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Diablo IV Will Change the Nature of RPGs

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The Near Deth Experience Podcast
Last Played: June 07, 2021
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New developments in the Diablo-verse! The big topic? Diablo IV. In a conversation with Activision, Blizzard employees are quoted as saying that Diablo IV will "change the nature of the RPG." and contain great content to keep players coming back. Fans everywhere are excited about the next installment of the landmark franchise.
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going to be making it a little different today. Um for the last while I was starting off with a pretty heavy path of exile emphasis, but I'm going to change gears and go into Diablo first just because there's been a lot of stuff percolating and a lot of things that um just have been kind of neat in the Diablo scene in general, so it's all worth talking about. Mhm and we'll get to that. So I guess the front burner issue or not issue, the front burner topic we'll get into is uh yeah, before obviously we haven't had our next quarterly update yet, I'm assuming that's going to be at the end of me, early june from, well my shady math has come up with, so um I'm expecting to see that will get hopefully actually like beefy update. I mean there has been stuff coming out and in relation to us done already, it is big updates were getting like that's not really lost on me because a lot of the game isn't done yet. It is pretty major to have like a skill tree done. There is something that doesn't have, you know, whole lot of the other systems complete. So um obviously they're building on that. And the most interesting thing I found was the Activision blizzard earnings call and I heard the little tidbit of information and the very bold claim that Diablo Far would change the art of the RPG, which is a bold statement for sure. But they did go on to say that there would be content to you, help people keep coming back in a nutshell. And that was the most encouraging part. So it's like they want to make this game more of a living ecosystem and we will have more frequent updates. Then the amount of time it took to get raper of souls, which was two years I believe from the original recent release of D. Three. So maybe they want to go the sort of wrote of half of exile even though it may not be as major updates as few he gets. Um but the fact that they do want to add content and support this game on a much tighter release cycle much more frequently is very encouraging. And you know, honestly, I do hope that claim is true. I do hope that with a new MMO style that really separates self from P. O. And the fact that they don't have loading screens and there's new art, a new engine. Because, you know, it's very important to note that QE two is not a separately new game. It's a it's a giant mega expansion on top of what we have. So it's not going to be necessarily affects all for everything that's there. We might still bump into a lot of old problems or a lot of old things might just carry through into P. 02 because so far, all we know is that we have a shared engage. So you'll go through the seven Act campaign and sell enough mass. But anyway, back to Diablo. Um, I'm anxious to see what they come up with I and jazzed too. You know, have something bigger to talk about on the Diablo front with the podcast because that game was really why I started doing this is because I thought there would be a lot more news to cover. And I was really betting on the fact that something like that statement of having content to keep people coming and playing the game would be true. So, you know, so far it's paid off. Um, I would like to see where this goes. I mean, it does ask me a little, I guess cautiously optimistic.
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