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Clip: Tyler Cameron Tells Us Where He Stands With Hannah Brown

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Bachelor Nation supports the exes who are now friends. They struggled with their friendship but are in a place where they can have fun and grab dinner together. Cameron tries to be friends with all of his exes.
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okay? I mean, Tyler, we obviously saw that you were with Hannah these last couple days in L. A. You know her hand, Brown. Never heard of her. You saw that? I saw a picture. Did you not see the picture? No. Oh, off the picture. Of course. Those bachelor fans. Tyler, you can't do anything. They will find you. No, no. First of all, does it surprise you that a year later there are still people I would say freaking out when they see that you guys are even friends? Still, this'll bachelor fan base has has, You know, they never cease to amaze they. Obviously, they don't, um, on a surprise, But they're awesome, you know? They're amazing. They show so much support to me and Hannah, so I can't thank him enough for that, but yeah, we're just hanging out, actually, you know, at a little restaurant, and that was you know, that's it. So has that. That ship is 100% sales. We don't have, like, a 1% chance You guys might give it one last shot. We're friends. We're friends. We need to learn how to be friends. You know what I mean? like way struggled, you know, with our relationship and trying to figure out what it is and what you know. But we were in a great place right now with each other, and it's great to be ableto hang out. You know, grab dinner, hang out and just it's it's fun, you know, she can is an amazing person, and it's good to have, you know, be in a better place than we've been. So you struggled. So there was maybe something to that Florida quarantine for a hot minute their way. We're just trying to be friends. We couldn't even figure that out there. It's a complicated thing that you guys only understand because you were on the show together. But exactly in Bachelor Nation, you guys, a lot of people have a way of becoming friends with their exes and whoever. Why do you think that is just the bonding of the unique experience, trying to be friends all my access? You know, there's no point in having enemies. Uh, you know, I think it's ah, if you could be its's maturity thing. Like I think, you know, being able to have ah, you know, a friendship with them, even though your path wasn't the best thing or, you know, didn't work out like zits, a sign of a mature friendship. And we share a bond that is definitely a lot of people in this show share a bond that no one really understands. It goes through, so it's like, good to have someone that you can go back and forth with and talk through and helped.