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Dae Reads an Online Scam

From Audio: You Can't Scam Me
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Get your snacks. A woman recieved a wild email... listen to this scam
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in France. Yeah. But now I see little kids have those little toys today and I'm like, yeah, those were fun. Those are fun. So I could pull up a scam that I found. Mm hmm. Um online, I found a news article. I was hunting for a good one. And I found one that intrigued me From Richmond Virginia in 2011. The website NBC 12. It's NBC 12 Virginia. So yeah, Story time. Get, get ready, get your snacks. Everybody. It's a frightening email that viewers in our area are receiving in their inbox. The sender claims they've been hired by someone you know, to kill you. The only way to save your life is by sending thousands of dollars. Theresa parentsor got an email that would put her fear. That would put fear in almost anybody. She says when I first started to read it, I thought it was a joke from somebody who knew me. I certainly don't think I have any enemies that would do something like that. The subject title was Sad News. Here's an example of what was in her inbox. It is a pity that this is how your life is going to end my duty. As I am mailing you now is just to kill you and I have to do it as I have already been paid. So first off, that's terrifying. Hey, Okay, first off, what would you do if you got that in your email? Like if you got that in your email, what would you do? Uh I think it was a scam and probably ignore it. Well, not a scam, but I'd be like, who's playing games? You know, But that's so evil, that is evil, that is evil, evil. So let's keep going. The threats got worse. The sender told her things like I would not hesitate to carry out this job and kill you, including those that are close to you. And there were more threats like warning. Do not think of contacting the police or even tell anyone because I will know that's That's scary. Parentsor says what really got my attention was I demand $10,000 to let go of you and I would not repeat myself twice with demands for thousands of dollars and riddled with grammatical errors. Penetrators, penetrators, guts feelings told her the emails were a scam but she still found herself being extra careful and couldn't help but think someone could be watching her. She says every time I would go to feed an animal or something you are like looking and wondering if someone is watching you with the labor or something. So that is kind of scary because that doesn't feel like threatening. Yeah. That's fucked up. That's really fucked up to like mentally have people suffer like that. Exactly. Um She sent the email to FBI in the Good Land, the Gooch Land County Sheriff's office. I honestly love a bunch of these like tiny sheriff like communities, the gooch lind sheriff's county offices who she sent it to. The officer who took her report said it sounded like a scam. He told me not to open any more emails and do not reply to any of them. She says officers determined that the emails were scam, but increased patrols in her neighborhood just in case police say that if you get a similar email, do not report it or do not reply and report it to the FBI. I was about to say do not report it to the FBI. But girl, if you get an email saying you're gonna die, reported to the FBI. If the emails has any of your personal information, report it to your local police agency, uh and Pensar says make it makes you angry, you just want to go out there and find out who's doing it and make them stop. So that's the end of the article. If you want to read it then I'll go ahead and post it on our twitter. Oh my gosh, That one was a scary one. People are evil like dude, just leave people alone. Exactly. You need to leave people.
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