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Crepey skin is not Creepy

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Crepey skin is not Creepy It’s not cringy or even crappy. It’s just skin, join the revolution go sleeveless Over 65 and Talking
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It’s not cringy or even crappy. It’s just skin. Join the revolution and go sleeveless!
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part II minimum would I am very much in the mood because I'm gonna be old. Of course. Okay. Okay. Of course, But I am really getting tired of feeling like I have to wear sleeves on everything. I feel like when, when I'm with my girlfriends and it's lunchtime and it's like a dumb restaurant. I don't have to wear sleeves because my creepy skin isn't gonna bother anybody. But at a thing like this, I want to wear this outfit, I don't want to sweat, I want to be happy. I am. Nobody's gonna look at me anyway. The only reason they would ever look at me is to see my creepy skin. Okay, so I looked up creepy skin just to find out it's true. There are there are fake sleeves you can put on dresses. People are so upset about this. So, I write in a google, creepy skin is okay. All I see is how to get rid of it. It's horrible. uh sleeveless clothes over 60 five, don't do it. Creepy skin is beautiful. Nothing. Of course nothing. I wasn't expecting something there, but I thought it would be okay. And then I read all the things people say underneath and everybody says I've been doing this since I was 50. Oh, I mean, I don't I feel I feel like, you know, everyone gained 15 pounds during the pandemic. So did I, Okay. I feel like I've got a lot of other things that aren't good about me. I don't know why I have two per separate on my crappy skin. I don't know why anybody else does either, and I don't know why this is the one thing that is so creepy. Cringe e crappy crappy that this is the only thing you can show. Like it's it's gonna ruin. People will throw up, they'll cry, they'll they'll scream. It's like horrific. Like a horror movie or something. How come there's a sharp a dog with creepy skin? Why? Why can't it just be one of the ugly things about people? Nobody's perfect? Why can't it just be in the category of everything else? Like cankles and um you know, dandruff and everything?