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Discussing Taylor Swift's ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ and Marketing

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In honor of Taylor Swift dropping her re-recorded album ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version) dropping, these hosts discuss Taylor’s music and marketing ability.
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see sometimes like God, I would love to be on her team just because I want to know what's happening, Who wouldn't I think I'd love to know what's happening like this truly dedicated mostly in her mind, you know? Yeah, there's like whatever, do whatever, release, whatever, you know what you're doing, she's just like a little marketing genius. She's I I think she beyond being one of the best lyricists of our time. I think her marketing ability and her perception she has of everything that's going on around her. She does have her moments where like, you might have read the room wrong there, but for the most it's insanity. Like I think she's probably a better music marketer than most people whose jobs are music marketing. Like I actually think she understands her demographic better than anyone else, but just, you know. Yeah, it's crazy. I think she's one of the few people who is truly, um, use social media effectively in a way that social media, I think there are other people too, but like she is someone who consistently has been able to use and I think that was what it was, is she's pivoted to because it was like when, when this was all happening, she was like, she knew how to use my space and then she figured out how to tumble her and like has used social media to enhance, I think a lot of people use it effectively, but I think she's one of the few people that like social media, she has used it to further her career in a truly like accurate quantifiable way. I also think she's, I think a lot of people now do the taylor swift marketing a fact, but I think in so many ways she created all these like correct me if I'm wrong, these easter egg things that she did, she was the first of her time to do it. You see everyone doing that now and it's fun. But she she is the person who did this the secret sessions that she would have with fans. Like she did so many things that now you see and you're still like wow that's smart. But I don't think she gets enough credit for completely redefining what marketing and fan interactions in the music industry are. What early which like I don't know, fearless is the correct example full of what we're talking about because it was so early on but a lot but it was the catalyst step of a lot of it, a lot of stuff. This is when she started like tea party and yeah, I think this was when she and it always has, its like honestly as much as I want to ask her about actually, I don't know truly if I got to ask for one question I would have to somehow encapsulated somehow perfectly. But like I just I've always wanted to know with her marketing and things like that. I can never decide if it was like something she authentically started doing. They were like wait, and then she was like wait, that's fantastic, I'm gonna make that a part of it or what she liked. How can I like, I don't know, I just want to know because something she always authentically did was like the ability to connect with her fan and I want to know what things she was brainstorming what things she just started doing them was like wait, I need to keep doing that because a lot of it did start with this where it was like the true relationship building with fans and with this album, I think it's because a lot of the time So many of her fans were at least within like five or 6 years of her age and could truly relate to it