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Conor McGregor's "Higher Power" Has Been Unlocked

Last Played: May 18, 2021
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Chael Sonnen is an MMA superstar, so when he talks MMA, you listen. He has an unrivaled perspective both inside and out of the octagon, and he gets some of the biggest fighters in the world to sit down and let him pick their brain. This is "You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen."
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Connor was warning Dustin Poirier that he is being supported by a higher power that Korea has unlocked a beast and the beast will be cornered by the higher power. This is always one of those deals where I can tell you till I'm blue in the face, the confidence and wanting it and mental and all these drives are grossly back seated to physicality somewhere along the way and it's been in my lifetime. I mean I can remember when the expression this is 80 percent mental and 20% physical but we spend 80 percent of time on the physical and 20% of the time on the mental. I can remember when this expression came out and I can remember the guy writing books and doing seminars and then had 20 other vultures come in to write other like minded books and do other seminars for this self help. I can remember where this happened. It's not true. The sport is physical. There's a mental side to it where you will get tired and have to overcome, where you have to want it. And that's where this mental and a guy with a big heart can really push through. But to make believe that that's 80% of it is just factually incorrect. There's nothing and as a matter of fact, there's nothing within the unified rules that have to do with how you're feeling or what you're thinking. There is no judge assigned by any state commission that is told to do a psychological in perspective of the athletes before they market 10 versus a nine, every single thing within the unified rules has to do with physical. So when you have somebody like you are going to say that he's greatly motivated. Now, I'm just here to tell you that won't change the outcome and I don't know if Connor has enough time. I also don't know that he doesn't, I'm not making my pick for this fight yet. The fight was supposed to be in May much better for McGregor, that it has been moved to july more time. That if he in fact has the right mental outlook and he does want this enough, that he has time to put in the physical work, because that is the only thing that will get your hand raised in a competition. The physical side of it. I am a coach when I talk to kids and I tell them you need to want this. What I'm really saying is you gotta have discipline because if you do everything right, you can get one degree better each day. So make sure you come in tomorrow and the day after that, whether you feel like it or not, and the day after that, but at the end, when the competition comes, we will now physically be ready to have that physical preparedness is going to take some mental toughness. So I'm not dismissing the mental side of it, but the guy that came out and wrote the book in the first place and coined the phrase about the whole 80 and 20 had it wrong. The mental side is a very big deal. Every day when practice comes around, you will have five reasons why you don't want to go. If you can find the one reason why you show up anyway. That will show discipline, which is a form of mental toughness that can then help you physically prepare. Which is the only thing the contest will be based on. And it's one of these things where the difference between Conor and Dustin in fight one and fight to had nothing to do mental. It had to do with one guy in Dustin stayed focused and buckle down and kept the course longer than Qatar. Dustin kept showing up to practice every day twice a day, taking matches, going into camp, flying out, getting on a scale, dealing with all the proper nation walking out there, gaining those experience and building his skills and one guy stopped but had nothing to do with who wanted it more. There's there's a point where it's enough. Stop. It's enough. You need a guy that wants it bad enough. What does that do on a daily basis? It would just break everything down on a daily basis. That means he shows up to practice in the morning. He comes back in the afternoon and practices again. There's 24 hours of the day. He has 21 hours to do whatever he wants, including sleep. But for those three hours a day you're gonna put in your best effort and come back and do it again tomorrow. If you have that within you, you don't need to be any mentally tougher. You have everything that it takes. That's it. Put your mind and your hope and the higher power into some other interests. Because you've mastered this one. If you have a guy that really wants it, it's still three hours of practice of day. If you have a guy who, I don't know if I still want to do this, but he shows up for three hours a day and does what the coach asked him, puts on his best effort, gets that heart rate up, gets one degree better here on the same path. There is no different Now. Of course, I couldn't say that on the physical side, one guy can punch through 12 by four and the other guy can punch through 32 by fours. You see where the physical, this is much more helpful and it's much more true, but we'll never stop seeing guys that want to keep talking about how bad I want something. The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare. And that's what mental toughness is. It's not on fight night, It's right now. Today, 2.5 months before, when the sun is out and your buddies are going down to the river. What are you doing? Are you locking in a room and staying the course? That's where the mental toughness comes in and guys always seem to miss this no matter how good they get and it was years of pori is staying the course and Connor not in the gym working on skills, not how you felt, not how you thought, not how bad you wanted to win it. The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare. So it's one of these things. Does Connor wanted enough and and in conjunction, is there enough time? Is there enough time between now and july to physically make up for all the time, lost? All the workouts, missed all the weeks off, All the vacations attended. It's one of those things where the great athletes don't ever go into training camp, they don't know the difference, the greats, the real greats don't need you to mark off days on a calendar and identify it as camp. They do the same thing every day. They might change the intensity, it's called a Peking process. They might do that, but they don't have to make any plans. They don't have to pack the car with their gear and kiss the wife goodbye because they're driving out to so and so because they're in camp, you know, a lot of guys do that. They're just not considered the grades. Mm Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. There are two of the best to ever do it. Another guy that's in the same conversation as Kamara Usman and I think something interesting could happen with him. I predict there's gonna be something fun to see here between newsman and jake paul because of a quote that came out today. So, one thing that jake paul says often is, I will change your life, but we'll talk about something really positive. He will usually go right into the purse. I will change your life by giving you $5 million. I will change your life in this case with whose men by getting you 10 million up front plus points on the back end. It's one of those things, which paul is not wrong, I would imagine 10 million would change a guy's life, right? So he's not wrong. And it's a very compelling line and I don't really know what you could respond to that. If you're up there debating a guy and just trying to get jeers from the audience, I imagine you're going to concede that one to him. Well now Guzman did not. Who's been said, I don't know if you know this isn't a game to me and I will change your life in the worst way. That's a powerful line. That's a very, very powerful line. And you know, there's some guys that you can play with, there's some guys that cartman allies and press conferences this in a way, it is something different, there's an intensity, but they're they're different. And training camp is different. And then Fight night from Bell to Bell is different. Koosman blurs those lines, possibly more than anybody else that we have. Newsman is the guy that it's best to not piss him
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