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In this clip, Andy May and Mark Kenyon chat about the goals they set for themselves when beginning the hunting season. Also, what they've learned over the years and what they wish they would have learned sooner.
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I'm gonna focus on just the best quality bucks that I confined in the area. I'm hunting and and that's kind of what I settled in on and off course, like you know, there's years where I have, you know, maybe there's Maybe there's a buck around that's 150 to 160 you know, somewhere in that off course, I'm gonna concentrate on that deer and and hunt that deer smart and put some effort into it because it's rare and, you know, I'm gonna I want that challenge, but I don't have I don't have a number in my mind anymore because there's there's just, you know, last year, you know, the buck I shot. He's a beautiful 10, but he's not like an incredible high scorer. He's like, you know, mid mid, the low one forties or something. And I'm just guessing I don't even score, my dear. But you know, that was the one of the better ones I could find, and that's one of the ones I hunted. And that's kind of that's kind of my That's kind of the way I think about it now. I just don't I don't worry about score. I worry about, um, maturity to a point, but just the top inbox in the area. I'm hunting. That's kind of what I'm after. And, I don't know, maybe I'd be different if I owned, you know, Ah, sweet farm in Iowa. And you know, you have the confidence when you pass a some of these three or four year old bucks that they're gonna make it. And you could get him to that age where they can grow some world class antlers. I probably would look at things different, but that's not my situation. And I don't know that I even want it to be my situation. To be honest, Yeah, area I too. I too found that assumes you go down that road. It quickly leads to disappointment in most situations. So yeah, for me, it z Usually I'm trying to have some kind of goal reasonable goal for an area that z essentially whatever that top tier is. So usually I try to go age or sometimes experience will infiltrate it, you know? So you know all the stories where I'll get hung up on a specific buck and get really stuck on that one, even though I might pass on larger antlered bucks or maybe even a buck that's possibly older, because I'm still stuck on trying to kill that one. So that's the only time I kind of go off in my own little weird wormhole. But that's fun. That's like a cool, different challenge that I've grown toe to have a love hate relationship with. But I keep I keep getting suckered into it. Um, but my first buck waas a five pointer with like a normal little three point side and then a funky fork. That kind of it was like you had a two pronged fork and then you melt it over a flame. So those forked ends like, weirdly twisted, just a funky old guy. Um, just a year and a half old. And my only regret with that deer is that for some reason, and I think it was just like a family tradition in that I grew up in Kevin old timey hunting family. We hunted up north and we never shot does, so it was like the only shot bucks. So I got into hunting and I thought I had to shoot a buck so I passed up on lots of opportunities that does because I really wanted to shoot a buck. But I think that if I had not done that, if I started shooting does at a younger age, I would have gotten a lot of those kinks out of the system. You know earlier and been more effective at killing some bucks later if I had done that instead of waiting so long to get that shot. So so I screwed up on some bucks that hopefully that I think I would have got a shot and missed one. I've knocked a narrow off because I wasn't, you know, wasn't experienced with dealing with those final seconds of an encounter. So that's the one thing I think as far as expectations is. If I learned anything, it was when you're just getting started, you gotta get some of that. In the moment of the kill experience under your belt. Don't don't be too picky when you're getting started. Don't feel bad, even though Annie Mae and Dan Johnson and under the quick start shooting big bucks every year, don't feel like you need to be doing the same thing. If you know if you're just figuring it out. And if that's not what you're trying to yet, you know? Absolutely. Yeah, for sure. And I want to circle back real quick. Um, toe what you talked about Another thing, you know, for me.