meat is fantastic. It's some of the best, Aziz. Well, as bear meat, bear meat is some of the best. But those two critters for whatever reason have gotten that like you to get it right. You have to get that out and on ice a soon as possible. I think that goes with all of them for the most part. But I know with Bear you know Bear will turn on you with heat quicker. I think it's just the nature that it's fattier, and it's got a lot more fat, like built into the meat. It's a greasy meat, for sure, but, you know, getting it cool down right away. It is just that much more important. I think on bear now antelope is a mystery to me. I don't know why that is. I don't know why it's so much more or why it would be more important with an antelope versus a deer. I feel like you just treat them all the same and really just try to get him cool and and, you know, in your icebox as quick as possible if you can. But yeah, I've heard that with with I'm not like an X ray
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