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Dae was a background extra for Lee Daniel's STAR!

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Dae shares her story about randomly becoming a background actress for the show STAR by Lee Daniels. Listen to her experience! We are excited to share more stories that you will make you happy. And Dae met Ryan and Jude! It was a great experience.
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Atlanta was probably my favorite and where I want to go again. Just because I love the culture. So many black people. So many creative. Not even that so many people love Atlanta. Like anybody that I talked to that's been to Atlanta, there's not been a negative thing they've said. I enjoyed, I was walking up and down them streets handing out my business cards and I was selling my shirts and stuff, but I loved it. I was like, wow, I'm glad you. The weather, the weather. When I was there, I was there around this time, september 16th to october 16th. Um it was great. It was sunny, it was nice. A little rain. I do remember staying inside a few days just for rain, but I'm like, I'm used to this, I ain't no to this, I'm true to this. Okay, so give me an umbrella, let's go to the mall. But I got on star. I was a background. Yeah, I remember, I always think of that. Yeah, that was probably one of the most fun experiences. I was literally just on the computer on google, like casting calls in Atlanta this week and then I saw lee Daniels Star new up and coming um show that's gonna be filming and then I was like, yeah, let's do it. Got the casting call, got the confirmation. Didn't even like know what the show, didn't even know what it was about. I just remember hearing about it because I remember all the drama coming up because lee Daniels wanted the white girl to be the star and that was, that caused a lot of drama before them started. I remember that, that I was like shit, let's let's go ahead. And also I knew Ryan Destiny was on it and I love Ryan Destiny. So yes, I got the call, got the casting call was supposed to be there at 10 a.m. Got there around noon. I know your ass would I told, okay. So we're supposed to be looking for these little S. O. S. Signs. I'm going to have them posted on Patreon for people who are curious, we're supposed to be looking for these signs and they were supposed to point us in the direction, we're gonna get picked off. The one sign that I saw the one and the first sign that I saw was pointing the wrong direction. But I didn't know that. So I told the Uber driver, drop me off here, drop me off here. I sat there for 40 minutes expecting a bus to come and get me. And then I was like, okay, this doesn't seem right. Let me open up the email and just confirm where I'm supposed to get picked up. I'm in, I'm in the atlantic station area and it turns out I'm in the right area, I'm just a mile and a half away from where the bus is supposed to pick us up. So I fucking run. Like I'm talking, I run as far as I can because I'm like, okay, I don't know where the hell I am, I don't even know what to do, but I'm gonna run. I see some of the black girls and I'm like, why do I feel like I'm getting close? So I followed and then I just see a giant parking lot in a giant party bus. And I'm like, oh shit, I feel like this is where I should be, walk up to the first, like professional looking person and I'm like, um is this what I'm supposed to be for star? Then? He's like, oh shit, are you a background actor that I'm like, yeah. Then he pulls up his little uh tag thing, yeah his radio and he's like okay, we have one more, we have a couple more, bring the bus, they brought the bus, it's me and a couple other people. Then they drive us five minutes away. We could have, I could have walked like after all the walking I could have done, I'm like bitch, why do they need a bus for the serious? We get to a giant just warehouse and I'm just in there with like 200 some other girls and it was, it was such a fun experience because before everybody else was in hair and makeup because they got there on time, they rushed me through hair and makeup. They didn't even have anything to do with me, Just put put my hair out and then didn't even touch my makeup and then curled my bang bang that song. And then I just had to wait for another like four hours and then around two p.m. We started shooting, they took us across the street to the club that was compound and I literally had the time of my life. It was called compound. And apparently the fact that it was crashed the street like after all the walking bitch. Yeah, I never put that into perspective. I ran bitch. Like I had to do all that cardio for no reason. For no reason. But yeah, then they gave us these little fake drinks. All the drinks were fake. It was Gatorade and if it wasn't Gatorade it was just this little plastic looking stuff that would not leave the glass. It was just colored. Yeah because sometimes I'm the type. Like am I watching when I'm watching the show? I actually watched the background. People like the Yeah. And like the stuff that these people do is just so funny. And I'm like, do you guys not catch this while editing? It's so funny. But I ended up meeting some pretty dope people. Um I tried to be in the, there was this one dude. I don't know why I remember this so specifically we had to keep reshooting because he kept hopping in front of the camera right after jude star of the white girl was walking. Then there was a scene where we were all supposed to close in and then he was walking right up on her tail just to be seen. It was so president kick him out. They didn't have them in the final cut. They didn't have me in the final cut either. I was looking for myself. I know you were there when it first when it dropped. Yes, because it was either the beginning of episode two or three and it's when Stars Little Sister's in the hospital and Ryan, Destiny and Star are in the club getting that call that she's in the hospital and it was like a 10 hour shoot bitch. I paid 100 bucks and I didn't even get paid that night. I in the mail when I got home from Atlanta was when I got my check and they took Georgia state tax and Washington state tax. This guy was so at the end of the day I got 54 bucks 10 hours I was there. I I just remember being like this is fucking chump change. What was I thinking other than the opportunity and the experience and I met lee Daniels and he gave us a nice pep talk but bitch 57 bucks and I got it in the mail. That's the thing is like how do like, like people that wanna be actresses and like in that light, that light do it constantly and there's bitches who were there that were like yeah, I was just on the set of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last week. Yeah. Loving hip hop. I just saw Nini a few weeks ago. Yeah, they call me whenever they need a background person for Nini because they know I'm the only person that can handle her. I was around chicks who did nothing but background acting when we're trying to break into the industry. So it was just a huge shock for me because I was like most of different 10 hours and only and only get paid little and it's funny because the little group that I ended up hanging out with a group of like six black girls, one of the chicks was so fucking over it. She's like yeah I could have been in my waitress job just wearing my bra and a fucking um skirt. And I could have been making hella tips exactly like this isn't gonna be shit. And it's so funny because before we had even gotten their check, she was like, y'all know when the checks coming, We only get 80 something bucks, right? And she like constantly like I'm not here all the time. And honestly a leading this production isn't something that I usually go to. She was like saying stuff like that. Like so so many people know the different producers that are out there. That's why I want to know the atlantic culture. So bad. Exactly. And Tyler Perry out there was his giant little studio. I was going to say, you know what? Like honestly if we have this podcast thing in Atlanta, I think that she would be popping mainly because of the networking, the networking, you know what I mean? I was wearing the shirt, my how to be this one and people were coming up to me like, hey, where'd you get that? Where'd you get that? Then I was like, I make them and sell them. Then they will give us your business card. That's why I was handing out my business card girl. What happened down
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