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Connection of a Fangirl

From Audio: 1. Welcome to Selkirk
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For a lot of fanfiction writers, the only sickly sweet romance stories they encounter are, well, just that- stories. When you're more invested in fictional characters' love lives more than your own, it comes with the terrain. But when a fanfiction writer gets the attention of someone special, she finds herself at the beginning of her own romance.
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no new activity. If you've never gotten into fan fiction I guess it probably sounds a little weird. Huh? Going to every movie in the franchise or getting super into guessing the plot of a tv series. That's pretty normal these days. Comic con is like a billion dollar event. Even buying figures of superheroes you're not supposed to play with is kind of mainstream. But if you tell someone that you spent the first week of your last university summer vacation ever writing 50,000 words about those same superheroes working at a flower shop and falling in love after a series of comedic miscommunications. Well sometimes you still get looks and yeah, going back over that I guess I could have made it sound a little less weird. Good going me try again. Okay sometimes you see a movie here a podcast, read a book and it's like finding a home you didn't know you were missing and you want to be in that place more often. Not that I literally think I'd be more at home in a wizard boarding school though, if they asked. I definitely go there at the end of the summer instead of back to victoria to finish my degree. What I mean is like it's yeah, it's like being seen like somehow this thing you love looked inside you and went, yeah, me too. Mhm. And when you feel that way, all you want to do is create something that keeps that feeling going, something that finds whatever it is and this thing that's speaking to you and runs with it as hard as it can and in a perfect world, what's great about fanfic culture is you're not the only one who feels that way in a perfect world. There are all these other people going, Yeah, me too. Just as hard as you are and you're all trying to make more and more of that good feeling until there's no new activity. Okay. Mhm. Mhm Yeah. Like I said, it's great. Unless the thing you love is a first season Canadian tv show that only six people have heard of because it's not airing in the US yet. Then uh yeah, not so much. But even then I think I locked out when I found Selkirk because if I'd love something else, something that thousands of other people loved just as much I would have had fun. I would have made friends and I would have been able to read a ton of great stories. Huh? Text post like by user held on Enchanted. Okay. But the spray, I met you.