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Crawfish Frog

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Modern Witch Tools for the Modern Witch - Audio Guide The Modern Witch Movement presents: Modern Witch Tools for the Modern Witch. We encourage fledgling and seasoned Witches to explore new tools, discover Witch thought leaders, and take their practice to a whole new level. If you would like more resources, please join us at our website -

This podcast playlist features Lil' Black Witch, The Fat Feminist Witch, The Spiritual Gayz, Silverlake Priestess with Jaime Black, Between the Worlds Podcast, Seeking Witchcraft, The Numerology Podcast, The Basic Witch, Five Minute Feng Shui By Candice, Modern Witch Movement's Essential Chakras with Jennifer Biondo
Modern Witch Movement
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The sound of Crawfish Frog in the Wild.
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Oh, yeah. Uh huh.