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Comedy Skit: Going Back To Movie Theaters After The Pandemic

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Last Played: June 11, 2021
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Listen to this quick audio skit of people returning to the movie theaters after being shut down.
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Alright, here we are, Danny, the middling fair, a AMC theater. I love it. Now. Listen, you have no idea how many times they had to email the manager to convince them to let you back in here. But I figured with theaters opening back up, this would be a good time for you to make a fresh start and why exactly specific where the theater is closed for so long? The worldwide crisis. Oh right. The ken jeong problem, He was so busy doing every game show on Fox. He couldn't just make time to be a supporting lead character in everyone's movie. Yes, that's exactly why I'm glad that's over. Okay, let's go in. Oh look, movie posters right here on the building. I haven't seen them and forever. I wonder why because the theaters were closed. No, that can't be it. I mean when a road is closed, they still keep up the closed road sign. What you know, I get so much informational knowledge from these posters. Sometimes I don't even need to see the film. Sometimes. For instance, example, here's one in the Heights. That's a musical by lin Manuel Miranda. Uh, he wrote the rap musical Hamilton and this is the sequel. Now, that's good thinking l mm by now that Hamilton guy must be public domain. And this one is just a picture of bugs bunny, Lebron James and the number two. Oh, that's a tiny small cast. It's just like that movie about the two people conversing lee talking while they eat my dinner with andre. How did this become all about? You Look Danny. I don't want to miss the movie is another one. Black widow Scarlett Johansson looks very intense. It's a bit over the top for a documentary about spiders, don't you think? And I notice that we see that Ray Winstone can still get hired after being in cats. Pretty unusual. What are you talking about? The other actors got work? Idris elba dame, judi Dench, even James corden. Do the Zach Galifianakis of british imports. What does that even mean? You know what? It's not that important. No, no, no. Let's just go inside. Yeah. Mhm. Welcome to AMC theaters. Home of the stubs rewards program. Stubs were things that you could end up with when a ticket taker used to take your ticket and rip it and how you know what a stub is. Everyone else asks. Can I scan your tickets? Here you go. Go right on in. Thank you. It really feels good to be back inside of a movie theater. It does. It really does. Danny. I had no idea. You genuinely seem moved. I am. It's been so long, but now now I can get back, get back to doing high quality movie reviews. No, get my phone back. I left it here by mistakenly error just before this place closed. Lost and found is over at the concession stand. The place where you get the food, get it Since we're going there anyway, I'm going to get some popcorn and something to drink. I'd suggesting we recommend liquids. Thanks Danny. Hello. What can I get for you, weren't you just over there. It's a slow day. I'd like my phone please. He left it here by mistake just before the theater had to close. All right. I'll look. Everything is in this box calm. Watch, pair of gloves, sunglasses, false teeth. Saxophone Hibachi. Sorry, No phone, but I can contact you. If anything shows up. I love it. Just send me a text Danny. How can you get a text when you don't have your phone? Well, duh, if they send me a text, it means they found my phone. I can't argue with that logic. I mean, I've tried but anyway, I'd like a big bucket of popcorn and a large cola. Anything for you Danny. Maybe just a box of Raisinets. Alright. And some Twizzlers there. The red vines of licorice and whatever that thing is. And one of those family sized candy bars and a slice of pizza. What? Nothing to drink. We don't have time. You ordered a large drink. It takes forever to fill one of those things. What are you talking about? Here you go. What? This thing is massive, but you get to keep it and we use it as what a spawning ground for whales. That'll be $45 hurry up, hurry up. I think a theater is all the way down there at the end of this long haul. Wonderful. You take the popcorn, Let me just grab this. Oh, all right, let's go look. There are even more movie film posters. This one says the Suicide Squad. Hey, that movie came out a few years ago. No Danny. That was Suicide Squad. This is the sequel and Harley Quinn is in both. I don't think they understand what that title means. Are we there yet? Yep. Here it is Theater 27. Our seats are in row J. I think I found only located them. Do you want the one with the green tape on the brown leather head rest or the one with the red tape on the seat cushion? Whichever just sit down. This cup is heavy. You get it now, where do I put this thing? There's a cup holder including lee built into your seat arm rest Danny. This thing is not going to fit into that. I'm going to have to put it down next to me. Yeah. Uh, you know, suddenly the sticky floors in here make a lot more sense. I, I guess what is it this time? Did you leave your favorite jacket in here? No, I'm really, really missed being inside a movie theater. Oh, I've, I've made so many unforgettably memorable calls from inside here and tweets and instagram posts and I wish I had my phone back. Uh huh. Why did you put on the call light for the wait staff? How else are they going to knowingly realize I need to order food. You just got all that food at the concession stand. That's lobby food. I'm in the theater now. What can I get for you? Aren't you the same? It's a slow day. I'd like my phone please. The lost and found is at the concession stand. Okay. I'll just go check and see if they have any sit down very well. Then instead I'll have some pretzel bits. Bacon ranch burger with fries, Chocolate hazelnut zero and a mega vanilla milkshake. That is a lot of food. Danny says the person with a soda pop cola, the size of new Mexico Omaha. The trailers are starting, oh, don't friendly worry about those. I've already seen them all but I haven't. Then you want to be sure to catch my next review show where I cover all the several movies that come out this summer as movies. That's great Danny. But I would really like to see here's your food, wow, Z that was fast. Some of this might be a little cold, but you can dunk it in the milkshake to warm it up. You're the cook too. It's a really slow day. Oh, it looks like the movie is about to begin. Well, time to go what I saw the spoiling the trailer ad for this online. Two weeks ago, everyone in the movie dies except for that dog. He's really Hugh Jackman in a role that will make you fall in love with wolverine all over again. Well, I love to the phone store. Oh, look, here's a movie poster for free guy. Hey, Ryan Reynolds, take a breather. Let some other actors have a shot. Will Yeah, I'll just leave this food bill with you. I am so sorry about all this. I was the one who contacted the manager and convinced them to let him back in. Please tell them. I totally get it now. I told you this would be a bad idea. You're also the manager. It's a day and I'm just going to assume that you still have his phone. Oh yeah. I use it to prop up the corner of the slush machine. It works great. Yeah.
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