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In this clip, the speakers discuss what goes through their heads when they find a buck they like during a day of hunting. Also, making the decision to allow bucks to mature so they can get bigger and better. Mark Kenyon shares a story of a hunting trip in North Dakota.
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I'm like nine. No, like I stand by my decision not saying there's like some percentage of me, though that would have been like there's a small part of me like man, it would have been satisfying to be able to have killed a really nice another really nice buck in Michigan. I've never killed two really good bucks in Michigan. One year like that would have been cool. Um, and I look back at the videos of that one buck like RB who he's just He's a really nice buck. Um, you know, I've never passed on bucks like that Michigan before. So part is, excuse that would have been that. You know, there's nothing to be ashamed with shooting that deer, but then another side and says It's also kind of cool that you didn't though, and that you have to watch that buck so many times close and you didn't like That's cool to like. That's a new thing for May um, So I went back and forth and like, a million times, though, and and we talked about on one of the episodes, I can remember when, but on that buck RB that 10 pointer that man. I'm still Tauron, whether he was three or four, but because I wasn't 100% sure. He came in and I drew back on him at 20 yards and I was on him, and I was like, I was ready, and I was in my hand like, Yes. No. Yes. No. Uh, and then I ultimately came to the decision. I just told you that if not 100% yes, I shouldn't do it, so I didn't. But then literally an hour and half later, he came back, and this time, like damn it, I should shoot him. And then I got my bow and thought about trying to get shot him and then he kind of didn't give me a shot. So and then as he went up like, I'm glad he didn't I shouldn't shoot him. So, like, that's been this whole back and forth thing for me all season and just kind of left me with with the closest closest thing and get to is what I just said. If I'm not 100% I'm not gonna do it. But But it was kind of the defining debate of my year, and then where I do have maybe regret is in North Dakota. So the public land hunt in a tough like it's been a tough place for me to hunt hunting their one year before, couldn't get on immature bucks. And then this year we talked about it. But I'll just bring it up again. Um, you know, I want I really wanted to kill a mature buck on the on this in this area. It's a really cool area. I wanted to kind of solve the puzzle. And on my second day of scouting, I spot a really, really good luck, like a definite, mature four or five year old type buck 150 type class, Big 10 pointer in velvet, just like a wow buck. And so I was like, I want to kill that deer. And so I went. I made a move on him, went in that first evening set up to get a shot at him, and early in the evening, I don't know. With an hour or two hours of daylight left, here comes this like nice. A pointer comes trotting by a 30 yards and I had like a split second. Do I take a crack or not. And I was like that Big 10 could be right behind him. I'm not going to shoot him. I got the whole week still all this time. And so I passed on him and then filling them with my phone off in the distance when he was in the grass and coming out of that in the moment that when I'm still Tauron on, it was cool to have passed on, e don't know. I would have shot him, I think looking back on him, if especially if he showed up on day three or four or five, no doubt about it was shot him. So the only thing there was that if I had shot him on the first night of hunting second day of the trip, there probably have been a little disappointment and that the trip was cut short. But standing here today, looking back, I would have it would have been cool to have killed a public land back in North Dakota in this really cool place that I've been trying to figure out. Um, so in that lesson learned there waas and I've I've always known this and you always hear this don't pass on day one. What you shoot on Day seven. I've gone back and forth, and whether I think that's a good approach or not, I still don't know where I stand. But I guess in this situation it's easy. Thio get to I don't know. I don't know what I think, Spencer, but I think we had a hell of a season in 2018, so I came to 2019 feeling no pressure to like.