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Colton and Cassie Call It Quits

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Last Played: December 02, 2021
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Sarah Hearon discusses the Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph break up.
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or what were your initial thoughts? I can't say I was surprised. I felt like since the beginning that, you know, Cassie has always kind of not felt the same way that Colton has. I feel like Colton was always very like I love Kathy. I love Cassie, and I feel like she was kind of not in a rush to really advance their relationship. Eso I can't say that I was surprised. I do feel bad for him. And I do feel bad for her. Of course, too. But yeah, I just I can't say I was surprised. Kelly. Yeah, I think this was like I was not surprised at all, sir. We kind of like touched upon this last week. I know that there were, like, some rumors, like, brewing throughout Bachelor Nation, but I wasn't surprised. Like I it was just so noticeable to me that, you know, I think he was at, like, 60% and she was at, like, 40% in terms of like, how much they were into each other. It was just crazy that, like I thought it was so noticeable because normally with social media and you're a big bachelor nation couple like your social media can sometimes be like deceiving, and it might want it to make it seem like everything's a fairytale, but like it was kind of easy to read, like I felt like he posted about her so much more than he posted about her. And I hate that. That's like something that is, like, noticeable these days. But I mean, like, I also wish them the best to like I'm like, This is just another two people who now can be on the market and bachelor Nation so we'll see, like who they're with next. Obviously, I know they need some time, but no to go back to my point. I really I really wasn't surprised by this. And I think it's important to note that these air to people who, you know, we see a certain percentage of their life, you know, whether it was on the show or after the show. So I mean, of course, we can't speculate. You know what their relationship was like, you know, 24 7. But, you know, I do think that there were a lot of signs on social media that they were, you know, spending time apart just in the past, like two or three weeks. So yeah, Kelly and I said last week when we talked about, like the fact that there were split rumors that it's bachelor nation. They play both sides because they'll say that they, like, don't want people to read into their social media activity. But it proves time and time again, like when they don't post about each other like there usually is Trouble in paradise, like Colton wrote in his book, that him and Cassie had broken up once before and I went back and e think it was over the summer and there was like rumors at the time of pick it based on the social media activity. So it's like they don't want to ST into it, but they also use their togetherness, and they're them as a couple and add to build a brand, and we're invested in that brand, so you kind of have toe, you know, explain what happened. And Cassie said in her statement, they both wrote on Instagram At the same time. She said, however, because our relationship is such a public one, our silence on the matter has been speaking for US schools and I have broken up, we have decided to remain a part of each other's lives. So first, when I read this, I was like, Wait a minute. Like they both made it such a big thing to be like, we're not We're still gonna be each other's lives, which I know they met friendship. But first it was a little confusing. It was like, Wait, are you on a break? Is this legit? They have a special bond. Have always be there. I love Colton very much. I have enormous respect for him. We have both learned so much over the last couple years. Most have each other's back. I think it's definitely a matter of like they're better office friends. They obviously were there through for each other as his season was airing, which, you know, he got some heat. They all always dio. And then when he had coronavirus like her family, nursed him back to health. So I think this just maybe it was like a friend's own situation. Yeah, I think it was just like a gradual thing over time, you know, they just realized, you know, we're better off his friends, so we might as well. He told us in March when we spoke to him and he was on this show, which is interesting, to go back and listen to his interview now that they were not gonna move in together until they were married. They wanted something to look forward to. She still had her internship. That takes a lot of work. They can't imagine planning a wedding well, and they don't want a long engagement. And they had make sure timing was right. So I think. I mean, she's only 25. He's 28. They're young like it's not the most shocking thing in the world. But I did spend some time with them together, and they were. They were compatible for sure. So I think, yeah, it's just better off his friends.
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