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Dominique Day from Equiosity

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I know it’s been a while and I’ve been irregular on posting podcasts, so thank you so much for hanging in there with me. I’m back now and will be posting this new episode today, then I will do weekly playback of our most listened to episodes, then another new episode in a month then some more favourite episodes and then the following month I will get back into new weekly episodes. It’s time to dive back in and keep making the world a better place for horses!If you’d like to support the podcast and all the work that I do then you can! Just head on over to and sign up. From as little as a cup of coffee a month, you can help me keep this podcast going. There are many tiers that you can choose from and if everyone who listens gave only $5 per month, it would make a massive positive difference to me. There is a tier in there for a small business subscription just like the one Peter Papp took up from Peter and the Herd, this is the one where your business gets a mention each week on the podcast. Peter works with equine behaviour and trauma recovery. Equine communication. Human and horse relationship building. Peter has had communication with my mare Gypsy, who is the mare with me in the podcast picture and he was spot on about everything so I can highly recommend his work personally. Click here to connect with Peter and the Herd.This weeks episode is with Dominique Day, Dominique has a business called Equiosity which she runs with Alexandra Kurland, who was one of the original people in the world to bring positive reinforcement training to the horse world. Together they do a podcast called Equiosity as well as online courses and webinars. Dominique was one of the creators of Cavalia and it’s a wonderful story to hear about how it all began, but it is certainly not the most interesting part of her story. She has had a wonderful progression from watching more traditional methods of horse training into positive reinforcement. Keeping strong with her gut feeling and knowing there must be a better way, you may very well be able to relate to this very closely. You are going to love this story as much as I did recording it.Dominique Day on FacebookEquiosity website where you will also find the Equiosity podcast.