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Comedian and Children's Author, Tom Hayes Pays the Vurbl Audio Platform a Nice Compliment

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Molly Ann Hale
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During a Vurbl Creator Activation Workshop for comedians, Tom Hayes paid the Vurbl platform a very nice compliment and mentions that he can see monetization and growth for his audio content in a way he never could before.
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compliment. I'm going through my emails one day and all of a sudden I see this thing verbal and so I click on it with no idea what's going on. All of a sudden I find content that I created about six years ago. I also have a Children's comedy playlist that I haven't done actively created new content on. But there was this amazing page that I couldn't have even dreamed up of. I mean you guys had my logo, you had all of the descriptions of the particular programs. I mean it's it's gonna go on my, my web page. It's that's a beautiful link to that. So I was like, who the hell are these guys? And uh I mean it's the most of all of the new stuff out there, anchor, even my traditional blog talk radio, you guys stand head and shoulders above everything else and this whole idea of snippets. So recently I've started to taking all of my content and moving it over to you guys to take advantage of your genius. Uh so I guess my only question is how the hell did you do that? You know? How did you find my content? What gave you the creativity and the impetus to create that beautiful page and host? Let me host on your platform. I'll start out with that one. Um well, first there's the, the odds of person behind it all, like the leading visionary Audra Goldar Ceo and other co founder who could see all these pieces, like uh like Queen's gambit moving on the ceiling and assembling. Like there's gaps and monetization, there's gaps and user experience and we could pull in all this all the audio from rss feeds and we can pull it from and organize this pull in and create a station that a person can control, like their own web property to promote themselves. So that stems from her vision. And it continues to grow the way that we discover podcasts. For the most part is there's publicly available rss feeds anyone who has a podcast is in one of the rss feeds and we pull in the english language ones and they they populate into a station that we have hollowed out with your with your existing descriptions and files and all the copy that you have. And then you can come in and then manipulate that to make it better as it sounds like you have, add additional files. You can pull in our if you have archives that aren't podcasts or you had archives that audio that's not monetized. You can also bring that on board and monetize back catalogues as well that we may not have access to already. But does that give you some insight to your question? Exactly. And, you know, very bold, very innovative and rejuvenated my whole desire to go back to that content. It just kind of fell because they, those other platforms on as aggressive as you guys are, they just kind of fell off by the, you know, I got distracted by life, but now, you know, I'm uh you know, you've you've rejuvenated that desire because I can see monetization now, I can see growth and sometimes I find it, what I got confused on was, you know, I thought originally it was for originators, but I see that you also have a bunch of stations that get every day. I got a couple of posts that I've got a couple of new stations uh to look at. Um So that part got confusing to me, but I do hope that you do allow us to see this recorded so that I can go over it again and again. I got so much out of it. Um, so you know, that's, that's all I can say for now. Well, thank you thomas. That's great to hear that you have a path towards growth and modernization. Like that is why you're at this creator accelerator session and just adding the clarity for everyone is very rewarding. Uh