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Denise Scattergood Offers Mindfulness Tips for Daily Life

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Positive Forward Motion
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Last Played: December 21, 2021
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Before leading you through a quick meditation, "Positive Forward Motion" host Denise Scattergood offers four tips on how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. From choosing to not look at your cellphone when you first wake up to paying careful attention to the details of your surroundings, these mindfulness tips are perfectly attainable for anyone who wants to create a little more balance in their life!
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and I'm going to share with you right now four ways that you can add mindfulness into your daily life number one. As soon as you wake up, do not grab your cell phone or turn on the TV. Instead, take a deep breath. Give yourself 12 minutes to wake up to a new day by sitting quietly or putting on some soft music. Number two. Pick up your phone. Find an app that has a meditation app. There's so many out there that will guide you through a meditation that you can do some that are three minutes five minutes long, and some of them will even send you over. Reminder to stop and be more mindful. Number three. Take a 10 minute walk. Leave your cell phone behind, take a deep breath, look up and take note of all the beautiful colors in our world. And while you're walking, count how many different colors you see that will really help you be mindful and help you practice mindfulness. Plus, you get some fresh air and a little exercise while you're at it. And now what I'd like you to do is practice with me. Come on, give yourself three minutes. You are certainly worth it. And let's go ahead. Practice a little mindfulness. So whether you're driving, you're sitting at work or you're sitting at home. Let's make this happen. So here we go. Take a deep breath, take a nice deep breath in your nose and now it's your mouth. Do that three times. Nice, long, deep breath. Now why you continue to breathe? I want you to take note of your feet. Wiggle your toes. How do they feel? Are they warm and cozy? Are they cold? Are they constrained? Do they feel free? Whatever it is, don't judge them. Just notice them. Now move up your legs. Notice your calves, feel your thighs and if you're sitting, feel the seat. Feel the weight of your body sitting in a seat. If you're standing, feel the ground beneath you and remember to breathe. Now let's move up your back. Feel the sensation in your spine. Mhm. Sit or stand a little taller. Now let's move up your back and shoulders and feel your shoulders. Relax them. Move them away from your ears. Notice your neck. Relax your neck. Mhm. Now relax your jaw. Move it around a little. Relax. Notice your tongue. Is it stuck at the roof of your mouth? If so, remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth and take a deep breath. Keep breathing. Feel the crown of your head and notice all the positive energy that you carry. You're alive from head to toe. You're alive with positive energy. Take another deep breath and this time, inhale confidence. Come on, let's do it. Inhale confidence. And now let's exhale down. Take one more deep breath this time. Inhale positivity and exhale. Whatever's holding you back doubt, fear, worry or stress? Yeah. Now let your breathing return to its normal state Slowly come back to this moment and when you're ready. If you had your eyes closed, open them, See that you did it.
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