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Hi there, and welcome to verbal voices. I'm Paul Lamb, head of partnerships at Verbal. We're in early stage startup building audio and podcasting technology for creators. Just like you. As of this recording, we're working to launch our data platform, which we cannot wait to introduce you to. This experimental podcast is a way for us to connect with audio creators of all strikes from traditional interview hosts, audio storytellers, businesses using podcast, Dr Leeds and Awareness Poets, speakers, Adul rappers, stand up comics, audio book authors, teachers and more. Our new platform will cater to them all, and it's my responsibility to dive deep with them on their creative efforts. E wanna find out how they've mastered their craft, what challenges they have faced and overcome, what tools they use to grow their audience. And, of course, what they're excited about most within this fast growing world of audio. On this episode, we have Kevin Goatee, a comedian, actor, podcast host and voiceover artist. Perhaps best known as the creator, executive producer and director of the Siri's Comics Watching comics on Amazon, Kevin has cut his teeth in the comedy space for over a decade, his podcast gutting The Sacred Power combines his passion for movies with his comedic chops as he and his guests gives scathing reviews of the most beloved films of all time way talk about stand up comedy, voice over acting, producing television shows and how all these artistic forums have helped him launch and grow his podcast. So you're ready to learn more. Let's jump right in. How's it going, Kevin, how are you? Hey, ball, what's going on? And how are you? I'm doing really well. Thanks so much for joining me today. You are first comedian, so I'm really excited to talk shop a little bit. So awesome. It's gonna please me to be the first for the audience here. Give us a little bit of a background of your entrance into comedy entrance into voice acting and the podcast. I know your Twitter bio says, escaping corporate USA. So there's gotta be a story there. It's a lot of questions. You have what you want to start first. How did you escape corporate USA? Let's have it. That's the problem. Okay, this is I'm still Hopefully I don't know if I have 1 ft out the door yet, but we're working on it. It's just a escape plan. I mean, the long and the short. Actually, this is gonna answer your question, Maybe a little bit. How did I get started in the comedy? I mean, a lot of comments will tell you, including me, that you were always told, Hey, you're funny guy, or you're a class clown or the class entertainer or whatever. And I've always e think later on I guess in high school is able to start figuring out what what makes people tick and laugh Even, I guess, a little bit when I was younger, but and then I went to college and I got I graduated and my dad was like, All right, time to get a real job because I went to school for film and I thought Steven Spielberg would be on stage when you get your diploma saying, Here's an 80 job of my next role. So then I got I got pushed into corporate America as it was time to find a real job. So I did that, and after a while I worked for several pharmaceutical companies, a drug rap, and at Merck I was I was there and I guess I don't know. This is like, 09 Yeah, 09 And I was just having a rough go because I'm sick and I was sick and tired of just everyone you see in Corporate America. It's just they're zombies. There's nothing creative about him, which is fine. That's just the way they are. I get that, but for me, it's just sad. It's sad to see people just bragging about how many hours they put in for a job that's gonna show Show zero loyalty The minute the CEO is gonna make 50 cents less on his bonus, I never and still never get someone undying loyalty for a company that would just assume cut them loose as opposed if they're missing out on on a dime of a profit. So I'm all about banking on yourself and being, you know, putting all your time in yourself instead of bragging about how many airports you've been in that week. That's just stupid or just trying to fight and kill your way for ah, five or $10,000 raise and and kiss ass. It just never got to me. So what really was the catalyst is I went to go see in the theater up in the air with George Clooney because Avatar was sold out of the time, which I love up here is a great, great film. Here's the scene that got me into it. So remember this scene where J. Jonah Jameson fires? Uh, it gets fired by Clooney, and Clooney says, You know, he fires him. Then J. Jonah Jameson slides a picture of his kids across the desk and goes, Well, what am I gonna tell them? Including pulls out his resume and says, Okay, All right, well, it says here you you were Chef after you graduated college and you miners of pastry chef in in college. And you got a job right after that. Working as a patriot chef on the line of lines which shot up both of lighting up my ass was he goes, Well, tell me this. How much do they pay you to give up on your dream? And then J. Jonah Jameson goes 25,000 year, and I was like, That's it. That's the moment right then. And there I go. What are we doing? What's the point of just this Corporate America you know, working, being on the subways. A site called the zombie shuttle people. No one's really happy no one wakes up knowing that no one in my five year old would never wake up and go. You know what, Daddy? You don't wanna be. I wanna be in marketing. There ought to be an insurance. No, no one says that boring. And if you like it, good on you. You're You're the one person out of 100 that actually likes what they do, and and you call your time in that. Fine. So after that, I said, you know what? I'm gonna give comedy to try. I had a few friends mind saying you should really could give it a shot. You know, people were even say, Hey, you know, some of these comments up their fucking terrible your way more funny than they are. All right, let's give it a shot. So I took him a few months, two to be exact and just wrote down a bunch of jokes and premises and try toe, you know, make it a formulas. You, as I've seen on the hundreds of specials I have watched and I went to my first Open Mic March 10 2010 The Village Lantern in the West Village in Manhattan. That's how I got started. Talk me through that open mike sessions that had to been frightening. I mean, I've thought about it, but I don't think I could ever get the gumption to just walk on stage. And you know, that's that. That is the tipping point for a lot of people. In fact, one of my best friends. He's a funny as I am where you get you get the two of us out. When we were single, we would have the place rolling. We'd have girls go, Lord, because him and I together are perfect were the perfect storm of funny. And I keep telling them like, Dude, you need to do your great You will be great to this. He kills it on Facebook. I yelling him. He's just too afraid to get on stage. That's the problem, he said He is definitely a afraid to have people surrounded by people that he doesn't know. So to answer your question about the open Mike, I burned. I recorded myself just doing the jokes, burned it onto a CD listen in my car as I was commuting and I just memorized everything. So I wasn't as afraid as I thought I would be, because I just memorized the living hell out of it. And I remember I mean, I ate shit. Don't get me wrong. That's not This is not This is not a storybook, Alright? He killed his for no. Get some good, legit laughs at the jokes I knew I thought were my strongest. So and as soon as I got that, I said, All right, I'm on to something. And I did it a few more times. The same jokes, the same parts, and they got the good deep, you know? No pity. Laugh there. And I never tell anybody. That was my first time in my second time. Because then there will always go. Ah ha ha ha! Trying to make you feel welcome, E. I never did that. I don't want that. I wanted to strictly a pure barometer of what? It was good. And I did that a few times that. All right, There's something here. I guess I'm kind of good at this. And then I got hooked. There you have it Let's back up to your corporate background because I want to know whether or not I mean you shit all over corporate America a few minutes ago, which is great. But did you learn anything in sales at Merck or or in other jobs that translated to the comedy? Ah, 100%. So as much as making me make fun of it in the drones of the people there, And that's the awfulness of some meetings and and cliches that people spew. I could go on and on. I do a whole 5, 10 minutes in this. In the act, I have learned a lot, and because of that, I feel I know I take that back. There are a certain in comedy. You have your own groups of friends. There is one God, I would say for sure. There's one rial tight group of friends I have, and we all have one thing in common. We all work corporate America, which means we are far better businessmen and businesswomen than there are in comedy comedy. The most comedians are shitty business people. That is why they get screwed in here, always horror stories. Whereas myself and other groups of friends. We know we'll sniff something that's horrible a mile away. And just what do you kid me and then just the person to shreds. So, yes, that has helped me very much show in the long run of knowing what's a good deal. That's a bad deal. Body language. Just reading out, reading the room, everything. And so it has immensely helped me. And because of that, I have, if someone to compare, I I know him better. I know if I ever get that attacked business wise on the shoulder. Thio, you know, come to the Big Boys Club in the big time. The big money. I'll be ready, you know. Finance business wise, Ready, Materialize. It's always a work in progress, but I know I will. I won't be screwed, that's for sure. So, yes, that has helped me. Your podcast came after comedy and after voice acting on after your Amazon show, right? No, that's not true. I have had several podcasts before the show. They just weren't near Azaz. They didn't take off. The first one I did was with my friend Monica Vita. It was called the safe word podcast, where we just have comics over and and shoot this shit just catch up And there's talk comedy. It didn't have any real structure, and it was just a bullshit section we called it. Then the next one is called the Sports Book Box office podcast from my buddy Jeff, Paul and I, where we would just talk films and sports. And that and not really all that much of, ah, structure and format. And again, those two didn't really get it off the ground. But with with gutting the sacred cow, I know I have a winner there. I know it and everyone I talked to who's listen to it, or even when I tell them the idea in the elevator pitch, they're like, That's a winner. So for your for the listeners gutting the sacred cat, which you can find on all podcast platform Spotify I heart radio iTunes, Google speak speaker stitcher YouTube. You can watch us on as well. What it is is this. My friend and comic Kevin Israel were both movie snobs, but here's the difference between us and every other movie podcast out there. What we dio is we invite guests, you know, usually other comics for podcasters to come on and pick a film that they absolutely hate or find overrated. But the film has to meet one of these criteria. It has to be, Ah, financial success or critically acclaimed, or why they beloved so you can come in and try and take down. Friday, the 13th. Part six. No kidding, that film stops. We all know that. What do you have the skill to try and convince us that you know Goodfellas, for example, or casino or Goonies? Which was why the beloved, which we actually did it on the podcast or avatar or Titanic? Something like that of that nature you Can you take that down and convince us that that film, that sacred cow is not good, and the emperor truly does not have any clothes on. So that's the podcast that that really is really reached faster strides in any of the other ones I've done. And I know this one's a winner. There's no doubt about it. Do you attribute the structure behind that you mentioned mentioned? Your first two flops were didn't have any structure. It was just a conversation trying. Thio, you know, banter back and forth between you and other comedians. Do you attribute the structure to the wind here or one 100%? Absolutely everyone we talked to, though I love the five fun facts or I love when you guys do the Amazon one star reviews. It's a flow. It's not just four dudes drinking around drinking, drinking, craft beer around the table, shooting the shit, saying I like empire better than Star Wars. Oh yeah, I think Jeter is better than Empire. No, it's not. Just let's just turn the mics record and let's see what Jim's we spew out. Very few people are successful at that, you know, lead to the skanks. Those guys are amazing and they even have structure. It seems like they're just shooting the breeze, but they have structure, and they're great at that. But the audience doesn't care. You have to make them care. You have tow, have them look forward to some segments, like what we have with ours. The five fund fax, the Amazon five star one star reviews the the guests arguments everything, and you have to make the you have to make them wanna invest their time, which is the bottom line and just can't run on and just blah, blah blah. I mean, all of our episodes are an hour or less, maybe a snitch. An hour and two minutes, I think, was our longest. But we're trying to keep around 45 minutes to an hour because we're trying to be mindful of Hey, look, maybe on your way into work, you can bang out an episode or half an episode on the way home you get the other half hour. You know it's gonna make it quick and fun and looking forward to the next one. So yeah, structure definitely played a role. It seems like gutting the sacred cow and comedians watching Comedians are similar in that comics watching comics. Okay, because because comedians watching comedians in cars getting coffee? Probably with that. And by the way, we were out before comedians watching comedians, getting cars, getting coffee, yeah, comics and Amazon Video. Eight seasons. Yeah, that's fantastic. Eso comics watching comics cutting Sacred cow You have the framework talk us through how you structure those two shows. How they how you learn from comics watching comics and translated that framework into gutting a sacred cow or how you just go about, you know, building that framework and how other audio creators could do the same building in the framework is it's a lot of trial and error. Don't be afraid to borrow some type of, um, formats from other other shows, but your own spin on it. That's what I do with all my my podcast and shows. I take well established teams like stand up comedy with cutting with comments. Such a comment, which was what I call is Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets last comic standing, Cutting the Sacred Cow. Everyone know everyone loves to talk movies and have a debate about movies, but the difference is that are you gonna go out and try and and have the balls to go and say I hated, uh, once upon a time in Hollywood or screen? We just did this week. That's so we're trying to take different avenues on that, so find something that you know that's established, that people don't want to say. I don't know what the hell is blah, blah, blah. This person wants to try and pull. It may be unique, but you wanna have something that people know and then have a nice avenue on that's completely unique to get people hooked in there. So what did I learn from comics? Watching comics versus gutting the sacred cow gravity? You know, editing is good. Take the meat and just don't be afraid to cut, cut, cut and and be ruthless and aggressive. Just go out there and demand the best from from yourself and your and your Panelists, and you're gonna get the laughs that you want. Now let's pivot Thio acting and voiceover work. How long have you been doing that? How did you first get into that comedy? Must have been the gateway Teoh. A lot of that it waas voiceover I did college radio, but I thought I would be like a watered down way water down Howard Stern and I was terrible, but I did have that The top rated rated and quotes and putting it up Show up my my college for a year. But it was trash. It was terrible. Uh, but then I'd have gotten a comedy. People you know, it's so funny when you first start comedy you only you only have one goal that you think you're gonna dio Ah, lot of Comics Day. I wanna be in on SNL and that's my Onley goal, not mine. I didn't after reading a lot of the books and hearing a lot of stories from the SNL characters that just wasn't for May. I don't I don't want to do that, but I just like I'll be a road comic. I'll go out there and my favorite comic of all time is David. Tell Rodney Dangerfield, you know, it's one A and one B in my book and health. I get in the movies because I'm not funny. Well, then, good on May. So then I started getting in comedy. I said, Let's be a road comic and build from the ground up And then a few people started telling me, Hey, man, you got a really good voice. Did you ever consider voiceover ago? Not really, they said. We'll give it a thought man. There's a lot of good money in it. And then one day after a show, I was down the Lower east side of the Essex Street Station late. I remember like it was yesterday and waiting with another comic for the subway to come, and he said, Hey, man, you got a really good voice, everything about voiceover. I said, You're like the sixth person in the last three months to tell me this And he said, Well, I got a guy who who did my reels and coaching He's great. He's this very, very opinionated gay guy who will flat out tell you if you have the goods or you suck. Don't waste your time and you won't take your money, you know at all until he sits there and listens and you do. If you read through it and you'll say, Hey, you, this is good. Let's do something or note. You suck. Don't bother trying this that's all right. That's that's perfect. So I called the guy, you know, he was alright. You sound okay. Let's let's come in. Do a free real to my studio. Do a few read throughs. I did. He goes, man, you've definitely got it there. You've definitely got a voice for it and did coaching and then did a really and then started getting into that way with freelancing and such so and then with commercials. I'm still kind of new ish into that. I've only I've done a couple for Nathan's hot dogs as well as Ah ah, friend. Ah, friend has the mortgage company. He did. He also does the commercials for almost for Ah, coffee, energy drinks. Don't ask, but yeah, Voiceover has been around. Have been about seven years now, I think eight something like that. So e just fell into it. As dumb as that sounds, that's probably answer your audience. Just don't wanna hear I fell in. Well, that's great. I want to go back Thio. Something you mentioned, Actually, multiple times now is is feedback both in stand up comedy. You get the audience feedback. You want the note? No holds bar. Candid feedback. You got the feedback from multiple people saying your voice is great. Gay guy is going to give you all the hard hitting advice and feedback you need for voice over acting. How do you seek feedback in the podcast? I to give a Z? We all know you got to start getting iTunes reviews. I just messaged people on Facebook. I, I thought would write me a review. I said five star review in the two and a two sentence rating, please. Now, the best part was some people who actually listen to What? Holy shit. This is really good. Like I was surprised. I'm just going to use a favor, but wow, man, this is awesome. Once we started telling people the format of it again, the elevator pitch again. Two guys who aren't going to sit here to comment to invite other comics on dot, dot, dot, dot picking a film. That's not Friday, the 13th Part six, and they're like, That's amazing. That's an amazing idea. And on Twitter, a lot of people like Hey need podcast recommendations. And once you just if you just drop a link, you're done because no one's gonna care. Why don't click on your link. There's nothing to sell their. I type out a whole description to stand up. Comedians invite podcasters on the data. I've gotten people on that that way, and I can't tell you how many messages like you know what, man? Listen to the last episode you did on blah, blah, blah film. You've got a subscriber now that's what it comes down to. I do a lot of podcast appearances. I'm on. Anthony Cumia is never called compound media. I do Bill Schultz and Joanna Kosinski's morning show. Once a month, I'm on John. People saying Serious show Sirius XM's shows well, quite often, but yeah, the compound media people are awesome. They have me on I. They find me funny so that's an easy one. But then their audiences so loyal that a lot of them jumped on because again, we've had Bill on twice. We had Joanne on. We've had Dave Landau who killed it when he did Philadelphia and get Anthea Kumi on a couple weeks ago. Do face off So again, getting those people organically over like, Hey, this guy's funny on the show. Let's see this podcast. It's funny and Bill is Bill Schultz is a huge fan of the podcast he's always talking about on his show. He's on our show twice. Thes are only repeat, yes, but just organically building people up like that has made this easier. Now, of course, the trick is to try and crack all these Google searches. You know, when someone googles top funny movie podcast. I wanna be on that. I want to knock off. How did this get made? I want to knock off all those other ones and and have less on there because we are different and I think better than most of them. So you mentioned three specific inflection points. Twitter being very active on responding to people and engaging with people asking for reviews. You mentioned collaborations, which it sounds like you. You do like a dozen, which is fantastic. A ton of podcast. You have to go in other people's podcasts. You get their audience and involved and and retweet them or our favorite other people's podcast just to shut him out. I've become friends with a lot of other people, and it's now I call it with Kevin. My apartment got. We're building a loyalist army. I wanna be on building an army with people who I went to kamikaze and damn near die for us. That's how I want this blend of blend of loyalty that with just fans of ours, we were super loyal, and that's what I want. That's what I love with with Some of our fans were trying to build an army of them just to keep getting the word out there and building and building and building it up. That's how you do it going on the podcast sharing the truth between eating them, shouting them out one. Somehow it's it's one hand washes the other. You can't go out there and think you're that good that you're gonna get noticed. No, it's gonna It's a group effort. Now let's talk about the production, distribution, promotion, monetization, side of things. What has actually worked for you in growing the podcast? What types of challenges might have you faced? That's really a new new podcast or might come across? Oh, my God, challenges besides the basic. Just building up your audience. I mean, that's the obvious, broader strokes, like lazy answer I could give. I mean challenging. It's just Facebook. It's great. And it's awful. They love the bury the algorithm. If you have a video, the link in the comments nonsense, it gets tiresome. At least Twitter. You can put it up there. Facebook ads were great. You have to pay for him. We have seen a great r O I once, you know, I have a guy that we just give, you know, 50 bucks to to write the ad, and he does all the tinkering and such. We had a great Arli doing that. Twitter ads I I've done one. It didn't really work out. Read it. Adds have worked once for another show I did called Ideo called Fantasy football Jibber jabber butt. I mean, Twitter is great because it's just a lot. It's a lot easier with interactions with other people, you know? So I think that is creating. Have have your podcast on every social media platform possible. The Onley one we're not really on is ticktock because we're too old for that kid. I'm sorry I'm not doing dancing and twerking videos for this. That's that's no, we're not doing that. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. That's what we're on. And then you know, and besides, we're not catering that audience anyway. Our Facebook demographics, you know, they say, were 67% of our audience is men. Surprise. Uh, tick doctors haven't watched any of the movies that you're reviewing. What's that tick? Doctors haven't even watched any of the movies. Your review? I don't know some of them they may. I mean, we've done We've done a lot of a lot of big ones. Avatar. Like I said, Titanic Pulp Fiction. Star Wars on to Star Wars films. We've done inception. We did we've done? What's the screen? That's a pretty well known We've done a lot of ones. I think talk people would eso the younger crowd. Nay, but Facebook demographics that. I'm just saying what they say, and then, you know, it's usually older men, like in the thirties and forties and fifties and women in their thirties as well. So gotcha. That's our That's our crab that What's the What's the top episode that people discover you most from the top episode is Anthony Kookiest episode Because just the name that's something to the bigger the name you can get, the better off you are. I mean, people are still flocking of that one. But the good news is that set paves the way, like our episode this week with Juliet Miranda, who did scream. She opened she. Her episode opened. She's now number three or two on our all time download list because I guess that starts paving the way we have way more organic listeners and subscribers. So the minute the episode dropped that Friday, it just blew up ago. What's going on? It broke our single day download record, and so we're just paving the way that way. So the bigger than names you can get, the better off you are just and just share it. In every one of that that names groups like I Put Feudal Sang's episode on his Facebook pages and Twitter Uh, Anthony Comey is on the compound network everywhere possible. So if you get the bigger the name you can get, the better off you are so that zits Funny, you know, some of the people that have great and also the great social media followers, the ones that ones that interact with their audiences to one of our episodes. I love it, and he's a friend. I've known him for a while. His name is jail. Colvin. He's the guy who does Donald Trump, now from Howard Stern Show, and he's been doing Trump because Forbidden he's an overnight sensation. He has, like 98,000 followers on Twitter, and he's a big movie guy. Done his podcast a bunch before in the past, And I said, Come on, dude, I love for you to come on. He said, Yes, your love Thio. He did 2001. A Space Odyssey, and it was a great episode was funny his episodes. Not performing that well, I guess because people want to see him too drunk and not talk about films. I was like, Damn it or people just don't give a shit about 2001. A Space Odyssey Because it is a board. It is a not good film. Yeah, the film. It's a combination between the film and the, um, the guest. The name was 2000 Space Odyssey Financial Successor was just that. That huge house it on, and it's critically acclaimed. I think I got it. It is widely beloved by a well. The critics love That's the critic's darling, but least two out of the three criteria hip. But yeah, I made a ton of money, especially when you're pro rated for today's dollars and made something made close to almost Avengers money. When you really Yeah, wow, it's an awful film. Go figure. Well, let's wrap up with talking about monetization as a comedian. Your podcast may not fit in, and a lot of advertisers ideal. Um, kind of monetization strategy. I completely disagree with you. Okay, I disagree with you. Then. Then I'll tell you why Because anyone who wants anyone who is so movie theme teacher. It's like eighties teeth come her T shirt. How if your movie fan of movie nerd like we are film snobs we call ourselves. You buy stuff from that stuff Booze, beer What? Those two go hand in hand as well. So I would say so. What we need is more numbers to crack that. Hey, you guys were getting like three. We don't forget what the number one is A 10,000 listens in our 1000 listens In an episode we're getting we're close. We're really close now, So once we fully fully get there well, they say, Hey, we've got 1000 plus episodes downloads per episode So now it's time for you to take it seriously and give us some money to promote your product. Infinite CBD. That's you know CBD was out there, Liu choose of the world again. We're male oriented, any kind of fantasy sports or gambling websites. But since again we're dude skewed were actually in contact talks Right now we might be joining forces with a gambling website, so I couldn't disagree more with you have a lot of places for us to advertise. Well, I think that just makes ah, good point a lot of audio and podcast listeners that the types of advertisers you could go after our massive there's probably at least 100 that every podcast, no matter the content, could go after. Do you go after them specifically? Or I know some. You said some are coming to you organically. But yeah, mostly we're the aggressor because we're new. It's like, Hey, we know we're new. We don't have those numbers yet. Well, that's what we're gonna offer you a hell of a deal where it's gonna almost impossible for you to say no and a lot of people and believe it or not, Well, that's all right. You're in sales, you know? You know, no, just means not now. So you know exactly. I mean, look, it's the middle of the pandemic. A lot of people have lost their jobs and businesses air down, and that stinks. So it's also timing in that regard. So maybe another 3 to 6 months when there's pandemic thing loosens or hopefully goes away, period, money will come flowing back in where they can reach for their coffers for advertising and say, Hey, you know, What? Those guys you know, we're a local Jersey brewery. Let's go give ah to Jersey guys a shot here with their podcast. It za pretty cheap rate. We're gonna jump on early on the bandwagon local advertisers to I don't think we don't think a lot of podcasters think about local as much as they should weigh. Have our automatic demographic show where most are lessons come from and surprise the number one and two answers are New York City in Jersey So way can show them that they go. Hey, we have a great local following, So why not have a local brewery sponsor local podcasts? Even though we're international, rip our podcast, I mean way get a lot of downloads in Israel and the U. K and Canada. The Philippines? Yeah. Tell you what, give me two seconds. Does anyone want to stall? And I could just tell you some of the places that we download. It's ah, it's pretty crazy. What are you using to? To track all that automatic gives us a pretty good job. That's a pretty good job of telling us downloads an episode and all that and countries and what not. Yeah, Yusa, Philippines, Brazil, Ghana, Poland, Norway, Romania. I don't even know Suomi. Denmark, Indonesia, Argentina, Korea, Columbia and Tunisia. Saudi, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Egypt, Turkey, Molly in New Zealand, Spain. I don't know that one. I don't know that one. What else? Ukraine check. E could go on and on and on and on and on and on. But a top of UK Canada. Well, you got Okay. So you have your analytics open. What do you think? Missing in the tech space for podcast. What? What do you wish you had? Either data or tech That would make your life better. Just more money. I am. I'm a Yankees fan. I'm you. George Steinbrenner was a great owner of the second half of this term, owning the Yankees. Now, the first half. He did it wrong. He bought a lot of guys who were old and past their prime and let go the young guys. But I believe if I have re had we both, Kevin, I still both have our jobs. I mean, do you spend some more? If I had a limited budget, I'd be hiring people left and right to go. I don't know shit about social media. I don't know shit about Google. Uh, analytics and such. You go do that. That is your soaper. I might go with the podcast Is this I want to be able to walk away Does not walk away. I'm able to walk out From what? From corporate America. Walk away. We're all I have to do is just focus on creating the podcast and someone else does all of the work I'm doing cutting up the video, sharing it, retweeting it, getting in contact with other people, booking them for the show data that all I want to do is just get to that point where I could just show up, do the show. All the people know exactly what I'm looking for to do it for me, especially the analytics and the promoting and all that stuff. That's what I'm looking for. So the answer is, watch my next question, that is, Are you willing to give up equity in the actual business of your podcast to make that happen? Because their networks out there willing thio bring you on as a podcast. Uh, you know, as a production house, if you will do all the background stuff for you and and just take a cut of, you know, the revenues moving forward. I know a lot of independent podcast podcast. There's that definitely don't want to do that. But maybe you're different. Maybe you. You know, if you're looking for prices, if the price is right there, all lying if the price was right, they would do it. If someone gave up to give the Joe Rogan Spotify deal. Anyone who says they would not is a liar flat out, I will sell out for the right amount. I also in creative control. That's other things to what I sell out for the right percentage. Of course I will. But creative control is something that's not negotiable. In fact, we had a deal on place with the website that that was gonna broadcast us all over the world when we got the contract. They're saying, Oh, you can't curse were like, Well, guess what? That was never discussed beginning and there's a contract. And there was a bunch of things that was never brought up in our vocal discussions. And I have a absolute untrained legal I if someone like me who does knows nothing about legality is pulling these things out of a contract. And fortunately, Kevin used to be a lawyer and his wife is an entertainment lawyer. So I said, I'm going to send that to you already know. Of course we're gonna support telling them No, but I just want to send this to you for the shoot entertainment. And they were like, Are you serious? There's nothing here that's beneficial for us. They wanted to charge us after the first year. They want us to put their logo on there. They want to do this, that they want to use our programming, our videos and stuff for 10 years after the fact. And they want it. Also carve up our programming, how they saw fit and they weren't paying us anything. It was just for exposure. Alright, we'll go in your career thing and we'll do it. But then they had all these things on here and the woman was almost insulted. I told her, No, I go. No, you tell me where it says that this consciousness any beneficial for me getting me like she says, I'm a smart cookie. I know how many times you find such a smart cookie. What makes you think I'll be dumb enough to fall this garbage? So I just laughed right out of there. I mean, it's it's great advice, because, I mean, look what happened to the collar Daddy. Girls. I mean, you know, they tried to degree negotiates, and they joined barstool as a network and gave up a ton of equity early on, but they grew like a like a rocket ship just from the bar stool. You know, network capability and reach. But yeah, it's dangerous. You were interested. S absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I would love to get Portnoy on this podcast toe talk shop about podcasting in general, but to reviews or pizza reviews. God, that would be fucking awesome. All right, so let's pivot. I want to roll right into the rapid fire questions were making audio bios for our guests. It's gonna be a lot of fun. So let's jump right and cool. Sure. All right. What's your favorite types of audio besides podcast songs? That's it. Just music? No, on podcasting. Song of songs. That's it. I'm not one of those guys who was 18 variations that they love doing. No, I got a lot going on. I know how much time they listen. Anything else but podcast on music? And that said, You know, looking at Listen to comedy albums that Yeah, that Sorry that that goes in there too, But yeah, actually, right now I watch comedy albums A pretty much a thing of the past. Things like So they put audio individual house, so I don't need toe down. Just watch it. Yeah, some county albums definitely go into that. Gotcha. What's your favorite audio clip of all time? Oh, my God. There are So I saw a huge stern fan. There are so many alone in there that just cracked me up. When Richard and Sal do phony phone calls, when they call you Stern fan at all or no, a little bit. Just the clips eso when they They're phony phone calls with the greatest that I would crack up when they had Elliott Elliott elegant Elliott often on the show before they kicked him off. He was a joy. I have a bunch of stern clips on my phone right now That still can always make me laugh. You guys want to hear a good phony phone call This is fucking hardcore. It's really great. The boys took my voice on Had me call into a religious Internet show. Keep in mind that it's a religious show because I sound like I'm insane. They did a phone call last week. Were Ronnie how much cursing we can do on this, Ronnie? Mom, Just really You're struggling. Show it was It was an okay car, you know? Let's just go for it. I don't care. Ronnie, the limo driver for two steals Cons, cons, and they cut it up, and they played it to a psychiatrist was teaching people how to interact with their kids and their pandemic, and they made it. So Ronnie was photo bombing the zoom just dropping their con just that's so silly and genuine juvenile. But it was funny the way this guy got off flustered, right? Anything stirring a lot of the stern show clips. Crack me up. All right. Good one. What's your favorite sound to? This is gonna sound. One's gonna sound dumb and one's gonna be Of course it is. One is my daughter's laughter. The kid is the most infectious fun laugh I've ever heard out of anyone again. I know it's biased. I know it's at, but I'll go if I go get her in right now. If you get cracking up, it's no one's gonna touch it. The second one is a good fart. You tell me anyone who's not laughed and smiled and chuckled at a good rap E fart. I will call you a liar. Your face. Oh, somebody step on a duck. A. Okay, What's your least favorite sound? People chewing with your mouth. Oh, but drives me. You know, I can't I can't say with People are flat out that you discussed me. I can't. I can't share a meal with you anymore. Because you people who chew gum same way like cows. Chewing cut. Nope. Drives me nuts. Oh, podcasters. Here's a tip. If you have dry mouth, don't And you need to do the clinic. You need to do click removal. You need to get the the lip smacking out of your podcast, which I emailed. Greg Fitzsimmons. I love Greg Fitzsimmons. Podcast him and Nick DiPaolo both of the well, then you know that I go nuts. Take that out. I do it of mine. Do it for yours both are fantastic. I love it. What do you listen to in the car when I drive it? So it's pretty much it's really four or five things. It's starting the morning. Mad Dog Russo on Serious in the afternoon. Podcasts and music. That's pretty much suggest good afternoon. If you could secretly record anything, what would it be? I would love to record higher upset networks and hopefully have blackmail material on them. So that way I could use that to get my shows on their channels and get out of corporate America. That's what I would dio love it all right? And last but not least, what would be your walk up song? Dick Dale, who recently died. It's called Surfing Drums. It's a You could see this because he dictate also did the theme for public. He didn't long before, but the pulp Fiction team, the very opening of the movie. Same guy who did this song surfing drums. Listen to that, you say that could also be in any Tarantino film. I would love to have that as a walk up song going down e a little baby Don't see you. What? Tokyo perfect Thio wrap things up. Give us Ah! Pitch of cutting the sacred cow. What do you up, Thio? Where can the audience find you? Give us a rundown. My favorite topic. Me gutting the sacred cow dot com. Let's start there. Why? Because that's where you find the lengths toe All the platforms that were on we have links to our iTunes. Are I heart radio or Spotify speakers that your Google play YouTube? Everything you need is there. So if you're not on iTunes fam, no problem. Go to that page and click. Whatever platform you're on were there also in getting the sacred cow. We have our merch shop set up. Get a hat, get a T shirt, get a mug, get a tote bag. Something just helps us offset some of these expenses. We're not making money on it yet. Believe me, we are not making money off them, but mawr. Importantly, what we're doing is we're providing free value with our website. How Every single day we have an article go up on our blogged and we have a schedule. Monday we do our list. Hashtag list of 10 way, have a theme with list of 10. Kevin, I both give a list of 10 of something to that being Tuesday. Favorite movie quotes. Wednesday Movies we've recently seen. Thursday Movie news Friday MOVIES, Sequels we want to see or wish never were made so gutting the Sacred Cow has all that free stuff, which, with the exception of the shop, so go buy a cup. Uh, that's where you should start gutting the sacred cow. What is it about ITT's to film snobs who invite guests who are equally passionate about films? And what we want is you to pick a film that we that our goal is to get people, and we have this a lot people yelling at their phone or their talent or the TV going. How could they make fun of that movie? That movie is awesome, and we want you to go listen that episode and I promise you you will change your mind. Case in Point David, the producer of The Goonies. A few months ago, Goonies of Bill, I'm from the kid of the eighties and nineties, Goonies was a big one, right? Guess what? Watch it now. It's not good and David and we, Kevin and I drive holes through all those problems in that film where we got way more messages saying, How dare you take my favorite childhood film and shit on it? But man, you guys made a ton of great points. I concede that is our goal is to get used. Think about all these films that are so great and so loved. In fact, one more we just take the other night. It's gonna come in a couple of weeks. Fast Times at Ridgemont High Another classic, right? Wrong. 45 minutes in this film loses steam fast, but people forget that they love the color. They loved all the interaction. But after 45 minutes you'll hear the episode where Bill McCuddy takes it down. So what we're doing is we're giving film fans a chance to listen and and take part in an argument where people have a strong opinion, negative opinion about a film that so loved and treasured and made a ton of work, made a ton of money and say this film stinks. Here is why do they convince us that this film stinks? 50 50 50 50 Were saying, Yeah, you did convince us are 50 50. No, you can convince us. Or maybe some of it is. Nope, this film is fantastic in your wrong for saying so. So that's cutting the sacred cow with structure minding segments. My favorite segment is the Amazon one Star reviews. We read people's reviews. Who coming on Amazon and write the reviews. And let me tell you, this country is failing when it comes a basic English skill. Funny to read these reviews that are so goddamn awful. That's funny. Well, Kevin, I really appreciate time. This has been a lot of fun. We're gonna have you on in the next couple months toe. Go at it again and talk shop. Let's let's stay in touch and thank you so much. Yeah, Listen, thank you so much for having Paul is good talk. Wow, that 45 minutes went by fast. So fast. Talk soon. Take care. Thank you so much for listening to verbal voices. If you're struggling to discover new audio content, go to our website verbal dot com. That's vur v l dot com to read hundreds of podcast reviews. If you're an audio creator with stories to tell or advice to give, reach out to me directly at paul at verbal dot com or tweet at us at get verbal until next time
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