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Dae Got Scammed From An Online Lingerie Store :(

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Shes so sad.
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my boyfriend and I love her too. She's awesome. So it's fun watching them. I love it. It's something I would do and something that I totally want to explore. Yes. Yes, yes. Do you remember that week? Oh my God. Do you remember that weekend that we did um the shot black businesses or whatever? Yeah. And I ordered from that little black lingerie spot. Tell me why you know everything was going good. I never received like a confirmation email but I still have the um confirmation number like in my phone browser, you know like I closed out the phone and I was able to just open up my browser and my confirmation was still there. So then a couple, a couple of days ago because that was last week. I'm more than positive a couple of days ago. I was like, I wonder where the tracking numbers, I haven't gotten an email. So I took my email didn't get anything. So I named searched them in my email didn't get anything. So I was like okay let me just go onto their website, go onto their website is closed down. I'm like okay let's go ahead and check their social media. I go on their twitter shut down, visit their instagram. I couldn't find it. So I'm assuming that she deleted it and so I just named searched her into twitter and actually let me go ahead and pull up my thing and do it again. People were accusing that company, that specific company of stealing designs from another, I don't know necessarily bigger company but from another company. So she was accused of stealing designs but then I'm like well bitch, I I placed the order, I give you my little 40 coins. Where the fuck is my order? Yeah, let me click on her twitter account again, yep account not found. These are not found, yep, it's gone, just gone. So now I'm like dang, I wanted to support them because I wanted someone dram because they're black owned but at the end of the day there were so many other dope ass fucking um you know companies but also we I got scammed bitch the thick, I got scammed, we was just talking about scams but I'm definitely gonna find their email, I'm gonna give it a couple more days because it's sunday so no mail delivery today, I'm definitely going to give it until Wednesday and if I don't get a package then I'm saying something because I tweeted yesterday hey y'all so I ordered from a black owned lingerie company and there and after paying then their account shut down and heard their website shut down and blah blah blah. Then somebody said you should totally put them on blast and I said I'm not going to put them on blast yet. Let's talk. Let's see what the situation is it, some more times. Exactly. So yeah, they were accused of stealing lounge underwear um at lounge underwear on twitter and I ended up following them because I was like well I could have ended up just giving them my money if I would have known. So it sucks you want to support black owned businesses and then something sketchy might happen or you don't necessarily know the person or the people and so that's what I get trusting, you know, just blindly because a lot of the black owned businesses I buy from, I get a relationship going with the owner first, so that's my bad, but I just wanted to let you all know and one of these days then I will let you all know what company it was and maybe I'll even say it on Patreon. I don't know. We'll talk about it on Patreon because I still need to release the episode where we bought the stuff and I still plan on doing it. So, but aside from that I was scrolling through Nicki Minaj's twitter and she makes me so happy. Let me see if I get, let me see if I can find the.
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