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Last Played: December 22, 2021
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After disappearing into the sunflower field near Varna airport, Lars Mittank has never been seen again. His family continues to look for him, and while several false trails and missing persons have been uncovered, the mystery remains unsolved. Some people suspect that Lars fell victim to a Bulgarian crime syndicate, others think that he had a mental breakdown, but at the moment, there is not enough evidence to prove either theory.
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Francis what happened to last me tongue and it really reminds me of Aaron Guillen who also panicked, suddenly ran away and was never seen again. Yeah, definitely. I could see why those two cases would be Yeah, this is, it's so tragic and it's, it's just, it's also very unusual. Mm Of course over the years, a lot of claims have been made by people saying they know where glasses or that they saw a man who looked like last. Of course many people genuinely try to help, but just like in most of these cases, some, I have to say it assholes come out, try to trick the families out of money and I really hope karma gets these people seriously. Yeah, I think it's okay to call them assholes. I think we all agree that those people are still the worst In 2019. Last family wants more had their hopes up when a german truck driver contacted the authorities to report a hitchhiking man that he had offered the right to Berlin and after seeing an article about last, he was sure that the man that was in his truck only a while before must have been last meeting and the police was able to locate the homeless man and said it was not last. So yeah. Should we talk a little bit about the theories surrounding last disappearance? Yes, definitely. I think I've got one myself. Okay. So of course, the thing that most people think is that last injury was more severe than he thought. Some of his friends stated that he had a visible injury to the ear and the head. Is it possible that last not only had a burst eardrum, but also a brain injury? At first I thought that a blow has to be really hard in order to injure your ear drum, you know? But then I read up on it and it appears that the ear drum gets more likely ruptured through a slip because of the pressure that builds up. Yes when you hit the year. But then again maybe it was uploaded was read a hard, you know I think it's possible that he had a head of brain injury that would have needed for examination for example by a city. Yeah and that the doctors just didn't do that right. And we also don't know how many times he was hit. I think we can assume once in the ear with an open palm to probably cause that ear drum injury. But I would argue it's maybe not even logical to think that he was only hit once right? Or maybe he failed could have fallen and then hit his head. Absolutely. Yeah. Little brain injury. Cause loss to be confused or paranoid. Did he suffer from memory loss? You know, maybe he doesn't remember his name and where he's from So that when he ran out of the airport and disappeared, he just didn't know what to do and where to go. But then again would confuse german speaking man, not raise some attention. You think it would have an overboard type situation. Right? Where if that had happened then he would have been on the news and they would have figured it out. Right. That's true. But you know, it's a party location. That's true. Thinking of it would confuse german speaking man. Really raised so much suspicion in the beginning. Like you would think it's just another drunk. Sure, yeah, that's true, that's true. But yeah, the case was all over Bulgarian news if someone found him or encountered him, I just think at one point somebody would have contacted the police or did he have a reaction to the prescribed medicine? You know, maybe in combination with alcohol, They drank alcohol for five or six days charging from the stated side effect. I think it's possible that he had some side reactions. It said it can cause confusion, hallucinations. What else was it? Yeah, it seems like an incredibly rare side effect. But it's possible. It's possible. Yeah, it's possible. But I don't know very much about that drug. I don't think there's a equivalent in the States for it. But yeah, that would be it's possible. But why wasn't he found? I know. Did you have an accident? Did someone take him? Well, did he get in contact with some shady people? Did you get in contact with drugs, organized crime? Was someone really ought to get him or was he having hallucinations? Well, so that's part of the thing that bothers me so much about it. So the side effects combined with a head trauma could definitely explain a lot. I will say
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