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Discussing the Confusing Book that is “Reaper’s Creek” by Onision.

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Terrible Book Club
Last Played: June 22, 2021
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Chris & Paris read and review “Reaper’s Creek” by Onision. Listen in to the book summary and trying to figure out the protagonists name. Discover what the author’s personal life has to do with the book, and what makes this book is so terrible.
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Yeah, I mean, we really only tend to look into and talk about authors when it is really related to the book. And most of the time we try to keep ourselves um estranged from who the authors are, so that we're you know, just focusing on the work itself. I mean, yeah, I think the pedophilia thing is going to be relevant content warnings. Also the main character is clearly a self insert, Like the most obvious self insert. Yeah, so um yeah, content warnings for today include child abuse, gore negative depictions of neurodivergent people and pedophilia, which of course comes with sexual assault because we just can't can't get away for too long. Ah And uh yeah, so this is your first time listening to show what we do here at the terrible Book Club. Is we read books that we assume will be bad based on their cover title summary or some combination of the three. Sometimes we also read books that are patrons listeners or friends recommend. So we do the opposite of what most people do when they're in a bookstore or browsing e books online. And typically this experiment results in a disappointing read. But once in a while we do end up liking the book or even loving the book at times. Um So yeah, I think we've got our all of our preamble done. How about I read the back of the book summary and you read the summary that we wrote? Yeah, well how about you read the back of the book summary and the characters and settings and then I'll read the summary you wrote. So the back of the book says a young boy named Daniel encounters creatures from another world. They take him night after night into the black void of their reality. Till he begins asking questions. Why was he chosen? What do they want from him? Does he have to be a victim? Daniel decides to fight and as he wages war on all those who try to harm him, he finds his own adventure, love, loss and chaos. This is the life of Daniel. So the back of the book says Daniel, he key point, the name of the protagonist, it keeps changing in the book. Okay, so when we go to characters here, our protagonist is Daniel or possibly Greg. Sometimes it's Greg, sometimes it's Daniel perhaps grid Daniel to Greg. Yeah. Whatever horrible combination of granule or Greg growth, Neil egg or whatever, I guess he kind of is an Eldritch abomination. Okay, we'll get to that, You know? So yeah, he's somewhere between 10 and 11 on the start of the story, all we really know is that he's in elementary school at the start, is referred to as a young child and talks about his friend being obsessed with large breasts all the time. Even that he doesn't discuss moving forward to middle school after summer. He has to be somewhere between 4th and 5th grade for I would say a good half of the book. And then he ages up into like, perhaps freshman year of high school. No, I think he's eight. No, no, no julie is Right, he's 14. Right? So, okay, so we think 10 and then 14. Um, we're spending so much time trying to find context clues and define his age because it becomes very important later. Yeah. And it's also things aren't exactly pins down as concretely as you would hope about anything in this book. About anything. I was very confused the entire time about nearly everything. Okay. Um, there is, uh, an alien. There's multiple aliens. There's one alien who is hiding amongst Greg Daniels classmates referred to in the text as the special ed kid. There's really no more descriptions beyond that. So, I can't give you anything else to describe this alien slash child as Anyway, this is one alien that is torturing Greg Daniel in his dreams. But there are other aliens as well. Yeah, that was just the focus for most of the book who are antagonistic towards both Greg, Daniel and this other alien. But that is not clear which we'll talk about shortly. Okay, nothing is clear. Then. We have um, grab Daniel's mom, his step dad, his one sister, Joanna, even though there might be multiple assistance as well. Do you see where this is all going, y'all? There's his regular dad. This is regular dad, his biological dad who lives in another state. There is Julia, his girlfriend, I suppose later on in the text, girlfriend is the word we're going to talk about. And then God and Death. Yeah, they make an appearance and call the creator of God and Death. Uh, Gary and the serial killer squad that appears 80 of the way through the book. Oh, and also all members of the band the body. Um, I mean, not really kind of really, it's only two guys anyway, but yeah, so that, you know, if your if right now you're like, wow, this is really confusing beginning to a terrible club episode. I don't really know what's going on. Welcome.
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