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Doing Life Radio Audio Snippet: The Keto Diet Explained

From Audio: Keto Diet
Last Played: January 01, 2022
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Audio Snippet from Doing Life Radio. In this clip, Sam and Joyce break down their experience on the Keto diet and what you can hope to expect.
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I think our approach taquito is a little bit different than the typical approach in one. We don't believe that this is for everyone, right? Correct. Find what works for you. This just tends to work really well for us. Big proponent to find. Find your lane. Yeah, own it and go that direction. But eso Keto is It's out there, though, and it's working for a lot of popular right now. Really bought. Some people are really passionate about it, and they're really, really passionate about doing it their way or what they perceived. Maybe the right way. And there's so many different ways to do Keto, which you know we'll chat about, Um, but the way we found a sort of a middle of the road like we were pretty keto, I would say close to 100% at home. And when we are out at work, I don't touch anything at work except for what I bring because we have cookies that works through dangerous group oriented. So, yeah, they bring in the suites to make everyone happy. Yes, so working at home on 100% keto. But when we're out at social gatherings, parties about the way tend to loosen the reins a little bit. So I would say, um, we're 100% Keto, maybe 80% of the time. I love it. That zoo. Really? That's Goodson. Awesome. So I guess we should start out with what is Keto is basically here with what it is we're talking about. Keto is basically breaking down the foods you eat into the Mac macro nutrient breakdown. So typically, when you're on a diet, you're counting calories. Or maybe you're eliminating something like sugar or certain ingredient. Maybe cutting out fat, something like that with Keto. What you're doing is you're taking the three macronutrients that are essential to human beings, which would be carbohydrates, fats or lipids and protein lipids, lipids or fats. Lip's just like the street name is the correct name for it. And that is what we call fat is a street name. Lipids is like making sounds correct. Okay, so I'm gonna start talking about lipids, Barbara High lipid diet. Did you know that, babe, I've heard a high liquid diets. I didn't know where. Ah, high lipid lipid. Alright, So carbohydrates, fats and protein, those three macronutrients and when you eat them in a specific proportion, you're on a ketogenic diet. Okay, so that's where the macro, like all that kind of works out. That's those are Max are on, and then the breakdown would look like this. You would want 75% of your calories coming from fat or lipid lipid. Let's use the word lipids. Let's throw people off 75% of your calories coming from Fat Z. That's crazy. That's so bizarre. Like every diet ever in the entire world universe is saying no fat, low fat. Okay, so you're very incorrect because our ancestors ate very high fat diets. Okay, they would kill an animal, and they would eat what we call you to tell they eat the whole animal. They weren't just taking the lean cuts and, you know, adding, they're steamed broccoli on the side. I watch a lot of those Discovery Channel shows. You know, those shows you fall asleep. You know eso like there's a lot like what? They're out there alone in the wilderness, stuff like that, and they're eating. You know, they're eating squirrels or eating mice and stuff like they're like, I need something bigger. It's got fat to sustain me and that they're constantly talking about. I need that fat. I need that fat. And I think in a survival sense, Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. But in life, we think that's gonna make us fat, right? That's and that's just been the concept. E don't know when one day start switching like 70 to 80 stuff. I guess they're coming out with low fat, no fat foods, all that kind of stuff. Yeah. And the truth of the matter, If you're eating Ah, lot of fat and you're eating a lot of carbohydrates, you will gain weight excessively. Okay, So the combination of the two, the combination of the chips. Yep. Okay. So 75% from fact, 20% from protein okay. And 5% from carbohydrates. Carbs Got no place. So this is a no carb, but this is a nearly very low carb, and it's more about what you don't eat unless about what you do eat. So the most important thing with Keto is cut the carbs, cut the carbs. If you don't have your fat and protein ratios, correct. It's not as big of a situation. It's the carbs because if you up the carbs too much, too often, you're going to gain weight back. Okay, So because carbs getting away like the combinations would really hurts us. We're talking a little bit earlier about certain things. Getting in the way like you try to work out and burn energy. Is that one of those things that kind of, well, no carbohydrates will give you energy. As a matter of fact, it'll make your workout Probably. You know, it'll give you more energy for working about runners and car. But before the weapon and stuff like that, it certainly gives you energy. I don't have, You know it's not. The carbs are bad. It's that the amount of carbohydrates we're eating today in the standard American diet is so excessive that it's leading thio. Large amounts of inflammation in the body, which is causing chronic disease across our information, is the root of all evils. Basically, yeah, so carbs in itself aren't bad, especially if they're coming from vegetables. We are big proponents of Don't cut your vegetables. That's a lot of car. Lot of Pito people dio, and some days we do as well. Some days I like to just have a really high protein day, and I'll discuss later why I do that. But in general, we enjoy vegetables and they do have some carbs in them. Yeah, a big transition from young Sam. If young Sam knew it, older Sam was eating here. So disappointed in Not now. Your diet is really one that you enjoy because you're eating rabbis frequently. There's a lot more meat involved in this. So there's a lot of grand perception that if you're on Keto, you're eating bacon nonstop like bacon, bacon, bacon and you have much bacon as you want. I do sometimes when someone hears that I'm on because I'm not one of those people who goes around like I'm peekytoe. You know that T shirt? Kate the flag I'm not wearing. They like drink your Cheeto taquito pride, parades and all that, Um, but when people catch one that I'm doing Keto, they'll say, Oh, you can eat all the bacon you want, you drink. That will prove coffee, right? Ever have to count calories, right? And no, that's completely absurd. Calories are not the main goal. Keeping a calorie count isn't necessarily your main goal. Like I said, your main goal is keeping your macronutrients in, um, in a correct ratio. And then we'll get Thio How you kind of keep track of that, right? Yeah, but if you are just eating all the bacon you want, you're going to gain weight. I mean, you have to also use some common sense, and there has to be a cap at the end of your day so you can't just shovel food into your mouth all day long and expect to lose weight. So, yeah, I would say the way I went about it and everyone you know is gonna have a different road is I decided to get this app called card Manager. It was recommended on several Kato sites. And what you do is you put in your height, your weight, your weight loss goals if you even have any because, um, I didn't want to lose some weight on kiddo, but I didn't have a ton to lose. That was their main focus, right? You're that's never really been our main focus with the Keto diet to lose weight, that to lose excessive weight, we wanted to lose those pesky extra pounds right? Yeah, but there are people do the diet for the weight loss. People I've seen lose £100 close family of ours, a family of five and the whole family collectively lost £100. And what, like two months? If that something crazy and you can definitely see it, definitely see it on. So it definitely has that effect. Would you just streamlined? But any diet, so to speak. Any radical change in your and you're eating your consumption so that can do that. Kato's got that little bit extra edge where you're kind of changing.
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