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Did Andrew Luck Miss a Whole Season?

From Audio: Cam's Redemption?
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Beyond Sports with Paul and Jeremy
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Paul doesn't think so, until he does.
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I do think that they're similar in terms of their physical nature of their play. I know you can say color or sorry, you can say, um, Andrew Luck was more of a pocket passer and all that, but the fact is, when Angela got hurt several times a shoulder injury, the lacerated kidney, his team never bailed on him. His team never cut ties with them. They never They waited for him patiently. They let him. He can only throw a high school football today. He can only throw a Nerf football. Today, we're still waiting. They you knew they were committed to him, but he got no sense. You got no sense that the Panthers were committed to camp. New members were committed to account for a long time. Like it wasn't that camp just like have one injury. And he was out like he's had injuries over the years and they still stay committed with them. Even when he had that first injury where he didn't like play for a while, right? But the other thing is that Kim and luck do have some similarities. Come and look both when they have injuries, they don't speak up about it, right? That's another issue is that you can't necessarily support people when they are not speaking up about their injuries. And then they can only missed before. Before cams 2019 season, where he missed 14 games. He only missed what looks like 312345 games in his whole career before that. Okay, how many did you? Was it? How many look, Mr Whole season? No, no. Didn't he listen? He played 16 games, 16 games, 16 games, seven games of the season, then 15 games in 16 games that year that he played seven games. He missed eight. That was it. That was, That was, that's all the games looked really eat that year and then won the next. He didn't miss a bunch of games. He wasn't out there, just like waiting. And the Coast are just standing pat, right? They both have had injury issues. The Panthers have stuck with him at one point in time, but now it's just kind of like they don't they don't see it going in the future and they see that they're going in a different direction, which I don't I don't necessarily mind that part of it, right? But I do think that what you're talking about with the financing and how quarterbacks looked at are viewed after, like they have struggled right. I feel like there's two different narratives, and that needs to be looked at right, because when they get older and they get hurt, like Luck was 29 This previously are in 2018, right? Kim was, what, 29? Also right there The same, same age, Pretty much so. That's a like I said, I think there's a comparison with the way they play. But I think that when you're talking about those two quarterbacks and you're thinking about the league in general and what sales right passing, it's passing league, right? No matter how much cameras a runner like, if he doesn't have that passing part to him, he's not going to be as valuable to a lot of teams, and I don't know, but, you know, you know that as a fan of the Colts, they were not going to give up on Andrew Luck. Oh, you know that they were constantly given they were given updates As to his status. They didn't know if he if he was going to play or not, they had Jacoby Brissett starting. They're ready to do that. They didn't know what was gonna happen, but they were not going to give up until he retired, Which was, which was it came out of nowhere for everybody, but they weren't gonna give up on him. They didn't just give up, no matter what, they would have stayed behind them. I mean, it's it's easy to say that, but I think it just depends on the situation. It's so easy to say that the team won't give up on a quarterback. No, I'm saying they didn't. I'm saying you're You're a coach. I mean, you're a fan. You knew that they didn't right. You feel like they did. I feel like I feel like Peyton Manning would never play for another team. Outside of the coat, I felt like, um, uh, Joe Montana would never play for another team outside of the 49 ers, right? Like I feel that these quarterbacks are always gonna stay with these teams. But eventually time happens, right? Like it's just a part of the sport. Like Cam is getting 31 it doesn't seem like he's progressing towards becoming a much better quarterback. If anything, it seems like he's going the other direction. With luck, it didn't seem like he was going the other direction. It seemed like he was continued to improve right, and I feel like it's hard to compare that part because the direction that they were going seemed totally different, right? Like look at that bad year, Uh, where he got injured. They were two and five. The next year they were eight and seven with a winning record. The next year, 10 and six. So again, he was continuing to improve his first three years 11 and five. If you look at Cam again like I said his first couple of years, they didn't have winning records. Uh, and then once they did get a rental records. The year after that, they got worse and then they got better and they got worse and they got better as far as the records and it just kept going there, right? Let's see. You also were saying by the way, luck missed all the 2017 right? 11 and 56 and eight. Oh, and to like right, did you. But you missed that. Luck. Missed all of 2017, right? Like that's not even there, right? Like, that's not even you said he didn't miss a whole season. Well, he missed the whole season, but okay, then. Okay, so he missed the whole season. Right? But again, the same thing is that still what I'm saying is that he missed the whole season, and at one point in time, there was a lot of talk about. Well, what are the coast do with luck? Do they sign him back? Is he ever going to be the same players? Nerve damage? There was a situation.
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